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  • Very Poor
    Hopeless to set up. Don't know why it doesn't work for me but the thing just refuses to cooperate. The fact that it doesn't have a regular line in and the ethernet mode is completely useless means I have no fallback alternatives too. Wish I had bought a Bose instead and will try to return it to the shop.
    1 year ago
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  • Excellent
    Better sound and ease of use .Good price
  • Good
    Bought one for having it as a "radio" in the kitchen during discount sales in 2016.
    Supplemented to get the stereo and the sound was much better with an additional speaker. Good enough good background music.

    They have upgraded the software since then, and it sounds very now than it did from the beginning.

    Do not, however, it is worth the price it normally is on.

    + The sound has said that improved, can adjust the bass and treble via the app.
    + Easy installation and simple at completion
    + Stylish simple design
    + Updating app and software continuously, not all do.
    + The app supports many other apps, Google Play Music, TuneIn and many more.

    - Expensive wall brackets (some metal and screws need not cost 400kr)
    - The app can be a little pillig and is not entirely logical. Not the full support of all.
    - Some features are only available if you have an iPhone, why? (IOF only calibration True Play)
    - Would like to be able to connect directly to the speaker and play through my default player on your phone, or get out the sound if I run Netflix on your tablet. Maybe.
    - I bought the white, had wanted it all white, not gray "net" around.

    The sound is good, but not high end.
    Can recommend which type kitchen radio or background music.
    Definitely better sound with two.
  • Perfect
    True bang speakers. So worth the price. Really really good sound. Just buying.
  • Excellent
    Must say I am very satisfied with my play 1. However, there was little hassle to get it going when it could not connect to my wireless Internet access, after driving with cable and updated since then work out the fine on Wi-Fi. The discussion of "deep bass" is, as it is ... I think anyway that the sound is just fine in the given size and shape. Now the goal is to pair it with my Vera!
  • Decent
    Quality feeling is really good. The app is very easy to configure and calibrate, completely unnecessary with the built-in music app, I prefer Chromecast, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, "Good base for its size," you often hear, but for all small speakers nowadays. Play one has definite no deep bass, but the rest of the sound is good, 2 for stereo sound. If it was not for the app's sake, I had retained my. If you want a good base to get add 7500kr, then you are on top of 12000kr, No!
  • Perfect
    Bought one for parents (and me) for Christmas to be used in the kitchen. Extremely good small speakers, I have not had time to make the True Play adjustment yet (that Sonos system to calibrate the speakers specifically for a room) but still allows the top. Chose the white model as it fits better with all furniture etc.

    Highly recommended, despite the high price! (Bought for 1890kr)
  • Excellent
    Very good sound in relation to its neat and handy size, fits anywhere. Good base for its small size! Good sound all around. Multiroom. Moisture resistant.
    Can connect two stereo Play1 for even better sound. Nowadays Spotify integrated app. While useful as an alarm sound great, or surround pair to Playbar.

    But perhaps most important is the Wifi stable software.

    Smart room sound adjustment - True Play - Apple Products, will soon also for Androids said.

    Just a Spotifykonto (or Deezerkonto) to listen simultaneously to different songs if you have several Sonos is another plus.

    A solid, quality feel during the almost three years I used them as one and the multiroom, which surround or stereo pairs. Do they sound better than my Play5 (gene 1), even if the power is missing compared to these.

    Lacks built-in battery, auxiliary input and / or bluetooth to be perfect score, because the normal price is a bit high.
  • Excellent
    We have had two pieces for almost a year now. They are absolutely gorgeous. I was long skeptical about Sonos and waited for the sake of the competitors come up with equivalent sound better price. I followed the review after review, but concluded in general that do not reach the Sonos in sound quality. In the end, I bent and invested in a pair of Sonos Play 1. I have not regretted.

    What I like:
    - I love that I can listen to different songs from a Spotify account in different rooms (think it still is specifically for Sonos).
    - It is so easy to operate
    - The sound is very good, for its size
    - The size
    - Quality Feeling

    What I do not like:
    - Some programmable buttons had been super.
    - The app has crashat few times
    - Wish the price had gone down a little
  • Excellent
    It is simply to comply with the sheep herd - Sonos is cruel! Will Samsung Multiroom I by all means was happy with, but Sonos blows them out of the water all day. Really easy to connect, great sound, great app - everything is really good, except perhaps the price, but as with everything else, you get what you pay for.

