Great reasons to use a fitness tracker

Get a better idea of how much you move with the help of a fitness tracker

Are you thinking of getting a fitness tracker? There are many good reasons why you should measure how much you move about in a day, whether you are actively exercising or just going about your daily business.

Here we’ll give you five reasons why it’s good to get a fitness tracker and how this great aid can help you to plan your exercise better.

Keep statistics of everyday life

Do you know how much you actually move around during a day? Sometimes it can be difficult to form an idea of ​​how much you actually move around if, for example, you are sitting at a desk all day, or you’re a professional driver. Perhaps you’re a nurse or waitress who moves around a lot at work. Regardless of what your life situation looks like, it’s good to have an fitness tracker that tells you how much you move and shows for example, if the workload is too high or you need exercise.

See obvious trends

An advantage of many fitness trackers is that they collect and store your activity data in an easy-to-read way. With an app on your mobile phone or computer you get clear grphics that show how much you are moving. Over time, you get a trend curve that shows how active you are over days, weeks and months. Having this data makes it easier to read patterns and draw conclusions about your health. Activity data also helps you to see progress in your workout, and takes you forwards towards your future goals.

Easier personal goal setting

Once you find a trend in your activity data, you can start setting goals for how it should change. With specific, measurable data from a fitness tracker, you can reach realistic goals. Without data, it can be difficult to know how much impact your exercise is having, and what improvements have been made over time. You can manage data collection manually, but automatic collection from the tracker greatly simplifies this.

See how well you sleep

Do you know how much you move around in bed when you sleep? Do you get the right amount of deep sleep in order to function well during the day? With a fitness tracker that can measure your sleep patterns, you get a powerful insight into what your sleep is like. Maybe you don't go into deep sleep, or have a high resting heart rate when you wake up in the morning. Sleep measurement can give you an inkling as to whether you might need to make any lifestyle changes that could improve your sleep.

Create positive habits

It’s easier to create positive and healthy habits when you can see clear results. By measuring your fitness improvemnts with a fitness tracker, you can clearly see if your current excercise program is giving you the results you want. Your data makes it easier to see positive changes, which makes you feel better, and helps you persevere over time.

Increases motivation

It’s easier to achieve good results when you have someone to exercise with or compete against. When you can follow your friends' development and see how much they move around in the day, it’s easier to get inspired to exercise yourself. Manufacturers like Fitbit and Garmin have made it possible for users to see each other's activities for that very reason. Manufacturers have also introduced rewards in the form of medals when reaching different exercise goals, in order to make it more fun.

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