The barbecue season is here!

Spring is here and many of you have probably been barbecuing for several months already. For those of you who have just got the barbecue out, and fancy a new one, here’s a guide to our barbecue category.

Firstly, we recommend that you use our filter to sort according to which kind of barbecue you require; gas, charcoal, or electric. If you’re barbecuing on a balcony, an electric barbecue usually is the only option. However, if you’ve got a garden or a patio, you’ve got more options. A gas barbecue is usually initially more expensive, but is cheaper to run, to refill the gas is usually cheaper than buying charcoal or briquettes. However, a charcoal barbecue is usually cheaper to buy. 

Something else to think about is that the cheapest barbecues on the market are not always of the same quality as the more expensive ones, and if you want a barbecue that lasts for longer than one season it’s advisable to pay a bit more. On PriceSpy you can compare different barbecues from different manufacturers and price tags, such as here where we have compared a charcoal barbecue to a gas barbecue.

The next step is to check what size you need. You can, for example, filter according to all barbecues with a cooking surface larger than 60 centimetres, or under 50 centimetres if that is better suited.

Furthermore, it might be useful to check whether you’d want the barbecue to have additional features such as a thermometer or if it works for smoking.

Of course you can also filter according to brand, all barbecues from Weber can be found here.

So, there are a few things to look out for when choosing the barbecue that suits you best. Good luck with the barbecuing!

Linnea Kleen

Foto: iStock.com / shalamov 

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