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Become the world's first esports equipment manager

We're in need of someone who knows everything about the latest gaming equipment and wants to help a professional Counter-Strike team become even better. Sounds interesting? Apply for the position of Godsent’s esports equipment manager!

Esports is evolving rapidly, and there's much to learn from traditional sports, especially regarding elite-level performance. That's why we, at PriceSpy in collaboration with the esports organisation Godsent, are on the hunt for the world's first esports equipment manager.

"In esports, just like in traditional sports, it's important to maintain and select the right equipment. By hiring an esports equipment manager, we hope to get assistance with that. It's an important step in continuing to develop our organisation and esports as a whole," says Emil “HeatoN” Christensen, General Manager & Head of Esports at Godsent.

About the Job

As an equipment manager for Godsent, you'll play a central role in the team with an overarching responsibility for all equipment: kit management and oversight of the team's training and match gear, responsibility for streaming setups, responsibility for guest team bootcamps.

You'll be close to the players, attentively capturing their desires to find solutions that can enhance their performance and well-being. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to be sociable and positive – you'll become Godsent’s product expert and mood manager, both in the ups and downs.

Every millisecond counts. A significant part of the job is purchasing and maintaining players' equipment. At esports' elite level, it's the details that make the difference, so you'll stay up to date with the products hitting the market and continuously evaluate whether to purchase or repair. As a gear guru, you'll ensure everything is in place before competitions and bootcamps, and of course, you'll know which settings suit each team member best.

Remember, you’ll be the first in the world. Since there hasn't been an equipment manager in esports before, this is a role we'll develop together.

Your main responsibilities will be to:

  • Ensure the right products are available for the team, from coffee makers to player gear
  • Stay updated on the product market within esports, with a focus on Counter-Strike
  • Have a complete overview of the team's available products
  • Advise players on products and settings
  • Optimise, clean, and modernise players' setups, such as cable management
  • Accompany the team on trips to competitions and bootcamps
  • Maintain close contact with the team's management and external parties like PriceSpy, manufacturers, and competition organisers

To thrive in this role, you should have:

  • An upper secondary school degree
  • A strong interest in gaming and esports products
  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English
  • A positive outlook and a strong commitment to CSGO
  • Personal maturity, take responsibility, and be structured
  • A team-oriented mindset and comfortable at working in a team

Employment Form/Workload/Working Hours/Salary:

Project-based employment for 1 month starting in January 2024. Full-time. Remote or from Godsents' office in Malmö, Sweden. There's an opportunity to pause your current employment while taking on this assignment. You'll be employed by GODSENT AB. Daytime. Individual salary.

Additional Information:

To apply, send your CV and a personal letter to [email protected]. Interviews will be conducted by PriceSpy and Godsent on an ongoing basis. The latest application deadline is 29 September, 2023.