Hot trend: Fidget spinners

Fidget Spinners is the newest trend in toys and have become extremely popular in a very short time. 

It has long been known that fidgeting with something can help people who have trouble concentrating or focusing; many people click on pens or scribble on post-it notes. Fidget Spinners were originally invented as an aid for people with ADHD, autism or anxiety to relax. It became clear that fidget spinners weren’t just a stress relief but also fun to play with.

The trend exploded and now Fidget Spinners come in many different materials, colours and shapes. On PriceSpy, we’ve collected all the different designs under one product. Click on the arrow next to the price to see the different models.

If you prefer a Fidget Cube, a little dice with different activities on each side, you can also find them on PriceSpy.

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Emma Pyk

Foto: iStock.com / ThamKC

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