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10 football games for those of you who want play your own Euro 2021 

When the rest of the world is looking at the TV listings to know when the next match is, you can set the timetable for your own football championship.

Daniel Haaf

24 May 2021

This article is written by PriceSpy's editorial staff. No one else has influenced the content of it. There are no paid links or other types of advertising collaborations.

The Euro 2021 is just around the corner and it looks like it will be a really hectic month for all football lovers.

If you’re interested in football but don’t want to sit glued to the TV at odd hours of the day when the matches are played - skip watching TV and play your own matches on your computer, mobile phone or game console instead.

You can control the result yourself, choose when the matches are to be played and you can do it wherever you are. Here we have listed ten well-known and some less well-known football games. Which one’s your favourite?

This is what you need to think about

💰 In some games you’re encouraged to buy expensive player packages if you want the best players for your particular team.

⚽️ It's not certain that your favourite game has all the right teams - it depends on what licensing rights the games have this year.

📉 You can save money if you buy the 2020 versions of FIFA and PES, without compromising much on the gaming experience.

6 football games for PC and game consoles


The FIFA series hardly needs any further introduction. It’s a series that has been around since the first game was released in 1993, and which has received as much praise as criticism over the years. FIFA 21 is the latest version with, amongst other things, slightly better graphics, support for the latest game consoles and a number of minor improvements that make the game slightly sharper than last year's FIFA 2020.

eFootball PES 2021

If FIFA is the most popular football game, then eFootball PES is not far behind. With the 2021 version, you get a minor update from last year's PES 2020. The differences are small, just an updated squad and a number of minor improvements. The big changes will come with eFootball PES 2022, which is expected to come later in 2021. Have you already got PES 2020? Then buy the Season Update if you want the new players, otherwise, wait for the 2022 edition.

Football Manager 2021

Would you rather build the teams and lead them to win from the sidelines, instead of actually playing the games on the pitch? Then you should try Football Manager 2021 - the game where you decide which players will be part of the team, who will play on the pitch, and finally how your football club will be described in history.

Rocket League

Do you like both football and fast cars? Then Rocket League is the game for you. It is, to say the least, a unique game where you use muscle cars instead of your feet in a futuristic super-arena. Choose your favourite car, fly through the air, and score. But beware, you are not alone on the pitch and it’s easy to get tackled sideways.

Pixel Cup Soccer 17

Who needs true-to-life graphics when there are pixel graphics? With Pixel Cup Soccer 17, you’ll get a slightly different, but really fun gameplay where the playing field is seen obliquely from the side, and the graphics are pixelated. In addition, the sounds are of an 8-bit nature, which gives more of a Nintendo NES feeling than something you normally get with a modern PC or a newer game console. Play by yourself, against a friend on a shared screen, or against others over the internet.

  • PC (Steam)

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

Football with special attacks? We won’t say no to that! Kopanito All-Stars Soccer is a slightly different football game with distinctive graphics and tricky features that we don’t normally see on a football field. Freeze your opponents (literally), spin the ball with a magnet and teleport across the playing field. There is no judge here who’ll tell you what not to do. Kopanito All-Stars Soccer works just as well when you play yourself as when you want to play against others over the internet.

  • PC (Steam)

4 football games that can be played on a mobile phone

FIFA 2021 / eFootball PES 2021

The two biggest football games are of course also available for your mobile phone. Both work on Android and iOS, as well as an iPad if you prefer. Play matches against AI opponents or challenge your friends. Choose from your favourite teams and collect your favourite players, but be vigilant. Both games really want you to buy expensive card packages so that you get the best players that the football world has to offer.

Football Manager 2021 Touch

If you prefer to handle the tactical side of a football game, rather than dribble the ball yourself, try the Football Manager 2021 Touch. Create your own unique teams, and guide them to success directly on your mobile phone. Football Manager 2021 Touch has many of the features from the full-size PC version, but in a more convenient format for shorter gaming sessions.

Rumble Stars

Tired of Messi, Ronaldo and Beckham? How about playing the panda, the crocodile and the bull instead? Rumble Stars is a football game with a real twist - you play as an animal instead of a human. Unlock new, fun players as you progress throughout the game. Make combinations that are impossible for the opponent to stop. And create your own teams based on unique playing abilities that you’ve never seen on a football pitch before.

This article is written by PriceSpy's editorial staff. No one else has influenced the content of it. There are no paid links or other types of advertising collaborations. Daniel Haaf can be reached at [email protected]