Nintendo 3DS XL

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3DS XL is a larger version of Nintendo 3DS, much like Dsi XL was compared to the Dsi. The larger of the two screen displays measures 4.88 inches and can show 3D just like it's smaller sibling. Otherwise the specifications are quite similar. Released in july 2012. Close
3DS XL is a larger version of Nintendo 3DS, much like Dsi XL was compared to the Dsi. The larger of the two screen displays measures 4.88 inches and can show 3D just like it's sma... Read more
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  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Great game machine, but if you have large hands can easily become a bit tired in his hands as it despite its name is quite small ..
  • Good
    2 years ago
    Fun pastime on the train / bus etc!
  • Good
    2 years ago
    I had the usual 3DS before, you could not play racing games such as Mario Kart because it got cramp in the hand if they withheld the keys for a long time (10 mints or more)

    I was somewhat disappointed in the console because of the resolution. Come on, you see the pixels clearly if you have någolunda good vision. 3D function can only be used if driving game where you sit completely still, which is disappointing.


    + Major console making that one must not cramp out that holding the buttons for a longer time, which means that you can start playing racing games again!

    + Battery life is better than the 3DS, battery keeps Ia 4 hours of playing, compared to standard 3DS only lasts about 2 hours.

    + Nintendo e-shop, which makes it possible to buy the game digitally, the games are not as big, which means that you can have some games without having to upgrade to a larger SD card.

    + Download Play which is a service that allows you to play locally with friends who do not have the "cassette" Very useful!


    - The resolution, it is not even HD which I was bothering me. I can see the pixels when I play very clearly. A big minus!

    - The range of third-party games are very meager, though it's nintendo bad in general.

    - Touch screen works just fine if you have a stylus pen, which is bad.

    - The games cost ridiculous amount of money if you're buying them digitally. In principle, all the games with 3D compatibility (3DS Games) costs 417 SEK! If you buy them in the store will cost them La 300-200 kr.

    A perfectly okay console, better than its predecessor!
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Perhaps there was more wondering what firmware that comes with these?

    My order at Electro World (Black / Red) for 1590: - contained 4.5.0-10E. And there seems to be 100 + in stock.

    Very nice I think.
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Did not think I'd come back to a Nintendo game ... but now I'm stuck again.
    Love it!
  • Decent
    4 years ago
    REALLY WELL DONE, NINTENDO!. "Little brother 3DS" left a lot to be desired, it is sant.-When comparing these two, seems the BIG difference in both physical dimensions and overall experience as arcane, versus the LITTLE difference in price!. You make a smash gaffe if you buy the small model at full price, as long as this is available for a paltry 300 (approx) bucks more!. Nintendo, however, a cumbersome problem to deal with, or actually two: "PSP Vita", respectively. budget model of the old PSP "E 1000 Street". Both are extremely hard to beat concept when adding performance, gameplay, and price "on the table" sas and compare. Also, a new (more general) "Sony hype" shows up when "PS 4" smash debuts this fall, which also would increase interest in the "PSP" than more, overall. 3 D effects might be fun and interesting, but when "novelty" has settled, it is not very to the resistance to put toward high performance monster "PSP Vita", in the same price range. Although this "3DS XL" is a brilliant product, so must the Nintendo probably still thinking about the pricing. With a price tag ON MAX 1195 -, so MAYBE it is possible to obtain a decent marknadsandel.-More likely, however, that another leap down the price ladder is necessary, to 998: -. "Android", "Retro gaming", "homebrew" and "China Clones", together with a buyer very advantageous Beg. market, makes ngn new golden calf in the "Portable" genre, type "Game Boy" / "GBA", not on the horizon for Nintendo marknadsavdelning.-Price Competition, however, Nintendo historically adept at, and it's probably high time to grab that bit now .. So: RUN HARD, NINTENDO! :-) / M.
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Bought for 1290 - at Staples, good price I must say.
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Bought for 1490 - on Elgiganten super weekend.
    Perfect to have on the trip when you want to while away some time.
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Smooth distributor usual 3DS and XL.
    XL is much more comfortable to hold in fact.
    Larger screen, clearer buttons for home, start & select.

    Get good price for the 3DS, fine.
    But would go for an XL days a week.

    Have not tested the camera etc, but I did not buy the unit for photographing either so it should remain as it is.
    Personally, I have the 3D effect of about half, or a little to late, it becomes a pain for my eyes.
    But it gives very good in my opinion.

    Then ang battery life, has no problem directly, it starts to shine and you have the right ample time to plug in the power cord if possible.
    Does not require too much of this unit has much more advantages than disadvantages.

    Can not have everything in life hehe.
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Sold my usual 3DS and switched me to the XL model and I regret not really. The gaming experience will be so much better with the larger screens, plus it is more comfortable to hold in. At least for adult players with larger hands fit XL significantly better.

    Also think the 3D effect becomes more vivid with larger screens.
    Best handheld console from Nintendo so far, I say.
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Very comfortable to hold than regular 3DS, slightly better battery life than standard 3DS (though still not great). More details in the games visible due to the larger screens, but the 3D effect's pros and cons are exactly the same as before, so at that point there is no difference. The cameras also just as disastrous as before. In the choice between regular 3DS XL and XL will win because it is more comfortable to hold in.
    Star smokes that Nintendo is so efficient that they are not sending anybody stream thing.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Big wonderful screens make the gaming experience that much more awesome. The fact That it's backwards compatible with all forms of games and overpriced does not scale older games to a smaller size makes this a must get. Have played Several hours now and the battery seems to hold up.

    Another nice thing is That You can go back to the main menu without the game shutting down. Pressing the home key let's you view your HOME screen. Starting another application will prompt a message to shutdown the game first. Although I could still delete applications and manage downloads. So some form of multitasking ice in there.

    Only bad thing I can think of at this time is the lack of 802.11n. Apart from That, topnotch!
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Amazing upgrade from the Nintendo 3DS, I've only been playing the 3DS in stores and waited in XL console. It is comfortable to hold, rounder corners than the 3DS and cruel display, larger screens for the much more fun! Have played a few hours now and can expect that the headache is coming soon.
    + Larger screens
    + Rounded corner

    - To me they are a minus that no charger is included, then I do not have any newer DS/3DS with chargers. Had to buy a new one. But probably good for former players.
    -Battery time is very short. However, nothing to compare with

    + / - Min has frozen twice with Mario Kart 7, may be the game or anything else wrong, so do not put any weight in the now.