National fragrance week

Get ready for National fragrance week with events and special campaigns on perfume

National Fragrance Week is approaching and if you’re interested in perfume there are plenty of events and campaigns to take part in during the whole week. Here we’ll highlight some of the events that take place and introduce popular perfumes on PriceSpy right now.

National Fragrance Week is a week where an entire industry joins up to celebrate perfume.

The goal of National Fragrance Week is to highlight both the perfume as a product and the entire industry with various events and campaigns. The first tribute day was held in 2016, then called the National Fragrance day, and now four years later the initiative has become so popular that it has been extended to a full week.

More than 20 different events are held during the National Fragrance Week this year.

Take the opportunity to talk to experts from the perfume industry, try new scents and learn more about how perfumes are made. Many perfume shops have promotional appearances from brands that highlight their perfume series and help you choose the right one for your needs.

National Fragrance Week is obviously also about buying, and during the tribute week, several brands and shops have different promotional offers. You’ll find all brands exclusive to National Fragrance Week on the official website here.

Popular perfumes for men and women on PriceSpy

Montblanc Explorer edp 100ml

Montblanc Explorer is an eau de perfume with a focus on woody and green scents. Montblanc Explorer also has a leathery character and traces of citrus. The perfume is marketed as an aromatic perfume for men, and works for both everyday use and on special occasions.

You’ll find the lowest price of the Montblanc Explorer edp 100ml here.

Thierry Mugler Alien edt 60ml

Thierry Mugler Alien is an eau de toilette with a top note of jasmine and a middle note of light wood with a hint of cashmere. The base note of the perfume is amber which gives a warm and musky scent.

You’ll find the lowest price of the Thierry Mugler Alien edt 60ml here.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle edp 30ml

Lancome La Vie Est Belle is an eau de perfume with a fruity character. The perfume is sophistically built up by ten fragrance notes, a composition created by the perfume legend Dominique Ropion.

You’ll find the lowest price of the Lancome La Vie Est Belle edp 30ml here

Dior Sauvage edt 200ml

Dior Sauvage is an eau de toilette with natural ingredients and a fresh scent of citrus as a top note. Dior Sauvage contains the scents Reggio Bergamot, Sichuan Pepper and Ambroxan.

You’ll find the lowest price of the Dior Sauvage edt 200ml here.

Three quick tips on perfumes

These are the differences between perfume, edp, edt and edc

Perfume: features between 20-40 per cent perfume ingredients and lasts up to 7 hours

Eau de Parfum (edp): features between 10-30 per cent perfume ingredients and lasts up to 5 hours

Eau de Toilette (edt): features between 5-20 per cent perfume ingredients and lasts up to 3 hours

Eau de Cologne (edc): features between 2-5 per cent perfume ingredients and lasts up 2 hours

This is how you dispose of your perfume

Did you know that perfume bottles with the remaining contents must not be poured into the sink or put in the glass recycling? Perfume bottles with residual contents are classified as hazardous waste and must be left to a recycling centre to be disposed of properly.

Store your perfumes properly and they will last longer

There is no ’best before date’ on perfumes. With proper storage, they can last for many years without losing much in character or tone. It’s best to place the perfume bottles in a temperate and dark storage space without moisture. The air in perfume bottles helps to break down the fragrance molecules, so another tip is not to buy too large bottles if you store them for a long time.