    Some Play: 1 you fill the house with pleasant sound.
  • Perfect
    I am still amazed at the sound and I have used my over a month now. Really good sound considering the price and size. The app is so simple and easy that I listen to many times more music than before. Poddar is a bit trickier, however, because you have to refuel them down to podcastappen the iPhone and then they show up in Sonos app.

    Too bad Storytel not taken the trouble to fix support for the app. It will certainly.

    True Play setting makes really big difference in some rooms! Fantastic!

    The only negative is that I now bought two more and order a play 5 to the living room :)
  • Perfect
    Incredible sound to be so small. Very easy to set up.
  • Perfect
    Full-bodied and delightfully light from such a small speaker.
    Easy connection to the network
    Good and simple app
  • Perfect
    Sonos plays in a class of its own. Absolutely outstanding.
    Easy to install and delivers a great sound.
    world class
  • Excellent
    Very satisfied (white). Stylish and simple design with only three buttons, which is all that is needed. Smart and thoughtful placement of electrical cable that is also white, like a white product to have.
    The sound is good and fills a kitchen or bedroom quite enough.
    I draw a star for only wireless N standard. For this money, it should be standard AC as it has been for quite some time. But overall an awesome product that I highly recommend.
  • Very good
    Incredible sound!

    Bought two of these for a couple of weeks ago now and have had a taste and want to fill out the entire home. Extremely simple setup you are running in minutes. The app has a lot to be desired but once you have learned how their mM queuing system works, it's very smooth.

    But such a simple thing as accessing the volume and change tracks on the lock screen in iOS should fix them so you do not have to open the app.

    I'm no ljudofil but I have switched my two stereo Play: 1 and it will be a really nice sound that can be raised and still maintain the quality.

    Will be the expansion of the more ones to the bedrooms and bathrooms come. Highly recommended!
  • Acceptable
    Awesome sound! However, very locked down system and Sonos does not seem eager to change that.
    If, as I'm used AirPlay / Google Cast it will be very disappointed with the user experience.
  • Excellent
    Bought two to get a wider stereo image in the living room! Has moved 5th that delivers a great sound to the bedroom! Was a little disappointed, first and thought it was probably stupid to replace 5th. But after recording and calibration of Play True, I was so happy! Can not believe true "thud Speaker" can deliver like that sound. It is so clear sound with rich bass. Have heard that some think the base is weak, but there is nothing I experienced. The room they are in is about 40 sqm and it fills them out really well! Sonos app is really good. Clear and easy to understand. The only drawback with Sonos is that you want more!
  • Perfect
    Sonos continues to deliver. The easiest and most stable system I experienced perfect sync between all devices in the house and cannon sounds, given the unit's size.

    Have had a part of their support to do (caused by the service I used (read Spotify)) and they have been incredibly good and fast.
  • Perfect
    Blown away by a Play: 1!

    Replaced my Logitech UE Smart Radio that I iofs. liked the kitchen radio in two to three years with a Sonos Play: 1 and now I have got a taste for going "all in".
    It ended up in the kitchen and wakes me up every morning with a pleasant sound from the fixed music list or radio channel.

    If the "one" sounds this good, I see no reason not to brace on with the rest too.
    It will cost: O (priority);)

    + Extremely easy installation
    The sound +
    + expandability
    + Network connection (not Bluetooth)
    + The ability to control the "all" units.

    - The price?
    - It can be a little more work is going on in the apps look and function (tested on iPad, Mac and androidmobil).

    Here are some mixed info ...

    Kitchen (check)
    Bathroom one to Play: 1 (moisture-proof, not waterproof)
    Living will get a couple of Play: 3 soon.

    Then it will be to complement the Sonos Sub so it becomes a bit more pressure in the whole.

    Completely surround will have to wait a bit but it is the plan in the future.
  • Excellent
    Provides very very wanting more. Bought a kitchen in the middle on dec 2015 and now sits with Playbar, sub, play3 and two ones ..

