Nintendo 2DS

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  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Very pleased :)
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Nintendo 2DS is more or less the same as the 3DS one. The two things that are different from 3Ds-one is that it lacks hinges and 3D effect. Otherwise, it has exactly the same hardware. It is very comfortable to hold.

    The only reasons not to buy a 2DS are:
    * For 3DS XL's larger screen.
    * If you want to be able to turn the 3D effect.
    * If you could fold console together and put it in your pocket.
    * To use optional features Circle Pad Pro.

    I would also recommend purchasing a protective case since the console can be folded together to protect the monitors.
  • Good
    4 years ago
    SMART "NINTENDO"!. (It's almost enough to make you start thinking that you have read / embraced my review of "3DS XL" here on "we've", he-he! ..)

    Will the "3DS" series to stand up against "Sony" s teeming "White" series of about 4-5 years remaining to the next console generation, M Y STE ONLY price down!.-With a market full of so-called "Hacks" / "ease" / "Homebrews" + div. s.c. "China Clones" ("JXD", "Yinlips", etc.), so there is no "Nintendo Fever" by "Game & Watch" type (around 1982) hoping Pa.-Also: Beg.marknaden "goes nuts" just Now, after the "retro-gaming" Wave proved to be significantly more resistant than most could have imagined!. ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

    (Here the "we've" you can for example find old half-sane "Gameboy": s of original ((black / white screen!)) From around 1989 for SEVERAL THOUSAND!. Å "Atari Flashback" concept is now available in a 5: e version ((m wireless joysticks!)), and with more built-in "Generation 2" games than ever!. "SNK" run, through license agreements, a monster bet on old "Neo Geo" systems, with A BRAND (GENUINE -) NEW CONSOLE, on the two devices additionally, type "Wii U".-Dock with identical loudly shouted and right repetitive fighting game in the early 90s, unfortunately. Å as 'Sega' s set-up time, which is quite the opposite. - They seem generously sell brand licenses to clearly reluctant third editions of both "Mega Drive" / "Genesis" and "Game Gear"-related apparatus, obviously how un anytime!. -F.ö. so nowadays almost every Swedish city worth its salt , at least ONE store meant for gaming, and with the topic "Buy, change, and sell", form part or whole of the business. Otherwise, are there even "PS 1" / "2" / "Old-" "XBOX" "stuff "always on" book "almost" coffee money "!) ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

    Anyway, here now "Nintendo" chosen, to some extent, affect picture and sound characteristics of "3DS" high nivå.-thus smoke the glasses-free 3D effect, but it is still quite ok . ¤ ¤ Play "as usual" may be done in a pretty tired monoljudsmiljö.MEN: The stereo sound is still there!. Admittedly, it can only be enjoyed via an external device / headphone connected til '2DS' s headphone output, but still!.-Due to the loss of stereo sound, is given nor nga true surround effects (which I love!). The right shitty (but still, WORKING!,) built-in mono speaker, however, has a feature to "Pseudo Surround," which after all is better than no surround alls.Apparaten is NOT foldable (!), although, in the usual "Nintendo" mannerisms, definitely looks to be so. In practice this is still pretty good when buttons / switches are now more accessible and better for my beefy on the gnarled man hands. (The question is: How does it feel smaller children? .. Uh, well, the buttons where that is!? .. ). "2DS" makes me oxå to consider how big / small a device really can / should be, to be titled "portable"?. "Portability" is not important to mig. But it is, however GAME EXPERIENCE!. I disliked the original "DS": one, in all its generations / forms, until "DSi XL" released!. I was not specifically saved in "3DS": one either, until "3DS XL" came. Not surprisingly, I will shit in buying "2DS": a oxå!., Before the big question now is thus 1: IF and WHEN "2DS XL" will? '. And 2:, How come, probably find the moderator, the arrangement of prices and possible. stripped down performance of such to be expressed, from a consumer perspective? '. Honestly, I would love to have seen such a machine, with the price tag for PRESENT "2DS" on!. Few would-tex disagree about the Wi-fi feature was bort.De substandard cameras on either 0.3 MP, could easily be dispensed with by the Most over 10 bass. The core of "The Nintendo portable experience" should be in access of THE DOUBLE PLAY LIBRARIES ("DS" + "3DS"), and built-in hard + software for sensible playback of audio / image / video fr. SDXC (Stereo end. Using the headphone will do just fine "on the go"!), And some "everyday" as a calculator and alarm clock!. THERE can compete shirt of the performance-loving (the little obscure!) Sk "China Clone" Olympics, where build quality and longevity rarely / never achieves "Nintendo" level!. Speaking of "Sony" s "PSP Vita ', this is a technological high-performance masterpiece, that ONLY goes to battle against, via price gun .-But it is / has "Nintendo" has been historically proficient in to master in almost 30 years now on the other. But then screen the size / quality grafted into the "3DS XL", combined with a shot of the price level at time mode (SMALL!) "2DS". ¤ ¤ ¤ BANZAI! ... / M.