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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Looking to buy a robot vacuum cleaner? Here you will find the best robot vacuums from brands such as Roborock, Dreame, iRobot, Neato, Xiaomi and Samsung. Choose from models with a mop function, those that can cross thresholds, and those that can handle pet fur. There are robotic vacuum cleaners that can clean carpets and have a docking station for auto-cleaning and auto-emptying. With the right model, you can remotely control the vacuum cleaner with your mobile phone, schedule cleaning when you are not at home, and create virtual walls at home. If you only want to view cheap, price-reduced and on-sale robot vacuum cleaners, use the filter to select this option.

Questions and answers about robot vacuum cleaners

Amongst other things, you need to find a model that fits the size of your home, can handle your thresholds and can vacuum your carpets. How do you want the robot vacuum cleaner to navigate in your home? There are models with mobile apps and emptying stations if you need it. Does the robot vacuum cleaner have the right suction power for the type of floor in your home? 

It depends on your needs, but many people benefit greatly from having a robot vacuum cleaner in their homes. It facilitates basic floor cleaning without having to bring out the usual vacuum cleaner as often. Especially if you choose a model with a built-in wet mop.

Absolutely, it’s possible to use scent balls in the robot vacuum cleaner, just like with regular vacuum cleaners.

Yes, most models can handle most carpets. However, bear in mind that deep-pile carpets can cause problems for some robot vacuum cleaners. Check carefully what applies to the particular model you are interested in.

Yes, most good models can handle thresholds, but be careful of how high they are. It’s not unusual for robot vacuum cleaners to manage up to about two centimetres, but far from all are that good.

They can be pricey and you may not need one if you have a smaller home. A robot vacuum cleaner requires extra attention and maintenance, and they also make a lot of noise, which not all animals appreciate. In addition, not all robot vacuum cleaners can handle all carpets or dog and cat hair.

About 0.5 to 0.7 litres is most common. There are also models with smaller containers. If you don't want to empty the container yourself, there are robotic vacuum cleaners with emptying stations that take care of it for you. You can then empty the station less often, but bear in mind that the price will be much higher if you want that feature.

It’s common that the sound level is between 55 dB and 75 dB. How loud it sounds depends on which model you choose and which suction effect it has. A robot vacuum cleaner can often change suction power dynamically depending on the surface and thus the noise level also changes.

Yes, there are robotic vacuum cleaners with mops for wet mopping the floor. You don't usually get the same effect as when you mop the floor yourself, but it provides a basic cleaning that complements vacuuming.