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  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    This console is just perfect! Nintendo has really outdone itself!
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Warning! Watch this clip of any problems with the switch:

    All units have a serious defect with hankontrollen dropping the signal as soon as you cover it with your hand, sitting under a blanket or any table such is the way. If you play Zelda and kontrolen dropping, contact only 1 second old man will run himself until contacting alten reconnected.

    I returned my switch and wait for Nintendo to release a new device without this problem. For this seems not to be a software error: /

    PS. I love Nintendo and all of their games. But wait a few months before you buy this product
    where the most problems are solved.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Perfect days a week
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Amazing what Nintendo has been able to squeeze into this little contraption! Having driven a lot of Zelda and Snipperclips and both are highly recommended. I myself have experienced a bit of JoyCons dropping some contracts but prokontrollen is immaculate and sits perfectly in your hand! Games I'm not worried because Nintendo really done everything they can to get by third-party developers. Devkit version costs about 5000 SEK, compared to PS4 and Wii U, which costs about 25,000 each. It also supports modern game engines like Unreal Engine 4. Many also report that they are incredibly easy to both develop and port games to so I'm not worried that there will be a Wii U-flop again.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    I have now had my Nintendo Switch for a while and can write up a little review.
    First, wow, what a great good screen it has, sharp, clear, bright and good colors. Though it is only in 720p is incredibly sharp. (1080p TV mode)

    The first time you unpack it, you become a little surprised, wow is it so small? Amazing what a lot of you have managed to pack into this little contraption. What you've seen in pictures so takes up almost half the battery contents.

    The switch was easy to install, you get good help to get started. Quick firmware update and easy to get started. The switch fast and good menus, light years faster a Wii U.

    The switch is almost completely silent in use, it has a small fan in itself but puts nothing in use.

    The switch is a hybrid so it works both as a desktop video consoles and a laptop. You can "Switch" rapidly between these two modes by simply removing or inserting switch in "The Doll", which is in turn connected to the TV via HDMI.

    The switch has a controller named Joy Cons, it consists of 2 sepparata controls that you can attach to the side of the switch for laptop mode, or put into a Joy Con grip and use them as a traditional controller.

    I hara, however, played the most with a Pro Controller that is just amazing good. Recommended.

    The games will be on very small cassettes and no installation required. The games load fast. Games can also be bought digitally in the eShop and downloaded.

    The switch only has 32GB of storage memory, but can be easily extended with microSDXC card. I installed a 64GB. Will suffice right time for me.

    The battery should hold about 3-6 hours depending on what you play, the most played in the TV mode.
    Have played Zelda for quite a few hours now and the game can be highly recommended!

    WiFi is fast, there is a speed test to make the system settings.

    Right little "other apps" such as Netflix and such, but there will come a little later.

    There are already quite a few games to buy, and even download and there are plenty on the road, over 150 pieces like advertised.

    Thank you!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    What a great little machine! Do not regret a second that I bought this console on release day. Had it for a month now and just have to say WOW! The only reason it does not get a dollar is that it was a bit hard up the game from the beginning. But it really does nothing for Zelda is absolutely magical.
    Already has a PS4, this console is a perfect complement and much easier to take along on trips!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Finally, a portable game console with almost as raw graphics as the desktop! The newest Zelda Nintendo Switch already a classic, but if you want to wait until a later date does not matter. With games like Mario Kart, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Oddyssey next year already (!) Is Nintendo Switch a good investment for the future and today. Smart solutions the universal JoyCon controllers and the simple setup of the dock is only a cherry on top of the cake. Must buy for families with small children or hardcore gamers.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Was a bit skeptical at first this thing, but after trying for a few weeks as the sovereign in the form that it is so simple hybrid to just take away and continue playing (as when the wife has occupied the TV). I have not had any problems with input / image law or joy-con trouble connecting problems. I keep it short and recommends that even if the lack of release titles are great. Christmas shopping when SMO + more titles have been released and the unit price has gone down to you who is insecure with no problems purchasing this without regret.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Lack some desirable features, but as a game machine is perfect.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Hardware-wise, I have to say I like it. Go super smoothly switching between portable mode and TV mode. Feels solid, believes it can handle a lot of beating.
    Is not it boring with only 720p on the screen but it is good enough anyway. Glad to have a console that you can take with them. A little saving battery life of 3.5 hours. Joycon controls are a bit small but you get used to. Have not had any troubles with the scope, playing about 4m from the TV ..

