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Experience PriceSpy on your mobile phone with our smart app. See better deals and find your new favourite gadgets more easily on your mobile.

Find better deals on your mobile with the PriceSpy app!

With our app on your mobile phone, you get a better shopping experience. Compare prices and stores, create price alerts, and see the hottest trends right in the app – whether you're lounging on the sofa, commuting on the bus, or standing in a store.

Of course, the app is completely free to download and use.

Did you know?

With the built-in scanner in the app, you can easily read barcodes directly in the store. You'll see prices from more stores and can decide if the in-store purchase is a good deal or not. Don't forget to use the price guarantee if you're shopping in a store that offers it.

Price compare in stores

It's quick and easy to compare prices in the app. Just type the product name in the search box or scan the product's barcode with the app to see current prices right now. Perfect when you're in a store wondering if the price is right.

Price alerts

Monitor the price directly in the mobile app and get a notification when the product gets cheaper. Great when you think the current price is too high and you'd prefer to wait for a price drop.

Find better deals

With the app, you're always up to date on the latest price trends and which products are cheaper than expected today. It increases your chances of finding really good deals.

Dark Mode

Activate support for dark mode and we'll change the colour scheme to a darker tone. It's easier on your eyes and on some mobile phones, it can even save a bit of battery.