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Nintendo's first game console that was released in Japan in 1983, with immortal game classics like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Find the shops with the best deals available on Nintendo games here. Compare prices from 1 shops in this category.
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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Genre Game collection Release year
Super Mario Bros. 3£10.00   8/101 Child-friendly, Platform No199081
Super Mario Bros.£6.00   9/102 Platform No198541
R.C. Pro-Am£8.00    3 Racing No1988 
Bionic Commando£8.00   7/104 War, Platform No198881
Disney's DuckTales£15.00   7/105 Platform No1989 
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles£6.00   8/106 Platform No1989 
Mega Man 4£32.00   8/107 Platform No1992 
Marble Madness£3.50    8 Puzzle No1999 
North & South£48.00    9 Strategy, Historical, RTS No1990 
Rollergames£8.00    10   No1990 
Life Force Salamander£22.00    11 Shooter No1986 
Elite£45.00    12 Simulator, +1 No1984 
Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja£6.00    13 Beat 'em up No1990 
Four Players' Tennis£5.00    14 Sports No1989 
Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City£4.00    15 Platform No1990 
Burai Fighter£5.00    16 Platform No1990 
Duck Hunt£4.00    17 Sports, Platform No1985 
Asterix£25.00   6/1018 Platform No1993 
Top Gun£5.00    19 Simulator No198643
California Games£3.00    20 Sports No1987 
McDonaldland£5.00    21 Platform No1988 
F-15 Strike Eagle£3.00    22 Simulator, +2 No1984 
Nintendo World Cup£11.00   3/1023 Sports No1991 
Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja£8.00    24 Platform No1991 
Captain Skyhawk£6.00    25 Flight simulator, Shooter No1994 
Mega Man 2£15.00   8/1026 Platform No1989 
Skate or Die£6.00    27 Sports No1987 
Top Gun: The Second Mission£3.00   8/1028 Simulator, +1 No1989 
Kung Fu£6.00   6/1029 Fighting, Beat 'em up No198562
Jurassic Park£5.00    30 Adventure, Sci-Fi No1994 
Shadow Warriors£10.00    31   No1988 
The Adventures of Bayou Billy£5.00   6/1032   No1991 
Star Wars£12.00    33 Platform No1996 
Popeye£15.00   6/1034 Platform No1990 
Metroid£82.00   8/1035 Adventure, Sci-Fi No1987 
Super Spike V'Ball£12.00    36 Sports Yes1990 
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!£25.00    37 Adventure No1988 
Konami Hyper Soccer£4.00    38 Sports, Simulator No1992 
Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom£6.00    39 Racing, Platform, Shooter No1992 
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship£6.00    40   No1990 
Batman: The Video Game£10.00   6/1041 Platform No1990 
Road Fighter£6.00    42 Racing No1985 
Hook£6.00    43 Adventure No1992 
Probotector£30.00   8/1044 Shooter No1988 
The Battle Of Olympus£6.00   3/1045   No1989 
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers£10.00   6/1046 Platform No1990 
Battletoads£22.00    47 Fighting No1994 
The Adventures of Rad Gravity£6.00    48 Platform No1990 
Swords and Serpents£10.00    49 RPG No1990 
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos£6.00    50 Puzzle No1990 
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones£8.00    51 Beat 'em up No1991 
Bubble Bobble£18.00   7/1052 Platform No1996 
Blades of Steel£6.00    53 Sports, Simulator No1991 
Dr. Mario£10.00   7/1054 Puzzle No1990 
Super Mario Bros. 2£15.00   7/1055 Platform No198861
The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout£5.00    56 Platform No1990 
Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man£8.00    57 Platform No1990 
Paperboy£12.00   7/1058 Arcade No1999 
Castlevania£35.00   6/1059 Platform No199871
Mission Impossible£6.00    60 Adventure No2000 
Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest£45.00   7/1061 Platform No1988 
Days of Thunder£6.00    62 Racing No1992 
Darkwing Duck£18.00    63 Platform No1990 
Defender of the Crown£10.00    64 Strategy No1989 
Double Dragon£12.00    65 Beat 'em up No1987 
Rad Racer£4.00   5/1066 Racing No1987 
Kick Off£1.50    67 Sports No1989 
RoboCop£12.00    68 FPS, Sci-Fi No1990 
Rush'n Attack£10.00    69 Platform No1987 
Rescue: The Embassy Mission£8.00   8/1070 Platform No1988 
Donkey Kong Classics£15.00    71 Platform No1988 
Adventures of Lolo 2£10.00    72 Puzzle No1990 
Mario is Missing!£28.00    73 Adventure, Platform No1992 
The Addams Family£15.00    74 Platform No1992 
Battletoads & Double Dragon£25.00    75 Beat 'em up No1993 
Pirates£15.00    76   No1991 
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York£5.00    77 Platform No1992 
Gremlins 2£8.00   6/1078 Platform No1990 
Ghostbusters II£18.00    79 Adventure No1990 
Excitebike£6.00    80 Racing No1984 
Shadowgate£4.00    81 Adventure No1989 
Dragon's Lair£10.00    82 Platform No2001 
Super Off-Road (USA-import)£6.00    83   No 
Spy vs. Spy£10.00    84   No1999 
Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream£10.00    85 Sports, Fighting No199071
Ski Or Die£10.00    86 Sports No1991 
Mario & Yoshi£12.00    87 Puzzle No1992 
Robo Warrior£8.00    88 Adventure No1988 
Rainbow Islands: Bubble Bobble 2£15.00    89 Platform No1991 
Noah's Ark£18.00    90   No1992 
The New Zealand Story£10.00    91   No 
Super Mario Bros. + Tetris + World Cup£10.00   8/1092 Sports Yes1988 
Kabuki Quantum Fighter£6.00    93 Platform No1991 
Micro Machines£8.00    94 Racing No1991 
Captain Planet and the Planeteers£20.00    95 Beat 'em up No1991 
Kickle Cubicle£8.00    96 Puzzle No1990 
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy£5.00    97   
Tiny Toon Adventures£10.00    98 Platform No1991 
Stealth ATF£4.00    99 Simulator, +1 No1989 
Tale Spin£10.00   4/10100 Platform No1992 
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