    Now when you passed out Zelda, there is not much to do with it. The next game purchase will be well Super Mario odyssey for autumn / winter.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Have had some hassle with this, which is a shame when the very idea of ​​dockable console is really good! Right control can lose touch with the console, and also wifi has malfunctioned several times. Sometimes when starting up so no network is found. The built-in antenna seems very sensitive, so if you play portable in another room, it can also lose touch with the network. I also had the strange scratches on the back of the console, do not know if they are caused by the doll? No optical audio output is also a minus, and the graphics of Zelda feels very "watered down". Perhaps an attitude, but has not yet managed to get into something that looks good on TV.
    If only Nintendo fixes to any quality deficiencies, this may be a really nice gadget!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Extremely good console.
    + Quick portable console with great graphics.
    + How to get place with so much good stuff in such a small device? But the fast and cool.
    + Sleep Mode is good, fast start-up.
    + You can quickly switch between the Docked and Handheld mode.
    + The menu is simple and quick to navigate.
    + Touch screen works super.
    + Joy-cons work perfectly, have not had any problems at all. Comfortable in the hand, nothing wrong at all.
    + Zelda is one of the best games ever. So awesome open world and the story is really wonderful. You can do what you want to recommend this game if you are looking to buy Nintendo Switch.
    And there are some problems.

    -Batteritiden Is OK, could have been better. 2,5-3h is okay on Zelda.
    -Lite Few games, but Zelda is really awesome and wonderful story, you will love it even though you are a Zelda fan. Mario kart 8 Deluxe will soon, it will be fun.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    + Sleep mode: Fast boot and resume playing immediately, as an improvement of the break.
    + Quiet
    + Portable
    + Snipperclips! :-)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    There is nothing negative to say about this piece so far. Exciting and innovative, just like the good old Nintendo once was before the Wii U.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    My left joycon have given up, lose touch all the time so be complaining about it.

    The machine itself is nice but I think it is too expensive, the screen feels cheap compared to eg an iPad.

    Personally, I have problems with the graphics for Zelda, may not have a really good setup on my Samsung 65 "8005 TV, the picture feels like dawn and the light, believe in fact the art style does not fit on a 4K TV when the image is scaled down, I play on laptop screen is no problem.

    Do not charge anything surround sound to my receiver but only stereo.

    Still believe in the concept of the Switch but it needs to be refined, now feels console very empty of content and a bit like a beta product!

    It would not surprise me if it will be improved Switch for 1 year or maybe this fall.

    I also like the doll does not feel as smooth to Connecta with the switch, the screen as well as wobble in the dock and feels generally unstable.

    Maybe it will be to connect the Switch to my old 1080p plasma to see if the picture is better there.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Nintendo switch is the best of both worlds. Portable and stationary in one. Totally sick nice to be able to take it out of the dock and continue playing. So impressed. Included joy-cons are wonderful to play with one in each hand, avoid holding hands together like a traditional box. Must also add that the pro controller is sick nice to play with too. Easily a 10!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Great console! You do not notice how nice it is to be independent of a TV to enjoy high quality games before having tested it. Had a prolonged power failure that lasted for a few hours to a few nights ago. Lit some candles and enjoyed Zelda, and with a power bank so the battery life no worries.

    The display has a resolution of 720p, which fits 6 "just fine. However, it is easily scratched, so a screen protector is a good investment!

    Joycon controls are surprisingly comfortable to hold. I have pretty big hands and was afraid they would be awful, but not then. They lie in the hand. But for those long gaming sessions, it may be worth getting a Pro Controller.

    32GB of storage is very little. There are games which are larger and hence may not place. However, it is possible to expand with standard SD memory card, and then with a maximum capacity of 2TB.

