Shop of the Year 2017

Shop of the Year is the online people’s choice award for the best and most popular web shops. Shops are category nominated based on their assortment, where after the shop with the most votes wins its category. The shop with the most votes in total also wins 'Shop of the Year' 2017. The competition runs throughout November 2017, and the winner will be announced in December.

Every shop on PriceSpy is in the competition and nominated in a category based on their assortment. This year’s categories are

  • Phones and Computers
  • Sound, Vision and Photo
  • Games and Consoles
  • Home and White goods

On the ’Shop of the Year’ page, members and users of PriceSpy can vote for their favourite shop as well as seeing others' current favourites. Charts are displayed in no particular order, and there is also the option to see the lists of nominated shops.

Voting can also be done (from 1 november) on the shops' own pages on PriceSpy.

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