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  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Fy phase the wow factor I & family experienced when we first examined the VR.
    We have run all demos that are out there, even the US.
    Empathy is really different and you really get the feeling of the presence of most games. Sure, some games fit naturally better than others but generally it was only positive.

    One piece of course noticed that the technology is in its infancy and the resolution of 1080 but still looked very unbelievably good. Much better than I dared hope for.
    The picture is a bit grainy and some screen door effect seen (much less than I thought), but not so that it interferes with, anyway. of us in the family who tried.
    It is incredibly responsive and tracking is perfect. Not experienced NGT. "Lag" or towed on smth. way.

    Since that one now got the use of the Move controls were of course even better. The new camera did the controls was read in the correct position all the time which they did for me with the PS3. These could now be used with pleasure in the game Wayward Sky & Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, finally has a good shooter / horror where you can aim with 2 controllers :).

    Games that I thought was really good & bought: (some a little short)
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
    Club Drive VR
    Eve: Valkyrie
    Wayward Sky

    Things that should be mentioned:
    If you are playing regular games and watching movies so the experience is as if you were sitting alone in a theater. The fabric is really that stands and when it is "locked" on the wall so you really get cinema feeling which was really nice.
    Movies / events / short documentaries are also experiencing VR & it was a really new and fun experience.

    The only reason it does not get full marks is the resolution. It does not bother but higher resolution had made the difference (even on price)

    Can not but recommend this product for those who own a PS4. If you are uncertain, I think you should go to a store where there are demo example and try for yourself. You will not be disappointed.
  • Excellent
    9 months ago
    What can I say, it will be a magical experience and you really feel that you moved out of the game. Forget the old 3D where stuff jumps out of the screen here you jump into the screen and you can view the world from all angles and check what is behind you. When you type the Ducks for a sign that is coming against you, you can also see when it passes over your head. It can not be explained with words, but must be tested. Did not really the technology come so far, it is almost a scifi experience. When considering how much work they have put into the games you start thinking if they hired someone less nation's population. When playing last Resident Evil, I came face to face with a corpse floating in the water and I could even check into the mouth of it and see the worms move between the teeth of it. When they did this detail so real just imagine how many people have worked on it and spent years of his life to perfecting it. You can even look through the dirty car windows on scrap cars and see all kinds of old junk that you can read how many calories they have or how many% fat old chips had when you watched from the right angle. For once, I do not think they snatch up my hard-earned money when they take 800: - + for a game. What I can not understand is how they managed to remunerate any of those prices but I guess 90% of the workforce is from India would they make 3D games like Resident Evil in Sweden they would cost 200 000 - per copy and would immediately go bankrupt for they would sell a maximum of 2 pieces. So in a way, cheap labor well because the development would certainly go back if all goes bankrupt because of expensive goods. But I suppose they save 90% of the work they put into and further use of the newer games. They will probably sell 3-4 packages for a few thousand in addition to the basic game. Now I'm waiting for an open world game type GTA V VR which also works online. Rockstar should have edited cash to work with, thanks to all GTA dollars they sold to us as we had to buy clothes pretend cars and buildings, etc..

    The only thing I take away a star is that it gets so sweaty with the helmet on and it is not 4K. What I'm waiting for now is Version 2 that is cooled by fans or something silent and 4K. And played before, I dream about the open world of GTA, 4K as well as good graphics like Uncharted 4 and as clear as it should be VR. Then it becomes a real 10 pointers. Sure some kind of vest for feedback and a future-thing that simulates gravity, elevation and slope The time machine in the Assassin Creed stuck with USB3 interface and slightly smaller so it fits in front of the TV. Sure, you think I'm exaggerating, but no one thought that VR would ever be as truly as it is now when Lawnmower Man was a new film. And the VR in the movie is a joke compared to what the PlayStation 4 can handle today. So not impossible that my jokes are no longer a joke for 10 years.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    + Good and accessible gaming!
    + Cheapest option (compared to Vive & Oculus).
    + Super easy to get started.
    + Sitting very comfortably on the head + to regular glasses fit.
    + The display pixels are much less visible (compared to HTC Vive).
    + Snyggaste VR headset, with sci-fi vibe (blue glowing neon).
    + Very easy instruction for the first connection.
    + Fits well to sitting and standing position.
    +360 Headphones delivers!
    + Do not need a 10k + gaming computer.
    + Super fun for the whole family, children, pensioners!
    Now also supported + 3D Blurays!

    -Not As high resolution as Vive & Oculus, but as mentioned earlier seen the pixels smaller. However, a lot of aliasing (jaggade edges). Small improvement of the PS4 Pro version.
    Accessories (camera, Move controllers) must be purchased separately and will not follow in the package.
    -Prefer Vives controllers.
    -Snäppet Smaller field of view than others.
    Grids to position the camera correctly, not to lose contact, especially when using the Move controllers.
  • Good
    10 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Works fine on my old PC from 2013 to 5000 - was surprised how good the quality VR headset keeps the price.

