Nintendo New 3DS XL

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  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    A portable console with performance and resolution from 2002, only Nintendo manage to sell such a thing, and it shall have the creds!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    bought on sale a 1200 kr can not complain
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Is not that impad. Have played long on Wii U and thought it would be as comfortable feeling with 3ds but no! Do joystick is too flimsy and almost slip, and c-stick is too small and slow (it should have been two equally large control levers on each side).

    The console itself feels somewhat heavy, think it should be completely in matte plastic instead of metal shell that it quickly becomes fingerprints.

    The screen feels okay but may flicker occasionally. 3D effects work well even if you play in the dark.

    Touch The screen feels not quite 100, you have to press accurately and hard for it to respond. Stylus is slightly too short for my taste and misplaced. Should have been sitting on the side instead. The lid feels somewhat flimsy with kunnats should have done better.

    The location of the On / Off button feels not quite right and is quite difficult to grasp.

    Now that sounds like it was just whining, the console is quite okay and I think most people will like it, I'm just very picky about details. This is not for the discriminating player but more of a fun thing for the kids in my eyes.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Have had mine for over six months now and it works like clockwork! 3Dn is so much better than the old 3DS.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Has been the owner of a 3DS XL a very long time, and switched me to a New 3DS XL at release. Having gone through both good and evil with it, and this is my upplevelsse with Nintendo's latest "handheld";

    My C-stick, that is the new, small lever on the right side of the bracket screwed up initially. Impairment and right direction did not work as they should. I had to send my console for Nintendo which took on about 40 days to fix the problem. Has now got back my N3DS XL and can say that the lever works * great *! (Tested in Super Smash Bros., Majora's Mask and Monster Hunter 4.)

    I have chosen not to let this drag down the grade when I may be having an odd one, and now the problem is fixed regardless without any costs from Nintendo.

    Worth noting is that I only take up the differences between the old and the new model!

    + Charging times and start-up of the console is * much * faster than the original console! (Varies from game to game, but when I compared the Monster Hunter 4 on my old console, and this so it differs up to ~ 10-15 seconds, sometimes on both loading time and the start of the game.)

    + Promising future due to the hardware. Now that it supports Unity and the hardware is more capable then I can probably think of a bunch of beautiful titles likely to emerge. The Binding of Isaac is one of those pågång and it's probably just the beginning!
    There are also big differences in the Monster Hunter 4 for example. Textures as well as the performance is significantly better on the New 3DS XL than on the older model. (This does not apply to older games when they are built for the old model of 3DS - so if you're hoping for better performance in eg the Pokémon it is unfortunately not the case. There we probably see in the next Pokémon release of course!)

    + C-stick. Once it works (if you do not happen to have the same problem as I had first) and it works wonderfully. Remember that it is made to be "pushed", but treat it as if it were a touch-pad. Press this direction you want it to respond, simply. I love it! :)

    + Two extra "Shoulder Triggers" (R2, L2). Immensely practical in eg Monster Hunter 4. Only a positive addition.

    + Placement of buttons (Start, Select, Home, Power). Previously I had the problem that I accidentally switch off my 3DS when I played Animal Crossing eg when I thought pressing 'Start', but sat instead the 'Power' button, which resulted in that I lost several hours of work. Now sit button instead of the page (front) of the console. Some have said they accidentally click on it - something I've never been close to accidental. Start and Select buttons are now sitting there like Power button used to sit instead of being two huge buttons below the lower screen. (A small Home button sits there instead now. Comfortable!)

    + 3D effect is actually useful. If you like, you can now actually get to use it without having to sit completely still. Head-tracking feature works great!

    + Micro SD card. Finally. I have a 32GB card that I use and have managed to get in 25 games so far at it with about 50'000 "blocks" left (32GB is a total of about 240 ~ 250'000 blocks). You can use the 64GB but then you must format the card to the correct format on a computer (no problem for those who need space).

    + IPS screen! (Exclusive to N3DS XL model.)

    -To Install a new Micro SD card is a bit småjobbigt. It is not difficult - just over having to remove the entire back of the console. Luckily, so do not teach this to happen so very often no matter even if more than 1 time.

