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See how products differ with our smart tool for product comparisons. You can see all the important information side by side in both the browser and the mobile app.

With our practical product comparison, you can see all the important features side by side, both in the browser and the mobile app.

Product comparisons help you understand the differences between similar gadgets so that it is easier to choose the right one. For example, if you are trying to choose between several mobile phones or TVs.

The easy-to-understand list shows the different properties of the products so that you can easily compare them. We can also colour-mark the possible differences between the products, just tick the box "Show differences".

You can add as many products as you need directly from product pages, categories, our experts' top lists and your own product lists.

📱 Compare in the mobile app and web browser

💯 Add as many gadgets as you like

🥸 Smart overview of all important features

Our product selector suggests more good products when you compare gadgets in the browser.

Top tip: Press "Show differences" and we will mark out the characteristics that differ between the different gadgets. Simple and smart, right?

Here you can product compare in your web browser

Product pages (test here)

Found a product that you find particularly interesting? Via the product pages, you can compare it with other, similar gadgets thanks to our smart product search. 

Category pages (test here)

You can compare products directly from the category pages. Use the filter to find the gadgets that match your needs, then you can compare the most interesting with a few clicks.

Product lists (test here)

If you use product lists on PriceSpy to keep track of interesting gadgets, you can compare their properties directly from the lists. Perfect if you are choosing between, for example, different mobile phones.

Your selected products appear as a bubble - click on it and you will see all your choices.

Easy to compare products in the mobile app

It’s as easy to compare products in the mobile app as via the browser.

Compare directly from product pages, categories, lists and our experts' top lists. Check for the scale icon or the "Compare" button and you will find the right one.

You can also hold your finger on a product image and it will be selected automatically. It couldn’t be easier! All selected products appear as a small, movable bubble on the screen.

Click on the bubble so you can compare, delete and visit products.

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