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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC Rev2 HDMI 3xDP 6GB

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8 months ago
Agree with Kent_killen. Bought an item to return. The fan sounds very loud and weird! Hard to explain what is strange, but there is some noise that did not sound like rokej. It is much more slim than the Asus fans, but gets very hot as previous speakers wrote. Considering the price, this is expensive. Compared to an Asus 1660 OC that I upgrade from, but this is a tractor in sound vs old. It is slightly stronger than 1660 so clearly, but seen at SEK 4000, heat, sound it is a bad buy. Would not give more than 3000 if you do not care about heat and sound.


10 months ago
Have had the card for a few months. The card is not as powerful as I expected and struggles with quite a few games when you put pressure on it, moreover, it has very loud fans and seems to have easily come up in very high temperatures if pressure is put on the graphics card. I who designed my computer to be quiet easily notice when the fans on the graphics card are running and it is loud! I bet they easily come up to 60 - 70 decibels. There is additional software where you can tweak the fans, clock, etc. but no instructions on how to use them. The card does not have very good performance. It feels like this card is like having taken an old / weak circuit board and excessively boosted it with overclocking. Never before have I had to be so worried about the temperature in my chassis, and that despite having chassis fans to make sure that there is air flow inside the chassis. In addition, I have had other problems with the card, and it has actually overheated in my chassis as a result of I installed the graphics card on a few occasions. If I put my hand on my chassis I can noticeably feel the heat that only comes from the graphics card. Now, of course, I also have a giant heat sink for my CPU, but it has never had problems before, even when running with logs. So to summarize: Weak card that easily overheats. SEK 4000 is too much to ask for this.


a year ago
Bought a few days ago. Sickly good graphics card, performs just as expected. Quite small, would work well in ITX chassis as well. Has backplate. The only downside is the fans. They can be a bit noisy if you put high pressure on the graphics card. Don't let it affect your decision as it is barely noticeable when playing.