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PriceSpy Autumn/Winter feature release

At PriceSpy we're constantly striving to improve, and your feedback is key in order for us to become better at helping you with your shopping decisions. Here's what we've recently improved based on your responses. es. 

It is now easier to find used products 

Did you know that you can now find used products on PriceSpy? Sure, used, refurbished and demo products have been available for a while. However, we’ve heard that it's been hard to differentiate between used offers and new ones, so we’ve simply split them into two separate lists. This means that from now on, you’ll be able to see all used offers in a separate list whenever you’re searching for products. 

Find offers that are right for you

Finding the cheapest price was always possible on PriceSpy, but after talking to you guys, we’ve realised that price isn't necessarily the main driver for making a good shopping decision. One of you summed it up wonderfully:

“I want to find a shop I trust, that sells the product I'm looking for, at a reasonable price” 

Roger that! In addition to sorting the list by cheapest price, you can now sort by recommended and cheapest price in-stock as well. When you choose the cheapest price in-stock, your offers will be listed based on availability. If you sort by recommended, your list will be sorted by a combination of availability, price, and user reviews.

Finding the right shop just got better

Quite often, a lot of shops sell the same product. We wanted to make it easier to choose the right shop by highlighting only the most relevant ones to help you make a better decision. 

As of now, we’re experimenting with highlighted offers. We have two new features, “cheapest in stock” and “user recommended”, at the top of a product page. This doesn’t mean that we’ve changed our lists, they're there just like before. 

To keep PriceSpy free of charge to use, we need to have ads on our site. It’s super important for us to make it as transparent and relevant to you as possible. We’re currently experimenting with different types of ads and placements, such as sponsored offers, and are trying to make advertising on PriceSpy more relevant, effective, and as unobtrusive as possible. 

Searching for products is more simple than ever

We see the search journey as divided into three parts - before you search, while you search, and the results you’ll get. Our main goal is that you find what you’re looking for, with as little interaction as possible. No more browsing through millions of unrelated products. No more spelling mistakes leading to dead ends. And, if you don't know what you're looking for, our new suggestions will hopefully nudge you in the right direction. This is our brand-new search:

Search field design improvements

The first part of our improvements is to the search field itself. With our updated design, we’ve made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and less of an effort to interact with.

Recent and popular searches

You can now continue where you left off the last time you visited PriceSpy. We’ve added recent searches to the mixalong with popular searches, which are products other users have been looking at, and that might inspire you too. 

Predictions and Suggestions

When typing in our search bar, you’ll now get suggestions and predictions based on our brands, categories, shops, and products. We did this to guide you to what you are looking for, and to help you discover cool, new stuff.

Did you mean?

If you misspell something, we've now got your back with suggestions, so you’ll no longer get stuck in your search for something.

New result page structure

When you press enter and land on our result page, you’ll get an overview of the results grouped into ProductsCategoriesShops, or Brands. This means you can finally go to a Category page or a Brand page straight from the search result. It's also easier to navigate between the sections with our new tab bar.

New Product View

We’ve introduced three new ways to view the offers list. The more visual card view, the more product-heavy info list, and the compact list for when you want a better overview of all the offers.

We experiment to learn

Progress is a constant process here at PriceSpy, and we’re always experimenting with new and old features to figure out what works best for our users, shops, and brands. We’d love to know what you think – it’s what helps us improve! 

So, don´t forget to keep on sending us that great feedback.