    PS: You do not need a '' 10k '' computer, works well with almost any computer to operate the VR ...
  • Perfect
    12 months ago
    Had no particular expectations but WOW.
    Look how good that completely UTT. I run with ps4Pro it looks great. Good games out there too. Recommended if you want to take gaming to the next level. :)
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Super Cool! Coolest that happened gaming world then came c64 =)

    Overstocked for this six months ago. Let 20 friends to test drive and everyone loves it, except one. He became dizzy.

    The screen could be better and too many cables must be plugged into the PlayStation. It is not 10 stars.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    It is clear that this is a first generation of products when the experience is not entirely without flaws.

    But as soon as you put in a really immersive experience you forget this quickly and marvel.

    Now it's up to the developers to create software that focuses on the hardware's potential.

    Movement controls are highly recommended.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Better than expected!

    Previously owned an HTC Vive.
    But it felt too clumsy, and there were no good games, so I sold it.

    The plan was to wait a few years and see how VR developed before I jumped on the train again.

    But then I got to test PSVR, with games such as Battlezone, Thumper, etc., which directly struck me more taste. Also like Sony's version is far more comfortable on the skull, and it is much easier to put on and take off, compared to Vive.
    The resolution may huh lower PSVR, but it's not something I think about.
    The advantage here is that it is much closer between the pixels, resulting in a much milder screen door effect, that you hardly notice.
    And with a PS4 Pro, it will be even sharper, because it pumps out to a higher resolution, compared to the usual PS4 grade.

    Track No, and the controls are not quite in the same class as Vive, but the experience is generally better, both in terms of image quality and convenience.

    Big plus for that there is more "real" game on PSVR, compared to all the ugly shovelware games like Steam is steeped A to Vive.

    It is not perfect, but Sony managed to bloody well deliver a product that I get along very well with :)

  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    This is the future of gaming!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Not that impulse purchase or gift. Advantage that you do a little research ahead of time and love to test it out in others. So do not need to leave 1/10 score because you are retard and fail to set it up properly.

    Second best VR experience at half the price of competitors.

    It is not perfect, but Sony has made solid piece of work with PSVR.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Quite alright but too expensive. For many cables, dubious game and the camera is sensitive to light. Wait for the generation of two and play with Google Cardboard so long.

    Do not you need the camera and probably want to move controls PSVR.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Very funny thing, have patience with the image is not sharp then this is definitely worth a buy.
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Had high expectations after all the positive reviews are, however, did not survive the system up to the hype. The camera used seems pretty sloppy when it "lost" me a number of times, have to sit still right for it to work well. The resolution was horribly bad, looks after all that something old PlayStation 2 games.

    Was intent on buying this, but after testing it disappeared ha-craving total.

    Positively, however, is that it came with the movements incredibly well. No delay or the like (driving any car racing, and Eve Valkyrie), but the resolution and the camera is way too bad. Definitely not worth the money.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Troubled fun will be a completely new game experience when playing with the headset.

    A disadvantage is that it may vary a bit grainy image when you start playing. But when the swelling starts to play so forget mn away.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Has played in any week now and have to say that they are very impressed.
    Is something you must try, however, requires more tests on several occasions when you may At the beginning feel a little discomfort when one is above, but it disappears when you have become accustomed. Fields not full marks due to the resolution can and will get better but do not bother me so much about it then the game experience is incredibly good Well done Sony :)
  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    Amazing thing that unfortunately does not work properly for many, including me. After 2 minutes, turning everything to the left and it will be impossible to play most games. There are plenty of forums where no one will find a panacea for this, which means that in the current situation is dizzy on the job of tracking does not work when playing.

    Having now spent a week on changing the settings, lights, positions etc etc with no results.

    Googling Playstation VR broaching or decentering to the left so you get to see if you dare to take a chance that it works for yourself or not, seems to be a bit 50/50.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Yep, it's fun .... in 40 minutes .... then what? One of my better purchases .... hmmm.
    Sits well on the head. Low resolution "shit" with graphics from 2012. If you absolutely must have it, wait for it to come down significantly in price. After 30-40 minutes, I feel easy start to nausea. Fortunately, there is no game that is good enough to play for so long.
    Seriously ... wait with the purchase!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Have just tested 10 minutes in the store, but the first impression ... this is really pungent. At times magical! :) PSVR sits very comfortably on the head, much better than Oculus which I also tried. It let in a little light on the sides but it was also very bright in the room where I tested. Perhaps a inställningssak, I had no time to fiddle with the setting.

    I experienced no lag at all when I looked around the worlds, really good! While viewing angle is quite sufficient. The resolution could have been a little better, of course, but I guess it goes to conjure away some of the lower resolution graphics with various tricks, antialiasing etc. You think / hope that the upcoming PlayStation Pro can lift experience pure graphical another notch or two.

    That said, this can really take gaming to the next level! Imagine being inside a game like Fallout, The Witcher or GTA! It may be the biggest gaming revolution ever. Sorry, there are no such games yet, most demos and casual games. But the potential is absolutely huge!

    If the PS Pro, the graphics a snap to, I will sell my Xbox and buy a pro with VR and take a week off from work ...

    It's hard to rate PSVR. The potential is that said how great any time, the technology already works very well, the games remains to be seen ... I really hope it turns, this I want to see more of!