Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller (Xbox One/PC) (Original)

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  • Acceptable
    Would not recommend this to the PC with the cable when connected to the cable (Micro-USB) is too fragile and can loosen. Once it is loose, it takes a few seconds before the control is working again.
  • Excellent
    Works really well and it is still one of the best ergonomics and design. Can be disturbed by some RF transmitters in the vicinity
  • Good
    +wireless for couch gaming
    +comfortable to hold
    +built in vibrator. more immersive

    -inaccurate for FPS or anything else that needs aim
    -mushy face buttons
    -rechargeable batteries not included
    -lack of buttons. Impossible to jump, crouch, strafe, attack and use special action at same time. Ruins some insane combos and lowers skill ceiling.

    Bought for my high end PC for racing games and third person games. Does better than mouse and keyboard in these genres. So bad in shooters(without console auto aim) that it's actually fun. Completely hopeless in just about any other genre of game (relatively to mouse and keyboard).

    Including PC adapter and rechargeable batteries, it costs almost as much as my mouse and keyboard combined, the xbox one controller should not be bought by anyone who only plays FPS games on PC. Although limited in its functionality, the mobility it allows may be worth the price if you either have a large steam library or an xbox one.
  • Terrible
    I have never written a review in my life but this time I feel I must. After about 4 months was one of my checks apart, two months later on the other. In both cases, it was the left lever that became unusable by the fasting in a certain position. Has held various consoles throughout my life but have never been control of such poor quality (maybe N64). Last years I have mostly been playing hockey as both the PS3 and Xbox 360s controls have coped without any problems.
    Otherwise I love the control, but I really hope they fix this problem in the future.
  • Perfect
    works fine for Windows 10 with the Microsoft Adapter
  • Decent
    Do not like the new Xbox One control exceeds 360 controller. It is not as comfortable in the hand and can not access the bumpers as good as that one did on the 360 ​​controller which unfortunately destroys the feeling part.

    + Battery life
    + Force feedback

    - Bumpers
  • Excellent
    Amazing controller!

    - Design
    - D-Pad
    - Triggers
    - Sticks
    - Battery Pack
    - No normal headphone jack
  • Perfect
    Best I've tried!
  • Excellent
    Coming from the 360 controller, it took me a while to get used to the Xbox One controller as for a variety of reasons: the triggers are much larger and softer, bumpers are too firm etc.

    After both getting used to the controller and breaking it in a bit, I can say that the Xbox One controller is the best controller I have ever used. I feel it's just a matter of getting used to, as many people thought the Original Xbox controller S was better than the 360 controller on release. I dare you to try find someone who still thinks the same. To me this is a similar evolution, though not as substantial as from Original to 360.

    The only real negative I have noticed after 6 months use is that the construction is noticably worse than that of a 360 controller and there is some play in the left plastic panel on one of mine.

    EDIT: Now the d-pad is usable as it is the Nintendo design
  • Very good
    Best fit and buttons. The negative is that you get to buy rechargeable batteries and the headphone jack is only compatible with standard headphones.
  • Perfect
    Best control so far
  • Perfect
    Very convenient control with good battery life! Have four and not a single problem.
  • Terrible
    2x NEW has begun "quirky" in the left stick in a week with normal use. Resulting in that it does not always respond when you pull into the direction it snaps in!

    Otherwise, it feels very comfortable.
  • Perfect
    Really solid controller, made lots of nice little improvements that make the controller stand out
  • Perfect
    I've owned the PS3, Xbox 360, and had the chance to try out the controls for the PS4 and Xbox One. After having considered 360 controller be the fairest made, I can now just surrender. Microsoft has outdone themselves with their new controller.

    The handles on the One-control is not quite as voluptuous as the 360 ??controller. It probably makes her the new control now rests in the hands but the grip feels strained. Because it also is somewhat easier, I can imagine that at the long game moments not tire out your hands as easily as the 360 ??controller.

    Home button (the big round the middle), has shifted more upwards at One control. Thus no risk either to access it by mistake, which could sometimes happen on the Xbox 360.

    Steering Cross at 360 was a disaster and consisted of a disk-shaped disc that was easy for mistakes,. On the Xbox One's governing cross distinct with clear click. A major advantage of such as menus, commands in FPS or sports games or fighting games. Nothing to complain about!

    Levers diameter is slightly less than 360, where you had a large surface for the thumb. The disadvantage of the 360 ??controller, however, was that you could easily "slide around" with your thumb, it does not really stuck. That problem has been solved by fluted sides and a smaller surface.

    The levers at One also requires less resistance to move. Moreover, less dödyta before sight moves. When I played, for example, titanium cases, it has been an advantage if you need to make small precise movements. It feels like the One-control is particularly well suited for FPS games.

    Triggers and shoulder buttons
    Triggers are the touch sensitive buttons on the top, used for example in gas driving game. The difference from 360 control is that these feel softer and more pliable when you press them down on One. On the 360, it feels more like pressing against a spring under tension, you have to take in more with the index fingers and they feel a bit more dumb. Because One-control triggers additionally leaning on the sides rests wagging significantly more comfortable on it.

    In Forza 5 if you feel that the trigger buttons shaking depending on the surface you run on. A pretty cool feeling, a little disappointed not to Titanium Case had this but can imagine that in future Halo games, it can vibrate at your fingertips when you shoot.

    Shoulder buttons that sits in front of you reach the outside of your index fingers. However, it is not difficult to get to them but about as easy as the 360 ??controller, however, is much wider and longer.

    The four buttons, click any more on One-control than the 360, they are also somewhat flatter and not quite as dumb. Trying to squeeze all four buttons at the same time with the thumbs are easier on One, as they are somewhat closer together. One advantage because tumförflyttningen between X and B is then not quite as big. I experience no risk of mistakes,.

    Although both controls need two AA batteries is One's back completely flat, compared with 360 control's battery cover. On the upper side of the check is a micro USB port, which is great when you need to download the control. Once you need to charge it, so to speak, the battery life is really really good ...

    You can play for hours on end for days without the battery runs out. Having to replace batteries at 360 Controller occurred significantly more often than I have so far had to do on the Xbox One. Not having to have it as a concern is reassuring.

    Now I compared the old and the new Xbox control side by side and have basically only good things to say about the new controller. The best praise you can give a check is not necessary to think about it is there. Sure it costs money, but it also does what it should, and it does it with panache!
  • Perfect
    + A bit better than 360
    + Trigger is insanely beautiful
    + Is perfect in Hand
    + 60 hours battery time (better than PS4)

    -Difficult to get started with
  • Very good
    Very good and fits ok
  • Very good
    a very good control much nicer than 360 check and my new favorite control

    minus is then that it costs much