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PriceSpy’s top shopping tips on how to win at sale shopping

To help shoppers prepare for this year’s sale season, PriceSpy has the following top tips.

1. Preparation is key

The best chance of finding a good bargain comes from preparation. If shoppers know in advance what they are interested in and have a rough idea of the price, they’re less likely to get carried away by the hustle and bustle of a sale. Create a wish list of products and set up a price alert on PriceSpy, to help keep you updated automatically if a price suddenly drops.

2. Check out the competition

Before you buy, take time to check if an offer is as good as it sounds by sussing out the competition. Is the same TV set available at an even better price elsewhere?

Price points can vary massively depending on where you buy – by checking out prices from shop to shop, you can potentially save thousands!

3. Check the price history

As well as looking for the best price from competitor shops, be sure to look at a product’s price history.  

This vital piece of research is key in helping shoppers make informed purchase decisions, as they can see if the price being offered is genuine.

4. See through the marketing bluff and do your own independent research

Even if a product you are looking to buy is being advertised with a price drop, don't take the retailer's word for it. Always conduct your own independent research using an impartial price comparison site or app, like PriceSpy.

And if the deal isn't as good as it should be, be prepared to walk away.

5. Keep a cool head and don’t panic buy

Whilst it’s very easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding Black Friday, shoppers need to be aware that fake sales and price hikes do exist! If you see a good deal, keep your cool, do your research – and don’t panic buy!

Keep up-to-date with all the Black Friday offers in one place on PriceSpy’s Black Friday deals page.