Think about this before contacting us

Please read through the following information before you contact us. A lot of errors and problems are easily fixed without the need for support.

New price file/price feed

Email the URL to your new price file to and we will scan it as quick as possible. Please remember that we have to adjust which fields to be scanned manually which means that scanning could take up to a day, depending on our workload.

New product

If there is a new product in your shop it often has to be manually indexed by us, and with a normal workload this could take up to a week. If your shop lists a MPN or EAN-code for the product it could get done much quicker as we can automatically index the product.

Previously indexed product

If the product has been indexed by us earlier, stats such as price and "in stock?" will be updated within a few hours. We scan your price file three to five times per day. If you have made important Changes, you can, as a featured shop, prioritise the scanning of your price file by clicking "Update prices" in PriceSpy Analytics. Please not that this does not prioritise indexing of new products. Your price file needs to be updated for the prioritisation to work.

Incorrect indexing

If one of your products has been incorrectly indexed or if it's missing on PriceSpy, please use the feedback button in the upper right hand corner on the product page. This ensures that the error report goes straight to the responsible department or person and the error will be corrected faster than if you email our support department. Rememeber that we sometimes collect versions of a product under the same PriceSpy product page. This is marked with an arrow next to the price and you can click it to see the different versions.

Incorrect price, shipping or in stock-status

If you have a price file - make sure it is up to date, then log into PriceSpy Analytics and click "Update prices". If the error is still occuring, please use the feedback button in the upper right hand corner.

Products without a category

Products that do not belong to any category on PriceSpy will not be indexed. Products not indexed can be found in PriceSpy Raw. Since these products are not connected to a PriceSpy product and are missing properties, they cannot be compared or filtered.

Automatic filters

To avoid inaccuracies on PriceSpy we have automatic filters during indexing, which means that products with big price changes end up in quarantine. If you are planning a sale, please don't update your price file on a Friday without contacting us first to avoid having your products get stuck in our filter.

Errors in your price file

If we discover inaccuracies or errors in your price file (wrong stock status, shipping price, etc), our standard procedure is to stop scanning the inaccurate information and to contact you.

Contact us

If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, feel free to contact our support team. Please remember to give us as much information as possible in the email to make it easier for us to troubleshoot. We would be grateful if you could include links to affected products in your shop, or links to PriceSpy if applicable.

Call: +448 704 791 829