The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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  • Perfect
    Best game I've ever played, it plays on the Nintendo Switch which is also the console, I recommend that you experience this game on as it is the more powerful console, this kind of games only appear one time every 10 years.
    Totally sick how much there is to do in this game. The story is also crazy good. The thing about this game is that if you just run in and cranks, you are usually dead. However, if you have a plan, it works mostly. Was blown enemies out of the chute with a Kokori leaf, blasted them by fire to explosive barrels, sneaked into the night and stole their weapons, taking out guards with arrows, took down a large mask by setting fire to his leg and then go in and turn on him after that, rolled rocks on them, had luck and seen lightning strike down the enemy. The list just goes on.
    The game has as far as I know, the first functional physics engine ever, a stamina system that allows every mountain you climb is its own adventure.
    It manages also continue to surprise you again and again. Have safe plowed in 20-40 hours already but only scratched the surface feels like.
    Can not recommend enough to play this game.
  • Perfect
    Best game in years!
  • Excellent
    A Zelda game for 699: - at GameStop. I must be crazy, I thought. But it had received good reviews.

    But only the environments in the game is enough. Absolutely incredible world they created.

    Playing the Wii U version on a 65-inch 4K TV.

    Worth o mention that you are a fanboy earlier. But it is wonderful to escape the linear here. ????????
  • Perfect
    The game we have all been waiting for! A great game for the Wii U. At last console was worth their money.
  • Perfect
    Run it on the Wii U, looks fantastic and can not think of any disadvantages with this game. It has really thought through this game and succeeded in everything!

    Do you have a switch or Wii U Buy!
  • Excellent
    Breath of the Wild renew the entire Zelda concept and gives us the best game in the series so far.
    Everything feels a bell, but I draw from a star because the game is poorly optimized and has a frame rate that hovers between 20-30 fps. In the case of the flagship to a new console, I think we can expect a better result than this.
  • Perfect
    Fantastic. I did not OPEN-world would work because then you run straight to the last boss and beat the game in 10 minutes, but no. Black enemies standing in your way and limits. This is how open-world game should be. You "can" go everywhere but you need to get better and leveling up and fight! That's what makes the game interesting and worth playing.

    Perfect. Clearly the class of OOT and ALTTP.
  • Excellent

    I never got caught for Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, said they felt too linear.
    Liked Wind Waker more.

    This game feels very open, it's stylish and has a nice feel-good feeling wherever you are in the game.

    Like one cell chading graphics in Wind Waker HD so you get to enjoy this game.

    I still pull of a star for the lag that sometimes occurs. Understand that it occurs on the switch too. But it is annoying, especially considering that it should not be lag. There is no jätteadvancerat graphical games.
  • Perfect
    Absolutely amazing game that is even better to Switch!
  • Perfect
    Has now played enough hours to write up a little review of Zelda.

    Wow, what a game. The first open-world game for Zelda and it delivers good! You are thrown directly into this great world, and is free to do as little as you want. Go your own way, doing things in your own order exploring and going on adventures.

    The first hour is a little like a mini tutorial, you get to try a little "mini dugeons" to learn a little of the game, the weapons and armor works, learn how to survive in the big values. When this is done, you can leave the first part and go in the direction you want and see what you come across! This Zelda is a little harder than they earlier so you can get to where you become one found if you do not have good gear and weapons.

    The game is set quite amazing out of Studio Ghibli style graphics. Impressive what they can do on this little switch that does not have the same capacity as the PS4 / Xbox One.

    The game has good physics engine, trying to mirror a real world, everything from how water works, fire, wind, weather, stenar movement. You can actually burn down an entire field if you want and kill all the enemies hiding in the grass: D

    Should not spoila so much more of the content but you will understand why the game got 98/100 on Metacritic. One of the best games of all time.
  • Excellent
    An open-world Zelda!

    Really beautiful world with a very good game engine that uses physics and graphics to draw gamers into Zelda's magical world.

    Go where you want, play in any order you want, explore, run free.

    Super cozy games that just pulled in and forget the reality ....