Add Your Shop to PriceSpy

Fill in the form and send your information to us. Remember:

  • The shop should operate within one or more of the categories listed by PriceSpy
  • The shop will be listed quicker if you supply us with a price feed
  • The shop needs to comply with our requirements.

NOTE: Those of you who have already registered your shop at PriceSpy and who only want to submit a new url to the price file can do this easily by emailing the url to our support department.

Link to a product on your site which is also available on PriceSpy

Which shops may get listed on PriceSpy?

We've got some requirements that need to be fulfilled. All listed shops have to:

  • sell at least one product within our categories.
  • have a website in English.
  • show prices in GBP.
  • be able to receive orders via its website or email.
  • state company and VAT number on its site as per:
  • inform us about either your company number or VAT number.
  • comply with all laws and regulations related to its business.

If the company running a shop is a British legal entity, it will be listed with a UK flag next to its name.

Non-EU companies

If you have a non-EU company and want to be listed on PriceSpy you must either be VAT registered in each EU country where your company sells its products or be registered via the EU-service "VAT Mini One Stop Shop" (VAT MOSS). See for Non-Union VAT MOSS.