PriceSpy’s tips on how to work efficiently from home

Get started working from home with smart tips from PriceSpy. With the right knowledge, gadgets and a little patience, creativity will flow.

More and more companies are urging their employees to work from home to reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus. With the advancement of technology, it’s possible to manage everything from project collaborations in documents to video conferencing, no matter where in the world you are.

Opening your laptop to start the workday is easy, but working creatively and getting something done is trickier. It takes preparation, determination and maybe some extra help from the technology to get things done.

Here we give some tips on how to prepare and plan your work from home, and also some practical gadgets to have at home.

This is how you work more efficiently from home

Establish clear procedures

Routines make it easier to get things done. Make sure you create routines for both work and everything to be done at home, it’s easier to keep your thoughts at bay this way. Routines when it comes to house cleaning help you to not think about the vacuum cleaner, the laundry, the dishes or anything else that needs to be fixed during the working day.

Take proper breaks

Don't forget to take breaks! It's so easy that time just flies and suddenly you have neither had lunch nor a chance to stretch your legs. Make sure you stretch every 20 minutes or at least move your eyes away from the computer screen and focus somewhere beyond the workspace for a while to rest your eyes. One tip is to pick up a book and read a few chapters.

Create a dedicated work space in your home

Create a space in your home that is secluded and gives you peace to work. Avoid places where others are moving, such as the kitchen and living room. Also try to avoid places that are messy and need cleaning. It’s important to find a place where you can work undisturbed and without creative obstacles. A height-adjustable desk is good for the body and allows you to stand up for variation. 

Have a clear idea of what to do

Do you know exactly what to do while working from home? If not, pull the right strings to find out. Know exactly what is expected of you and when things should be done. Use that knowledge to prioritise your work, breaks and other things during the day.

Plan the following day and structure your work

Structure tomorrow's work before the end of the work day, and you’ll be much more free in the evenings to concentrate on other things. A structured day also makes you more creative and it’s easier to get started. Make a clear plan that extends one or more days ahead.

Ask to not be disturbed

This may seem obvious, but sometimes it's harder than you think to work in peace. Be clear about not being disturbed unless absolutely necessary and clearly mark with a closed door if possible. Did you know that every time you are interrupted, it can take up to 25 minutes to get the same workflow as before your focus was gone?

Use noise-cancelling headphones

Sometimes it’s not possible to turn off all the disturbing sounds from your surroundings. It may be that you are in a noisy area, that you have to sit in a cafe or that you just cannot close the door behind you when you work from home. Noise-cancelling headphones make it easier to keep loud noises out, although not all sounds can be removed. Just don't forget to charge them regularly!

Have everything in order

It’s important that you have all the tools needed for the working day. It may be that the laptop has a full battery, that the workstation in the home is tidy and that you have all the apps needed to work from home. Before you close the lid for the day - make sure you can start right where you left off the day after.

Smart gadgets for those of you who work from home

Adobe Stock © Helmut Seisenberger

1. Coffee machine

All coffee drinkers understand the value of a really good coffee machine. Whether you are in the office or working from home, a nice coffee machine that is fast and gets the right temperature is an important part of everyday life. Supplement it with a coffee grinder that grinds the beans for extra flavour, and if you have a smart coffee machine you can control the brewing directly from your mobile phone.

Here you’ll find all coffee machines on PriceSpy. If you are a tea drinker maybe a good kettle is more appealing. / fizkes

2. Noise-cancelling headphones

Don’t let the family disturb you when you are in the midst of the most creative phase of the day. With noise-cancelling headphones, you’ll be able to turn off a lot of noise that makes you lose focus on your tasks. There are noise-cancelling headphones for both Android and iOS. Put them on, activate the noise cancelling and get a feeling of calm from the outside world - preferably in combination with your favourite music. 

Here you’ll find noise-cancelling headphones on PriceSpy. / scyther5

3. A quiet vacuum cleaner

A silent vacuum cleaner is not necessarily the most important thing when working from home, but whether you have pets, small children or just want to work peacefully, a silent vacuum cleaner is gold. With a noise level below 60dB, you can easily focus on what is important without being disturbed by someone cleaning. Be sure to choose a model that has a HEPA filter so that the air that passes the vacuum cleaner is cleaned, everyone in the family will benefit from this.

Here you’ll find all quiet vacuum cleaners on PriceSpy.

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4. Pilates ball

Do you usually spend hours sitting in an old office or kitchen chair when you work from home? Do your back a favour and get an inflatable pilates ball instead. The ball helps you get a good posture by activating the muscles around the core, and combined with exercise during the day it will make it easier to get through the work days without aches and pains.

Here you’ll find all pilates balls on PriceSpy.

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5. Tablet with stylus pen

With a tablet and stylus pen, you retain creativity even when you're away from the office. Draw, sketch, write and scribble exactly as you like, whether you are sitting on the sofa or at your desk. A stylus pen makes it easy to sketch down all your thoughts and share with others. You also learn to think visually while practicing your sketching skills. In addition, this gadget is guaranteed to become a super hit with the kids with all the fun drawing apps (don't forget a screen protector and a protective shell!).

Here you’ll find all tablets with stylus pen support on PriceSpy.

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6. Smart LEDs

Upgrade your home with smart LED lights. They are power-efficient, can be controlled via the mobile phone and, with the right lights, also change colour. Or why not voice control the lights with the help of a digital assistant like Google Assistant and Apple Siri? Switch between white light for productive work, and warmer tones when you want to relax and let your eyes rest a little. Popular smart lamps are available in the IKEA Wire-free series, Philips Hue and Lifx.

Here you’ll find all smart LED lights on PriceSpy.