Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

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  • Excellent
    Got my hands on as many of the 990 - the Elgiganten (affordable I guess)

    Run claw-grip, certainly can not complain about comfort. precision is (from what I've noticed) no worse than my predecessor Rival 300th
  • Perfect
    990 from elgiganten. top.
  • Perfect
    Bought on sale at Elgiganten for 990 SEK. Personally feel that there is much money to spend on a mouse, but thought it might be worth it because I play a lot and normal price is almost double.


    It has a stylish design, fits comfortably in the hand and both buttons scroll wheel has a solid design that will hopefully keep for years to come.
    Battery life, I can not yet speak of, but have read that it can be extended for about seven hours by turning off the lights on the mouse.
    That you can remove and add buttons on the sides according to their own wishes were a welcome feature that I was not aware of when I bought the mouse!
    Wireless unit has so far worked flawlessly. If you want to ensure maximum signal strength so you can also via a USB extension add the wireless receiver on the PC board. Very smart solution, which provides optimum response time while you can still use the mouse wirelessly.

    Aside from the price, I can not currently find anything wrong with the G900, which thus means that I give it full marks! If something changes I will update my review.
  • Very good
    A real entustiantmus with extra everything!

    Bought in 1290 from mouse Complete when it was time to upgrade my old Deathadder 2013, with barely functioning middle-click. It took a while to get used to the ambidextrous design this mouse has but after a few days of using it felt really right in your hand. This mouse is also one of the first to shatter the myth that there is good wireless gaming mice. This product feels in every way faster and more precise than my previous Deathadder. I see absolutely no acceleration and with the right settings in Windows and CSGO (6/11, raw inputs) gives the sensor and its wireless transfer a true one-to-one feeling.

    The G900 has a lot of buttons where everyone goes to tie on their software. The settings are saved on the mouse so you do not want to have the software installed or replacing the computer so there is no problem. I was a little skeptical of the magnetic fastener for the thumb buttons at first, but after placing double buttons on both sides, it feels really good with a mechanical clicks and very rigid movement (not vobblig).

    However, I am a little unhappy with the two main breaker feeling. The mouse's build quality is otherwise in the overall top class but its right and left buttons are very loose and can move very up and down and from side to side (!) Without switch is activated. This may be due to the new location of the switch Logitech tests with this mouse, something I appreciate when clique feels really good, but not the keys themselves. I often play with a claw-like grip on one like this little mouse and button looseness gave me a feeling of insecurity in the CS so much that I chose to return the mouse to complete. I can move your fingers from side to side a few millimeters above the keys without mouse for hanging with something that is really unpleasant when you want to fine tune their sights in the game. How important this build quality failure is for you depends on how you hold the mouse, but I recommend to go to the store and feel on the right and left clicks before purchase.

    + Sensor Performance. PMW3366 missnöjer never.
    + Build Quality apart right and left click.
    + Great Mouse wheel with optional resistless rolling.
    + Able software.
    + Wireless and good battery life.

    - Right and left-click buttons are very loose, destroying the feel for some grip types.
    - Really expensive, watch for the campaigns.
    - Difficult to clean due to its design.
  • Perfect
    Is not this the best mouse ever made!
    Wireless is better than wired (according to tests and Review), myself, I notice only that there is no cable but just as fast!

    Troubled comfortable to hold and all the features I could want. Also believe the battery will last longer than the Logitech promise, I have not uploaded my at least 3 weeks now ...!

    Regardless, the global elite at CS: GO and my aim feels better. Can not find anything to fault / complain about.