    The operating system is very fast. Faster than the PS4 and Xbox One, and much faster than the Wii U, where it could take forever just to get to the settings. This is very probably due to the minimal interface and that there are no mechanical parts.

    I can heartily recommend this console. It might not be the most powerful console on the market, but it is the only console that you can play on when the power fails.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    - It's expensive.
    But I love it
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Damn what the tie!

    Enjoyed my switch, then release and I still enjoy the one on release day.
    It's sick what flexible it is. You can have it anywhere and play multiplayer with a friend anywhere.
    Have played Zelda Breath of the Wild, and I think the hype is justified. Damn it good it is. Troubled fine, "open air" and there is always something entertaining to do.
    Another game (200kr) Fixed RMX delivers photo-realistic graphics in 4-player split-screen 60 fps in both handheld mode and when connected to the TV. That is, it is surprisingly much powder in this little machine!

    It gets full marks, not because it is perfect, but for the concept, and it has the potential to be great with a little refinement there.

    Some compare SWITCH with PS4 / XBONE, but can you do it? We can compare SWITCH 7/10 in graphics, while the PS4 / XBONE get 10 and 9 respectively in terms of flexibility and portability will SWITCH 10/10 and PS4 / XBONE get 0/10 (because they're not portable and can not be played without wall socket).

    Based on my copy is "good and bad" below:

    - Do what appears to be the best-ever game at launch (Zelda: Breath of The Wild)
    - Fast
    - Do not install the games for the first time, just Plug'n play!
    - Short loading times
    - Portability
    - Flexibility with local multiplayer (LAN, can connect 8 SWITCHES with each other for local multiplayer, you always have two checks to you, you always have a screen that fixes split-screen four-player with you.
    - Good performance considering that it is portable
    - HD Rumble
    - Very responsive capacitive touch screen
    - Joy Cons: one is packed with technology, how to get everything spot ?!
    - Good battery life (yes believe it or not, but the jacket iPad, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. Available tests on youtube to prove. Sure, you want more games hours on its internal battery, but it is supposed to still be smooth and portable. Take with a power bank / external battery so you can play forever).
    - Quick menus, starts quickly
    - Supports SD cards up to 2TB
    - USB-C
    - Good battery life of checks
    - Pro Controller
    - The plastic screen that can crack if you drop it (ie it will not look like an iPhone that has been dropped on the slopes)
    - The built-in support detachment instead of tearing it
    - Nintendo E-shop is easy and it is fast to buy games
    - To clear all Nintendo games that will

    - The built-in support had been happy to sit more in the center of the console for better balance
    - The screen can be scratched, BUY a screen protector so you do not have that problem anymore
    - Rumble Joy consen-mounted switch is not a first class experience. When Joy consen is dismounted from the switch, everything is as it should be.
    - Not backward compatible with previous games (and it is due to a switch from optical media / discs for game cards / memory cards.
  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Screen that scratched in the charger
    Controllers dropping bluetooth contact
    Swine Expensive price
    Color sheared off from the plastic and fall off
    lousy battery life
    Really bad and slow hardware
    plasticky design
    Multiplay that suddenly will cost a lot of money
    Defective pixels that interferes and you have to live with
    No web browser
    No sensible game at release sooner except Zelda
    No new great game going on until the end of 2017/2018
    Controllers as much play
    Almost get both a PS4 AND a Xbox1 for the same price as a switch
    Missing sensible apps
    ... No will to give it back here, and do not want a new or repaired after several months.
    Possibly new purchase in a year or two when they are fixed to the faulty design, reduced the price by half, and has some 10 sensible game to it.
    But right now = not buy!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Absolutely wonderful machine! Have had mine for about a week now and eat completely sold. It's perfect for people who often use public transport and for us who do not have the time to sit down and in the weeks to spend time playing on a console. Concept is ingenious, creative, and I heartily recommend it.

