How to choose the right scooter

Scooters are a simple and fun way to get around. They can go really fast, and even the smallest children can get on one without needing the same sense of balance as on a bike.

There are mainly three models to choose from. The cheapest models are for easier play and are the cheapest to buy. With an adjustable handlebar that can be raised and lowered, these scooters fit users of all sizes.

It is important to choose a scooter that is suited to the user's weight. The tyres must be made of rubber or plastic, and that the wheel bearings should be replaceable if necessary. This increases the life of the scooter.

The trick scooter is more expensive but can do more

If you want to do tricks and more advanced things with your scooter, it's a trick scooter you should get. They are often significantly more expensive than regular scooters, but are also of higher quality and can cope with higher stress loads during use.

The trick scooter should be made in one piece, a so-called one-piece, and not adjustable for elevation. It increases its life span and prevents wear and tear. The wheels should have a metal core for better durability, otherwise plastic is common. Lightweight models have a greater tendency to break at higher loads, and it is better with a heavier trick scooter.

Be sure to choose a model with good compression system for easy adjustment if a front fork fails, and with a high quality crown tube bearing for a good spin on the front fork.

The transport scooter takes you further

A transport scooter is a larger scooter model adapted to transport the user longer distances. Large tyres, (which should be made of softer rubber) add comfort. The size depends on the model.

Choose a model with Abec 5 ball bearings or better, for good rolling ability, and if you want the opportunity to carry things on the scooter, there are models with brackets for this. If you don’t want to push manually, there are electric-powered scooters with an engine of up to 1000 watts available.

For the youngest children, three-wheel models are good, slightly smaller, and with increased balance. Three-wheeled scooters can have two wheels in the front or two rear wheels depending on the model. 

Important to remember

When choosing a scooter, make sure there are spare parts to buy if you want to get a few years of life out of it. The cheapest children’s models often don’t have this, but if you go up a little in price range, you can find spare parts and replace the components yourself.

Check that there is a good brake that effectively stops the scooter when pressed. A spring loaded brake is more efficient but larger, while a so-called flex brake is smaller. Here is a filtering of scooters with brakes for increased safety.

Should you mount the scooter yourself, it is important that all parts are properly seated in their correct places. It is especially important with trick scooter that are heavily loaded during use. If you are unsure of the assembly, it is better to let the shop put together the scooter or buy a model that is ready from the box.

Daniel Haaf
Translation: Åsa Sondén Cook

Photo: iStock.com / photojope

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