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On your marks: e-sports equipment to set you up like a pro

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The run up to Christmas 2020 will see dozens of new game releases such as the Track Mania Grand League and Elden Ring. If you're looking at your existing PC and contemplating one of the new nVidia GeForce RTX 3080 but struggling to find any in stock, there are other ways to maximise your set-up.

What’s important

For professional e-sports players, the right set-up can mean the difference between a victory and a defeat. Not only does this mean having a top-of-the-range computer with the right graphics card and CPU. Other important factors include a monitor’s refresh rate, the sensitivity of a mouse, plus the speed and customisability of a mechanical keyboard.

We spoke to 60 of the world’s top e-sports professionals in Counter:Strike Global Offensive and Valorant, to find out which accessories they’re using at the moment.

The study revealed that e-sport professionals spend an average of £781 on just a mouse, mousepad, monitor, keyboard and headset. 

Finding the right mouse

Effective dots per inch (eDPI) gives a better idea of true mouse sensitivity. eDPI is calculated by multiplying the mouse DPI with the in-game sensitivity. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, professionals are playing with an average eDPI of 859.06 while Valorant professionals have an average eDPI of 235.46. 

Photo: Florian Olivo, Unsplash

What is a must have?

As wireless products become more advanced, professional gamers are beginning to integrate them into their setup – 50% of surveyed Valorant players have a wireless mouse.

E While a wireless mouse is still a divisive topic, there are some things gamers can agree on. Every gaming professional in the study said they use a mechanical keyboard and 97% currently have a 240 Hz monitor. 

The study revealed that top e-sport professionals spend an average of £781 on just a mouse, mousepad, monitor, keyboard and headset, easy to find a bargain. But Ninjas in Pyjamas team member, Fredrik “REZ” Sterner, doesn’t believe this high cost is always necessary.   

REZ said: “Having top of the range gear is important for a professional. But to spend that kind of money isn’t necessary if you’re at the beginning of your career or if you’re just playing for fun. If you are looking to buy new equipment, always try out the product before purchasing it. An expensive buy doesn’t necessarily mean the best result.”

Top picks among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant professionals