    Sonosfierad and saved :-)
  • Excellent
    Fantastic smooth and well functioning system and really good sound!
    Are already considering to upgrade and purchase additional speakers from Sonos.
    The only downside is well that it is quite expensive.
  • Very good
    Have been thinking about all this hysteria about Sonos. Have one at work (Sonos 5) have long wondered why the Sonos gets so very praised in the media, etc. when on the job works flawlessly for a week and then not work at all in in 3 months. (a traditional FM radio function like music then instead). There is a pier and everything like that at work.
    But, but, I got the offer from Telia when I moved on cartoon broadband. So I thought why not, I put a little in the bedroom .... Let's see if there is a hardware failure or if there is smth else at work.
    My little Sonos 1; a is fantastic. The sound feels a little "metal base" as in a tin box sometimes. But now is not the elements inpelade properly, but the sub audio is not something that bothers me. It is not so clear, and I probably had not noticed it in the same way if I had not had bigger and better systems.
    But in short, I would consider myself to pay 2000.- for the no-frills. I think they are worth the money.
  • Excellent
    Very good sound considering the size. Run with a bathroom and one in the bedroom; works well.
  • Perfect
    Crazy good sound out of that little box.
  • Excellent
    Grim satisfied with these.

    Has 2 stereo linked and I think these two play 1 Whip My Play 5 I have in the kitchen.
    So tip is to buy 2 play 1 to a larger room, then you get a really good sound.
  • Perfect
    Look innocent, but plays in away! Perfect at the bedside, the bathroom or on the terrace in the summer heat. Sonos is quality!
  • Good
    Sounds a bit stuffy but smooth.
  • Very good
    Good sound in relation to cost.

    Bought two pieces, creating a stereo pair, which fills a 16 m2 large room nicely.

    Previously I had two Play 5 in the same room, these I sold because I want to buy the new ones coming in December.

    The difference between the speakers is quite large, Play 1 does not have quite the same crisp and lacks fullness as Play 5 has.

    But I must admit that these small speakers to play over my expectation!
  • Excellent
    After being used Sonos Play 1 one week, I am very satisfied with my purchase.
    Has had a bluetooth speakers in the kitchen, dropping the connection to the phone or iPad often, so I got tired of it.
    This speaker is very easy to install and do not lose touch with the play button.
    Very convenient to just press the play button on the speaker so it starts to play what I played the last time it was Spotify list or radio.
    The sound I am very happy with if you consider the price and size.
    One becomes eager to buy more to other rooms.
    Well you can play different songs from Spotify simultaneously.
    The design is understated and stylish.
  • Perfect
    Have now had my play 1s for a long time and is still as impressed by the sound. Have a Play 3 since before 1s there and feel of the spaces that they will be used in the hands 1s amply. Installation and operation are incredibly easy. The old amplifier with 5.1 speakers and a sub is not even plugged after we moved.
  • Excellent
    The sound was beyond expectations!
    Given purchase if you decided to run the Sonos gadgets at home.
  • Excellent
    Took the opportunity to buy 4st when it was campaigning and has a per room in the apartment.

    + Easy installation, good looking, give solid impression. Great sound and bass for its size. Many streaming services.

    -Drar Down a * to not be able to play as a poddcast or from YouTube. Then I use my portable bluetooth speakers instead.
  • Very good
    Prior to moving to a new apartment, I had grown tired of all the cabling, I pulled into my previous 7.1 home theater system. Big huge speakers powered by a huge receiver and a total of 56 meters speaker wired to the ceiling and down to each speaker had done that I had enough of cables and glanced at alternatives.

    I was out in the trade and listened to Bose, Sony, LG and Samsung's various systems. I downloaded the manufacturers' apps and tested on-site in the store. Went home and watched the apps version history and could then conclude that innovativast with the software was Sonos. Their app has virtually everything except to support Apple's AirPlay. I drive only iPhone and iPad at home. Has no computer anymore.

    Felt initially that Bose had better sound, but then read reviews which said that they have a certain sound curve that makes the traditional "Bose sound" that is not so as a music fan thinks it should be transferred without more fjortis sound. Went to the HiFi Club who confirmed this and pointed out that wireless speakers will never sound as good as kabelditon ...

    Sonos Play 3:
    Bought at first 2 such and had read me that you should turn off the loudness intällningen which is on at startup. Wow so good they sounded. Took about 10 minutes to connect both and update software and stereo link them as a couple.