    Some people compare it with te.x. PS4 or Xbox, but it's like comparing a cat with a walrus. The cat (Nintendo Switch) is smooth and you shove it in your
    bag and "use" it wherever you want, while the Walrus (PS4 / Xbox) is "stationary" and are a nuisance to "disconnect" and take with them. "Walrus" is therefore also "powerful" and thus can not be compared with the cat.

    I think you should see the "switch" as an incredibly powerful portable console, which you can also dock to get an even better experience on your TV.
    / Happy thirteen
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Very happy. Good quality, good response in play and very useful given that one can take this anywhere. Recommended!
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Can not recommend this. The right Joyconen sits loosely in the console, it's like a play. Then there is the landing gear flimsy and feels like it should be loosened. Buddy also had problems, that one joyconen lose contact with the console. I have also heard that people got their screen scratched in the dock.

    The positive is that it is fairly small and flexible compared to, for example, the Wii U controller. The screen is ok, but not in the class of luxury phones with OLED. The doll feels like a cheap plastic toy and controls are small and seem to be made for children's hands. Performance is also quite bad, slow-downs and low resolution when docked in the new Zelda. Does not feel like a new console in 2017 ..

    Other problems are that Nintendo still using friend codes to add friends, an ancient system online is not even yet and the control lacks a real forces for 2d games and menus. Instead, they want to buy a real control of 800 SEK.

    So do not listen to all the hardcore Nintendo fanboys who throws 10s to right and left, and buy better example Xbox One S, a console that feels much more modern, have superior performance and much larger selection of games.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    For me the best of both worlds, of course, had Switching been even better if it was more powerful and had better battery life. So far my console worked perfectly and lived up to my expectations. It's incredibly liberating to be able to bring Switch to friends and acquaintances to Lira party games. Zelda is, moreover, quite magical. I look forward greatly upcoming Nintendo games and hope they can get better third-party support than before.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Absolutely wonderful console as a faithful PC gamer:
    Have had my switch, then release and can now give my rating after the hype released.
    You can not go in with the mentality that to va a monster in paperback, it is not possible at present and the switch is not a competitor to the PS4 and Xbone, but rather a perfect compliment to the PC where all the fun games available for the PS4 and Xbone already available, cheaper, sleeker, and lighter kontroller..ALL Hail PCMASTERRACE etc etc ...

    To review:

    Was initially a bit skeptical to 720p but the size of the screen makes it look very good.
    Good light, delivers good colors and looks surprisingly sharp out!

    My God, I thought I would have to run around with my M50X to experience Zelda: Breath Of The Wilds sound environment, but these small speakers is very good for its size.

    At first it was hard to get used to the small thumbsticksen but now it feels more natural than my xbox 360 control. But when docking to the sides of the screen becomes a little difficult for the right hand, then the thumb stick sitting under abxy so ends up in a position where the little finger hold up the entire unit. Can become uncomfortable after a while. Otherwise, very good, that the checks stand up instead of lying down gives a neater presentation when you are not playing and makes it take up less space.

    A little insecure every time you put the device in it, that stain on it I guess is something that will happen sooner or later. In the dock, it becomes even a higher resolution to a TV (I think it's scaled-900P to 1080P), which looks very good in Zelda BOTW. For upcoming titles we'll see quite easily.

    It's great to have the switch on hand and it is easy to continue playing from where it finished by putting the console in sleep mode.
    I will look forward to spend my days with waking, playing Zelda, eating breakfast and drinking coffee, going on lecture and play Zelda, come home and play PC games while playing Zelda. Lunch and play Zelda, Play PC games, eat supper, go to bed and play Zelda.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I love it!

    Nintendo has really succeeded with their hybrid of portable and home console :)

    As for the device itself, it has a really sharp and fine IPS screen, incredibly much better than the screen on the Wii U control, but so much better colors and contrast.
    Sure, it's "only" 720p, but it goes a long way, and you can not see the pixels, if you do not check carefully.

    In terms of build quality, it feels much more "high end" than the Wii U box, 3DS models, etc.
    Have seen a drop test video, and it can withstand lots of hair, so it teaches even survive in the hands of children.

