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Keep track of the price with price alerts

Price monitoring helps you know when shops are lowering their prices on your favourite gadgets. We monitor price and stock status for you so that you have time for other things.

With price monitoring, you no longer have to check for price reductions yourself. We do it for you!

When you place an alert on a gadget, we send messages to your email or directly in the mobile app when the price goes down. You choose if you want to see all price reductions or only when the price goes below a certain amount.

You can also choose to only receive notifications from shops that have a certain rating or when the product is in stock.

When you monitor prices, you see a price history so that you are always aware of how the price has changed in recent months. Perfect when you want to know how often a gadget is sold at a promotional price.

🔔 Full control of price reductions completely automatically

⏱ You save time by not having to look for promotions yourself

🚛 Select if you only want to be notified when products are in stock

Monitor directly in the browser and you always have full control of price and stock status!

Place price alerts on your mobile app

  1. Go to the product you want to place an alert on in the mobile app
  2. Click the bell symbol
  3. Press the notification  or the bell icon that appears to change your alert

Place price alerts in the web browser

  1. Go to the product you want to place an alert on via your web browser
  2. Click the button with the bell icon
  3. Make your settings if you need to
  4. Click the button Set price alert?

Do you want to remove a price alert? No worries!

Did you change your mind after you placed a price alert or have you already bought that gadget you wanted to monitor? No worries, you can easily delete alerts, both in the mobile app and in the browser if you are logged in to your PriceSpy account.

Just go to the product you are monitoring, press the bell icon and choose to delete the alert.

Don't have an account today? You can easily register an account here if you want to see all your alerts. Otherwise, you can easily delete alerts via the delete link at the bottom of your alert emails. Convenient, right?

Have you bought something in a shop that offers a price guarantee?

Place an alert on your purchased gadget and we’ll let you know if the competitors lower their prices - and you can save some money with the price guarantee! Just don’t forget to remove the alert after the price guarantee has expired.

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