Guide to choosing the right barbeque

Charcoal, gas, or electric barbeque – which one should you choose? To help you decide we have gathered some useful tips and advice for you before choosing.

Having trouble choosing the right barbecue for the summer?

The most important things to consider are how often you will use it, how big of a barbeque area you need and what type of food you want to barbeque. With these things in mind, it gets easier to choose the barbeque that best suits your needs. And for those of you who can’t decide between a charcoal and a gas barbeque, we can reassure you that the food will equally as good no matter which one you choose.

Here are some things to bear in mind before buying a barbecue:

  • How big is the area where you’ll put the barbeque and can you easily put it away when you're done?
  • How much control over the heat do you want and how quickly do you want it to be ready for barbequing?
  • Does the barbeque need a side table for food and tools?
  • Do you live in a flat with a balcony or very close to your neighbours where smoke could be an issue?
  • How much do you want to spend? Don't forget to include charcoal or gas in the price.

Below we have gathered some pros and cons of different types of barbeques. Which one do you think will be your favourite this summer?

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The charcoal barbeque

The charcoal barbeque has long been the traditional method of barbequing. When choosing between charcoal barbeques there are a wide variety of sizes, shapes and models to choose from.

The most common is the kettle barbeque with a size between 47 and 67 centimetres. It’s often three-legged and easy to move with two wheels. They usually lack side tables but there are slightly larger models with small side tables for those who need them.

Models with ash collectors are easier to keep clean, but you have to be prepared to pay a little extra for it. A higher price generally means higher durability, with better materials that can withstand rough weather better than cheap barbeques can.

The trolley barbeque is elongated and makes it easier to distribute the charcoal or bricks for indirect heat.

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  • You can get very high temperatures with a kettle barbeque
  • Available in many sizes and shapes
  • Costs less to buy than many gas barbecues
  • Provides that unique barbecue flavour that some people prefer


  • Takes a long time before you can start barbequing
  • Difficult to maintain the right temperature
  • Gets dirty and charcoal residue must be cleaned up

Lumpwood charcoal or briquettes?

The eternal question that many ask themselves is: Should I buy charcoal or briquettes? The answer is that you should buy both. They are both good for different reasons. Barbecue charcoal burns quickly and is good if you want to get started on barbequing as soon as possible. Briquettes are slower and provide longer burn time.

If you just want to fry hamburgers or hot dogs, charcoal works great. If you want to spend a good amount of time with a larger piece of meat, briquettes are better. One tip is to mix the two types and you’ll get an excellent combination for most barbecue occasions.

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The gas barbeque

The gas barbeque is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to wait too long. In general, you have a larger barbeque surface than with the charcoal barbeque, and you don’t have to wait as long for the perfect temperature.

With a gas barbeque with several burners it’s easier to adjust the temperature for different dishes. For example, you can make one burner hot while the other ones can be used for things that takes longer. In addition, the cleaning process is much easier - you won’t have the residue from charcoal and briquettes to clean up.

If you don’t want to get a gas barbeque because you’re afraid of losing that traditional charcoal flavour, no need to worry. Tests show that there is really no noticable difference in flavour. If you want to give a little extra flavour to the food, you can always use smoking chips with the gas barbeque.

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  • Turn on the gas barbeque and you can start barbequing after just a few minutes
  • Easy to set the right temperature
  • No hassle with charcoal and briquettes


  • Much larger and heavier than both the charcoal and electric barbeque
  • Uses gas that needs to be refilled every now and then
  • Costs more to buy than many charcoal barbeques
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The electric barbeque

The electric barbeque is the perfect companion to the balcony or patio. They are comparatively cheap, easy to clean and take up little space.

With an electric barbeque you can prepare the food both indoors and outdoors as long as you have an electrical outlet nearby. You can also avoid smoke from the charcoal if it bothers you. This is an excellent alternative for those who don’t have space for a charcoal or gas barbeque.

It’s also a good option for those who want to be able to barbeque all year round without having to stand outside and freeze when winter arrives. If you don’t want an electric barbeque on a large stand, there are also handy table barbeques that can fit almost anywhere.

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  • You can start barbequing almost straight away
  • Easier assembly than charcoal and gas barbeques
  • Easy to clean and put away when done
  • Comparatively cheap to buy


  • You need to have a power outlet nearby (or long extension cord)
  • Not quite as much fun as a charcoal or gas barbeque

PriceSpy barbecue tips

1. Make sure to clean the grille while it’s hot as it’ll be much easier to remove any leftover food. Get a proper barbeque brush and the right tools for the job. If the grille has cooled, you can place it in a regular oven, set the temperature to 100 degrees, and wait until it has been heated up.

2. Make sure you have the right temperature when barbequing. Around 80-120 degrees celsius is considered low temperature, 150-200 degrees is intermediate temperature, while over 200 degrees is generally too high and you risk burning the meat. Check out what applies before you start barbequing to get a better result.

3. Don’t forget the barbeque cover. It’s easy to buy that great barbeque, but forget the oh-so- important barbeque cover. Protect your lovely new barbeque with a weatherproof cover, and it’ll keep longer. Bear in mind that many barbeque covers are tailor-made for specific models, so check it fits your barbeque before buying.