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University students across the country are preparing to return to their studies, with many having been away from their colleagues and lecturers since March. While the start of this semester is unlike any other in recent history, the excitement and opportunity doesn't change. And nor does the studying.

Having the right tools can make the difference between just a good and a great experience, and in 2020, with many people continuing to learn remotely, no tool is more important than a great laptop.

This week we're reviewing our top picks from across the site, to set all students up for success in the year ahead.

Microsoft Surface Laptop i5, 8GB

The Surface is a popular choice, with its super compact design allowing it to fit easily into a rucksack or handbag. With prices from £639.99, it provides a quality option, with a comfortable 13” screen and 8GB of RAM. A great option for switching from lecture theatre, to library, to bedroom, all day long. 

Huawei MateBook D 14 r5, 8GB 

Another favourite amongst our users is the Huawei MateBook. This computer benefits from a slightly larger screen of 14 inches. With 8GB RAM it also combines spec with value, coming in at £549.00. A new model for 2020, this is a solid mid-range laptop. 

Apple MacBook Pro (2019) – 16GB. 16” 

For students requiring greater processing power, a larger screen and for more resource demanding activities such as graphic design, the MacBook Pro is a luxurious option at a lofty £2,479.00. While anything but a budget option, this laptop is very much a professional tool, as opposed to a device to access the internet and type up essays.  

Asus Chromebook 12 C233NA-GJ0014 

For shoppers on a tighter budget, you can’t go far wrong with the Asus Chromebook, for just £179.99. A nifty option, with a screen size of 11.6 inches and weighing just 1kg, this is a highly portable choice. RAM size is significantly lower than others in the top 10 (this ranks in 9th place), at 4GB, but it’s a lot of laptop for the money. 

And the winner is . . .

Apple MacBook Air (2020), 8GB, 13” 

The most popular laptop on our site right now, the MacBook Air is a stylish and desirable choice, balancing features and style, with cost. With a 13” scheme to rival some of the higher spec models in the range, this laptop comes in at a reasonably modest £859. Apple is known for its student discounts too, so be sure to take a look into all offers before shelling out.

Getting the right laptop is an important choice and to ensure value for money it’s important to know exactly what you need from the off, to avoid wasting money on bells and whistles you’ll never use. Follow our top tips for making the best choice for your budget: 

  • Be sure to always shop around. Avoid buying the first thing you see, and check out different sites and price comparison tools to ensure you’re getting the best quote for your chosen laptop 
  • Take a look at pricing history. Often retailers inflate prices, just to drop them when hype has died down. Looking at slightly older models can be a good way of getting the best value, but if you’re determined to go for the newest, take a look at PriceSpy’s history and predictions tools to buy at the right time

Know what you're looking for. Look at trusted review sites to get a clear idea of what you are getting from your money.Also, check themake and model of the products you are purchasing and read reviews. Beginners may not know what specs mean, so here’s a guide to figure out the jargon.  

This article is written by Milk & Honey PR. Milk & Honey PR can be reached at [email protected]