    The operating system is lightning fast, especially compared to the brutally tough Wii U set. But it's actually even faster than the PS4-ball at this point.
    To go from standby back into a game, go on, like, a second.
    And it is just as quick to jump in and out of both games and shop.

    Myself have not had problems with Joy-con controls taoppar syncen.
    But I still recommend that you obtain a Pro Controller, if you want a little more substantial control. Especially as it has a D-pad, which facilitates the fighting and platform games.

    Have been using it non-stop for 4 days now, and I become more and more satisfied with my purchase.
    Is an incredibly Cool feeling, to pick the machine out, however, the station and immediately continue playing portable, and vice versa.

    Kudos to Nintendo! :)
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Read full to keep up with the rating:

    Nintendo Switch is innovative and affordable.
    It is family-friendly in the way they play on a portable screen and not only on television. Works great for cohabitation;) or in family relationships, as several people may want different things with the television.

    As a whole, I like it and if you like Nintendo is easily worth buying!

    But there are some down sides:
    -Wiiu Control will be as comparison here. Wiiu control was both stable and more ergonomic to hold than I understand the thought. Nintendo Switch on the other hand ... it feels plasticky. The screen is very thin. The point I'm trying to make is that as an adult does it feel "fragile" to hold. It feels bad. As if the slightest shock will crack the screen.
    The controls are also ergonomically unsound. Cramped keys and it gets into the fingers.
    Bought a pro checks Day 2.
    Repent not.

    Checks are made for kids!

    This means that it gets a "ok" in the ratings. Even getting game is launched at startup and games are confirmed for the future.

    Pumps nintendo games out, this can be a real hit!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    This will be a flip!
    Innovation by usb c, memory and portability.
    Then the Zelda the top games, so now we await the glorious titles for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    In the inter needed just a pure entertainment machine where no demands for graphics or hardware performance is in focus. Recommended!
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    Happened unfortunately out for a drive with about 30 dead pixels in the right corner. Unfortunately I could not replace with a new one when it was out of stock in the store, but had to return the money anyway.

    Played Zelda 3-4 hours and it was perfectly ok. Not worth the hype it has received, however - Seems to be mostly nintendo fans going wild everywhere called nintendo, 6.5 / 10, I would give it 3 hours into the game anyway.

    No, I will buy again soon anyway, kankse it will very good exclusiva games.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Grim good console! Just hope range of games are good.
    However, far too expensive in Sweden! I ordered mine from abroad and paid iprincip half the price of what it would cost to buy a Switch + Zelda here in Sweden.

    Do not think we should accept these extortionate in Sweden when it can be bought very cheaply in other EU countries. Hope you others who also goes into the thoughts of buying a switch orders from abroad and shows that we are not going to accept these prices.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Talk about innovative console! Nintendo succeed once again to surprise us with a miracle!
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    The hardware and software feels very mature and responsive. Everything is going well and the controls are comfortable to use.

    Unfortunately only a proper game and it's Zelda: Breath Of The Wild iofs which seems to be really good for the little I had time to test, but come on? A properly release games?

    Price? All new hardware costs more money than when it landed. Thats how it is.

    I do not regret that I bought it, but maybe the average user to wait until there is some more games. I like to live on "the bleeding edge". ;-)

    Could be good, but it's too early to tell right now.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Do not regret my purchase a second! Love console!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    So far I am very happy, it feels modern and luxurious.

    I do not think you can complain about the price, one must understand that it is a completely new console with modern features. PS4 and Xbox One cost more when they were launched.

    There will be new games every week and hopefully soon introduced the Virtual Console as well, so I'm not worried about any games lack.

    The only negative I've found so far is that my left joy-con sometimes lose touch with the console.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I tried Nintendo Swich to a showcase organized by Nintendo in Italy an electronics store. The product is great because versatile and usable by more people in the family. The design is clean and does not occupy much space. Joy-and are extremely easy to use even for interactive games to play in pairs. Perhaps the only flaw is the screen to play on portable version: you do not see very well. For games it is obviously the best Mario Kart! In general it is to buy.