    Sonos Sub:
    Bought this a few days after the Play 3, and then became the sound complete and "whole" in any way. Everything from Metallica to Bo Bice sounds immediately better.

    Sonos Play 1:
    I lacked the ability to hear the sound on the audio podcasts in the bathroom and did not want to be forced to raise the other room for it to be heard there. Shit Stylish atop the washing machine became :)

    If you like to fiddle around with settings, load your own hacked software or tweak a few things in the sound image, this is not the right gadgets for you. Do you want to be something of really high quality, with a "applig" approach so that they have thought of everything and everything is clear how it is supposed to be used, you will be more than satisfied. Thought that the system was meager and that I would never be able to play some songs crap loud again. But even there, I was wrong. Have had everything for 10 days now and never played more than 50% volume.

    I have downloaded the app Kronos to my Apple Watch and control your Sonos system from the wrist. Happiness is total. Want to see this in reality, then check out my Youtube clip here;
  • Excellent
    Really good sound in a stylish package!
    The app is okay, the design is a bit outdated and does not support AirPlay, but you can install the program AirSonos on your Mac / PC / Linux / NAS in order to stream music via AirPlay to your Sonos.

    Highly recommended, really affordable!
  • Very Poor
    Completely useless app that can apparently be used to play music. I have at least not found any other solution. The sound is ok but considering the price, I had hoped for more.

    Not recommended
  • Perfect
    Very impressed with this relatively small, but heavy speakers. Was actually looking for a Bluetooth speaker, but I was going to buy was exhausted so I took a Play: 1 home instead. After the music started after the (ridiculous) simple installation, I quickly realized that it was fortunate that the speaker I considered buying the first was over! Have hard to believe that this speaker on your own can get the entire kitchen to vibrate! Röyksopps Monument with Robyn is a good test of basic resources and also a great song! Bass is by far so it is enough, but it really is not all that it can. Play: 1 plays detailed and airy and very impressive if it gets good enough quality to work with. That it is a premium product has enough pointed out already, but I still have to say that the quality evident as soon as you lift the loudspeaker out of the box! I rarely puts a 10 as reviews of gadgets I buy, but this is no doubt, it deserves a 10! Are you sound to kitchen, terrace, bathroom or garage and has the ability to stream via WiFi so you can stop looking ....

    The sound +
    The quality +
    + Easy installation
    + Support (my email address messed up when I'd sign me and I then called the support that responded and helped me within 5 minutes even though it was red day ...)

    - None portable same way as a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker
  • Excellent
    * Great sound
    * Good app and many opportunities to play music (tuneinradio, Spotify, Google Play, music, etc etc)
    * Smooth and get started
    * Stylish
    * Moisture Resistant (when I have my in conservatory)

    Super buy in other words!

    Award, whether to hang up on something. Quite pricey!
  • Very good
    Really good sound at the right places. Because these speakers are easy to move around in the house, I have tested a lot of investments and compared how it sounds with each other. Has concluded that the corners will not be good. For tinny and undefined sounds that do not get better even if I lower base significantly. In contrast, when they are 10-15 cm from a wall with some air around surprised me with a dynamic and basrikt sound that suits me unless it is finlyssning because then it is not enough with these stylish creation
  • Perfect
    The simplicity is quite outstanding. I use both Android app and Windows.versionen of the controller.
    His partner is lyrical who wanted something that is crap simple and allows her to listen to what she wants, ie, MP3, radio, Deezer.

    Has now Sonos throughout the house. Multiple Play: 1, Play3 & Play 5 ... Becomes a Bar and Sub forward.

    Sleepless use. Absolutely wonderful sound to take as little space.
    Easy to move around.

    Have had this for over a year now and it's amazing stable.
    Sonos is expensive, but the Devils what you get value for money.
  • Excellent
    I have watched the Sonos for years but always thought they were too expensive. I have tested different and solutions, such Bluetooth and Apple's AirPlay, but has not been fully satisfied. Eventually I opened my wallet and bought a Sonos Play: 1 and Play: 3rd

    + Stylish
    + Well built
    + Easy to install

    -No Support AirPlay or Spotify Connect
    -Not Support for all services in the app (I miss some apps for podcasts and audiobooks)

    I am totally satisfied and do not regret that I bought them. Now I want to buy more speakers and set in any room of the house.