    -Placeringen Of the new stylus is a bit more unpleasant than förgångarens, and that it is shorter. It's a habit but preferred simply the elderly. Not a problem, of course, just worth pointing out.

    -No Improved battery life. :( (But not impaired either.)

    -No Faceplates like the smaller variant.

    These are little things for me that does not affect the grade, but I considered worthy to point out. That said, these are only differences between the new and the old model! Is terribly happy with my N3DS XL!
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Very good buy! But you who already own a Nintendo 3DS will not buy this.
    You who do not own, buy the newest!

    - New stylish design
    - Better 3D
    - Faster CPU

    Protip: Do not compare the graphics of other gaming consoles. Compare games :)
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Decided to replace my 3DS XL against a New 3DS XL after I read (and seen) pictures of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for both versions.

    + 3D set is much better. Can even play with it on and off sometimes now. Should be mentioned that it can be murky at times if you wear glasses. It does not happen very often for it to be a minus.
    + Battery life is also well accepted.
    + Speed ​​- BIG difference, both in the time it takes to download games but also in the fluidity of example, Monster Hunter 4. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously not tested both versions.
    + The screen is also much better than the previous version.

    - Still a Nintendo console with semi crappy UI / friend Features
    - No charger included with
  • Decent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Fairly good. Feels exactly like the old XL addition to 3D'n is better, but you will be disappointed if you imagine that 3D'n will be perfect, for it may still flicker in part and it can still lose focus at times. There is still a lot of ugly ghosting, although this is true 3D in general (the same if you play 3D TV or Oculus Rift).

    Access off switch once when I played and had managed well, poor placement on the (moved, if I remember correctly) and bad that you can not even get a request if you want to shut down the game. EShop is pathetic poorly constructed, likewise in terms of when to transfer the games to the new XL, incredibly amateurish done.

    The plus side is of course when the course Nintendo's own games (Mario, Zelda) and the only reason to really recomend this to me. If it has been ~ 700 - cheaper it had been in a reasonable price range and easier to recommend.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Everything is better.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Is really happy.
    Went from "old" XL to new,

    this is somehow easier to use than the old one, even though it does not differ in size that much.

    3D effect would have been much better, so now you do not have to lock the head to keep the effect, made a good lift.

    Only minus I see is well placement of memory, sits However, during the back cover.
    And how often you change it.
    Run on a wide directly, so you avoid the spoils in a while.

    Otherwise, on the whole, very satisfied.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Fantastic product!
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    I bought the machine is now on release on 13/2, Majora's Mask version.

    * New 3D function:
    Absolutely amazing, I never used 3D on my older 3DS XL but now I have the whole time. The camera is able to find you even in a dark room and you do not lose focus as long as you do not really try to mess with it. Also did a test in the car and held focus all the time attributed bumps and turns.

    * C-Stick:
    Is just like a little tracknub on a laptop, it does not move but know what to do. Works very well to the camera control, but not a chance that you can play such as FPS using it as some had hoped. Far better than putting on a great Circle Pad Pro that was the case previously matter how you look at it.

    * Screen:
    Have compared the new with the old 3DS XL side by side and the new one has better light and warmer colors. Both 3D on and off.

    * Battery:
    About the same as before, I have not noticed any difference.

    * Build Quality:
    Feels more robust than the old 3DS XL, however, remains the "problem" with that mount to the screen is loose and wobble a little, however, a design choice by Nintendo so not surprising.

    * Usability:
    MUCH better than the old 3DS XL, it is much faster than before. The new force under the hood really makes her and all the annoying delays are gone. I even put in a new SD card in my class who is 10 instead of Class 4 that came and although it made a big difference.

    * Negative:
    - Hesitant to the fact that the charger is not included.
    - To send only with a 4GB Class 4 memory is really efficient, you have to basically replace the SD card.
    - SD card located on the bottom so you have to unscrew the bottom to change, not very difficult but still something that could have been designed better.

    If you are in the thoughts of buying old 3DS XL to save a few hundred pieces I can tell you that you should add as you get the New 3DS XL, it beats the old version at all, and is definitely worth spending a little extra on.
    Do you have a 3DS XL earlier that you use a lot then you should upgrade, the difference is so great.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Top Bracket, has imported min from Japan and can do nothing but recommend this!