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AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3.5GHz Socket AM4 Box

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a year ago*
Have had both 1800x, 2700x and now 3950x. Must say that the 3950x is the first of the 3 that feels really stable. Can now run my G.Skill 3200 mhz CL14 in the 3200 mhz they are meant for which did not go either 1800x or 2700x. Worth noting is that I ride my almost 3 year old Asus Crosshair VI Hero, awesome by AMD that they keep the pedestal alive for so long! I run a small game studio and doubling the number of cores means a lot. For example, I bake our smallest scene in 36 minutes instead of 53 minutes in 2700x. Will be fun to test our larger scenes which take around 6 hours to bake. update: Replaced the radiator block for an EK Velocity and added a little more paste (3 clicks) than before. Now the prologue is going a little better, with the PBO switch on in the cinema booster CPU to 4150mhz all core in the Cinebench R20 and to 4350 all core in CPU-z (both load CPU 100 percent as little fun it gets different clock, assuming cinebench uses heavier CPU instructions: D). In Cinebench, I peak at 75 degrees while a little lower in CPU-z. Get 9692 in cinebench when the computer is completely cold and 9615-9625 when the computer has been for a while, so it seems that the boost is temp sensitive even if you stay under throttle temps.
*Edited a year


a year ago
Upgraded from a 1700x and runs on an old ASUS Prime X370-Pro motherboard. The first thing that struck me was that the computer was booting with no problems with my 4 DDR3000 BIOS memory set to auto for the memories and from 3000MHz. It didn't work at all with my old 1700x, which was a bit unstable even at 2933MHz regardless of new BIOS upgrades. Otherwise run BIOS 5220. Then I had read that it is recommended water cooling for this CPU, but I run with a medium-sized air cooler Arctic Freezer 33 that will only handle 150W TDP. Has two fans on it. Run a benchmark in POVray and saw in HWinfo that some cores came up in 4.7GHz. :) I ran this benchmark before switching on my 1700x as well, and noted that with the new 3950x I got marginally lower peak power consumption of about 130W, lower peak temperature and 2.4 times as fast performance in the benchmark! : D Otherwise, the computer feels stable and quieter than with 1700x, but it may be me who has set the fan curves differently in BIOS only. Highly recommended.