    I have found an unofficial solutions to get AirPlay gonna work now too. If you have a Mac or eg a Raspberry Pi can run a program called AirSonos makes it so that you can send any audio from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your Sonos without additional hardware.
  • Excellent
    Ljudkvaltiteten depends a little on how to place it, but on the whole I am very satisfied with my purchase. Some times it happens that one of the zones disappear, I do not know why really, but it usually sorted itself.

    I use it with Connect and without any "Bridge".
  • Perfect
    Better sound and ease of use is simply impossible to get in this price range and form factor.
  • Excellent
    If it were not for my iPhone 5S lose control of your Sonos as often as one day per week with the reinstallation as the only solution, then the score was full pot. My ipad ALWAYS have access ... The app sucks but the hardware is absolutely wonderful.
  • Excellent
    I'm no audiophile and I know very little about the speaker.
    But I know that if you're going to throw up 1800kr (!) For a mono speaker so it must be really good shit.

    This is good, it's really good, so good that I now bought another one. Now I have the stereo, if I want to! I listen to music more now than I did with my old system, probably because it's amazingly easy to just pick up the phone and get started.

    The sound
    Ease of Installation
    User App
    Can turn off the LED light
    Can expand the system gradually
    The design

    Anything short power cord
    Breaks sometimes in the middle of songs and play next.
  • Excellent
    There are 2 disadvantages of the Sonos as I discovered:
    Issue 1: Did you buy a want to buy one to the next room
    Number 2: If you bought your second when do you want Complete with a third

    Since I only have 2 than I think once I bought my third will disadvantage # 3. I want to fill the next room with sound from Sonos.

    In order to become really depends on the Sonos once you get started, it is so easy to start music from Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music and Others And the radio! Ordinary Swedish radio works great and I have never heard so much on the radio after I bought Sonos.

    Sitting with my Sonos Play 1 and write this while I long to I buy my 3rd Sonos so I can create a stereo pair of my lonely Sonos Play first
    Also has a Sonos Play 3 standing in the kitchen.
    And dream of the Sonos Play Bar at the TV and with 2 Play one that was buzzing around.

    In short, do not buy a Sonos unless you are ready to become addicted.

    Need I mention that the sound of this minimum Play one is really good. High pressure in this little box.
  • Acceptable
    Bought a Sonos Play: 1 Now when you get a year with Deezer purchase, has a Play: 3 previously. I feel a big difference in Play: 1 and the Play: 3, PLAY: 3 plays noticeably better as you stand in two minds between 1 and 3 select 3! It's worth the extra few dollars.
  • Poor
    Really disappointed in the sound quality, it sounds tinny. Thought it would be better. Maybe they got too high expectations because of the grades at PriceSpy?
  • Very good
    Have compared this with as argon and Pinell radio sets and this is my opinion:

    + Really nice sound, amazed at what this little speaker can perform. Many times it is believed that the bass box is hidden somewhere. Nice to know is that it is designed for today's music, making it fairly bastung, this can, however, adjust the EQ
    + Design
    + Build quality feels very good!
    + The buttons on the unit works well and is well thought out
    + The app works great but can you do with advanced things we use Windows application that applies, for example, group Speakers or similar.
    + Drops to the internet so it will still try to play from the internet next time (if the stream running on the internet)
    + Flexible, can play as Spotify, internet radio, from shared directories, etc.
    + You lose internet while internet radio streams, it will try to re-join the next time.

    + - This is really obvious, but the latest version makes it possible to stream to the speaker of a stable Wifi without expensive accessories.

    - Argon and Pinell can handle about Wifi disappear temporarily, it can not handle
    -Sonos, It chooses to restart the result that it also loses its queue
    - No remote control which makes it necessary beard with his mobile that can form the other side of the house.
    - Expensive, and naturally expensive accessories
  • Very good
    Very good sound and easy installation! Easy to install more devices. Additionally permeated the entire building of quality, so that's a plus. The only thing that is a (fairly large) minus - and what draws away two stars - is that it is not possible to play back via other than their own protocol. I listen a lot on SR-play app, and this had I seen anything that could flow out of the speakers. What if it would have worked out with the use of Bluetooth or AirPlay. Waiting for this in the future ...