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Home automation saw the biggest price drops on Black Friday 2019

Greatest price reductions on home automation during Black Friday 2019

Daniel Haaf

18 November 2020

Expensive tech gadgets often dominated the Black Friday discussions. The most popular searches when it came to campaign prices were for mobile phones, headphones, laptops and TV’s during the sales day.  However, it’s not these that rank the highest when we check which product categories had the biggest price reductions. 

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We checked how prices on PriceSpy change between 15th November and 29th November 2019 and the product category with the best price reduction during this period was home automation. This category was on average 12,2 per cent cheaper on Black Friday compared to two weeks earlier. 

In this category you’ll find among others, popular gadgets such as the Google Nest Hub and Lenovo Smart Display smart screens, the Google Nest Learning thermostat and the Philips Hue Bridge, a controller for smart lamps. 

When we check the price statistics, we can see that the prices increased from May last year to mid-November the same year. The upward trend doesn’t really stop until Black Week, and in particularly during Black Friday. 

The product categories dropped the most in price on Black Friday

  1. Home Automation Controllers (-12,2 %)
  2. Camera Lenses (-12 %)
  3. Photo Accessories (-10,6 %)
  4. PS4 Games (-10,3 %)
  5. Drones (-10,1 %)
  6. Bread Makers (-9,4 %)
  7. Facial Cleansing Brushes (-9,2 %)
  8. Kids' Sport Shoes (-8,6 %)
  9. Electric Toothbrushes (-8,5 %)
  10. Game Consoles (-8,5 %)

Of the 100 categories on PriceSpy that had the best price reductions before Black Friday, only five categories were reduced by ten per cent or more.

The average price change in these categories was 11 per cent during Black Friday compared to 14 days earlier. Compared to just the day before Black Friday, the change was barely measurable, just under 0.3 per cent.

The list shows the categories with the biggest price change on 29th November 2020 compared with 14 days earlier. The list is based on PriceSpy Price Index which follows price changes over time. The products are weighted for popularity determined by the number of visits from product pages on PriceSpy to shops, as well as the number of products that the shops offer. 

This article is written by Prisjakt’s editorial staff. No one else has influenced the content of it. There are no paid links or other types of advertising collaborations. Daniel Haaf can be reached at [email protected]