Challenge yourself with a Kendama

The French/Japanese toy, the Kendama, is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Whether you want a simple one to try out, or a more advanced one for trying out tricks, PriceSpy has you covered.

A Kendama is a hammer-shaped, wooden toy with a ball attached with a string. It is mainly used for different tricks where you try to land the ball on different sides of the kendama. To increase the difficulty, you can combine different tricks and do them in different sequences.
The most common material of a kendama is wood, but there are cheaper versions made of plastic. It’s not just a toy for children since adults can also use it to exercise their motor skills and concentration.
Since the middle of the 00’s, Kendamas have become popular not only in Japan and the US, but all over the world. Both regional competitions and world championships are held annually. 
You can find Kendamas from a few different manufacturers in our category “New toys”.

Emma Pyk

Foto: iStock.com / c11yg

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