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Diablo II: Resurrected is here

Did you play Diablo II some 21 years ago? Are you ready for a real nostalgia trip? Then roll up your sleeves and get ready - here is the new Diablo II: Resurrected

Diablo II: Resurrected is a new and reworked version of the original game from 2000. Activision Blizzard has improved all parts of both the main game and the Lord of Destruction expansion.

Amongst the many improvements, such as an expanded stash of items, support for hand controls and auto gold pick-up from the ground.

Perhaps most noticeable are the game’s graphics improvements. Diablo II: Resurrected supports up to 4K resolution with brand new graphics with more detail and better lighting. The sound has also been upgraded with newly recorded sounds and support for 7.1 surround sound. 

Diablo II: Resurrection works on both PC and consoles

Diablo II: Resurrection is released for both PC and game consoles. The supported consoles are Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One Series, Playstation 5, Playstation 4 and Switch. If you want to play on a PC and still use the controller, this is fine as long as you have an Xbox controller available.

Diablo Prime Evil Collection

You can buy Diablo II: Resurrection on its own or in a bundle with Diablo III. If you choose to only get Diablo II: Resurrection for PC, the game costs 39.99 euros. If you want the special bundle with Diablo III, it’s called Diablo Prime Evil Collection and costs 59.99 euros.

The following is included in the Diablo Prime Evil Collection:

  • Diablo II: Resurrected
  • Expansion pack Lord of Destruction
  • Diablo III
  • Expansion pack Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer

In the special bundle you also get a companion, the character Mephisto, for Diablo III and the wings "Hatred's Grasp" which is a visual effect for your character in the game.

Support for saved progress on all platforms

Your save files in Diablo II: Resurrected work on all platforms where the game is available. For example, you can create and play your characters on PC, and then continue where you left off on an Xbox, Playstation, or Switch. Just bear in mind that you must buy the game for all platforms where you want to play, and also use the same account.

Diablo II: Resurrected hasn’t got support for TCP/IP

One change that hasn’t been mentioned much is that Diablo II: Resurrected does not support local LAN over TCP / IP. This means that it’s no longer possible to bypass and play without an internet connection.

Activision Blizzard previously promised that TCP / IP support would be retained, but after the first trial version, it was revealed that this would not be the case. The decision to remove TCP / IP affects so-called "speedrunners" and even mods.

The reason for this decision is that Activision Blizzard has found security risks, but the game studio has chosen not to reveal what they are.

Top tip: Do you want to get a little nostalgic even if you are not playing Diablo II: Resurrected? Here is a video with two hours of music from the original game.

Daniel Haaf

9 September 2021

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