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  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Enjoyed my TV a few months now and have not regretted my purchase a second. Had been waiting quite a long time on flat OLED 4K HDR and have not let myself be attracted by Samsung's awkward attempt to deceive the people of curved screens. Do not take the thing but believe the curved simply cheaper and easier way to produce large OLED displays. LG has made this TV brilliantly and I hope to keep it running smoothly for years to come. Great picture and simple smarttvfunktioner.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Update 15/3: after having had the TV for a while so the grade unchanged, there have been a few updates that blah took away the backwardness of 4K UHD, still very satisfied.

    Noise may occur but it very much depends on what you look at, feels like it is often the source material and not your TV to blame there,

    ARC has iofs feuding part so had to pull a SPDIF instead, here it is highly unclear whether it is the television set or receiver (soma has many years of history) is owed,

    I have absolutely no banding on my copy (IAF not visible to my eyes). also feels that the advertising in webOS home have been toned down a bit,

    tv dimmed at very white, marked quite clearly in the windows but the video material, I only noticed this when we looked at the Swedish master chef where they conducts interviews with an illuminated white background, then mäktes the tv dims down a bit, but it is only material involved, I noticed it in so it can hardly be called disturbing, it is not noticeable at other ljustarka scenes such as explosions, etc.

    If it were not for the deplorable defaults and complicated instälningsmöjligheter would this television a real cannonball.


    Just say: WOW, the first start was epic; the only thing that remains is "webOS" everything else is black, it is so black you can not see where the TV ends,

    I trode it would be dim, it will apparently be the biggest drawback of OLED I was told, but not compared to my 6 year old Philips is the brighter.

    The image is razor sharp, blacks are as said carbon black, and bleeding or clouding does not exist. Did some test images / clips and how happy any time, not changed anything yet except to turn the true motion and to update the TV's software, 4k, I have not been able to test, my reciver does not support 4k material and I do not think it gets upgrade for a while as it is so evanescent little material available in 4k unless (netflix loosened 4k I do not count), but plus with 4k for it makes the screen a bit more future proof, I think.

    Not noticed any lag or similar either.

    Have not had time to test so much more than the above yet, the only negative thing I have found so far is advertising in webOS that does not seem to go off, and it was not entirely obvious where to find software updates (there were several) and that the true motion made picture from HTPC n saw litte bit jumpy, but with the everything is fine.

    The sound of the TV is as expected mediocre at best, but the flat screen TV has great sound? No problem getting down the TV sound through the arc to the receiver.

    Long longing for OLED and on Black Friday (or the day before if you're going huh entirely sure), so was the price of written communication.

    Should have been perfect in the ratings, but advertising in WebOS costs LG two-star rating, good that one could deny the license for targeted advertising and LG to take part of your usage patterns without any penalty in the function (of what I've seen so far)
  • Excellent
    9 months ago
    Hard not to like about this TV.
    Have not looked at anything UHD material yet. Will be almost shocked at how well Blu-ray movies scaled up on the screen (by Panasonic DMP UB700).
    Noting that I was blind to what comes to my old TV and Blu-ray players.
    Oh well, better late than never ...

    B6: an need good signals when watching regular TV. HD broadcasts are preferable.
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    It is not very to complain about here. Excellent color and contrast. Was worried about input lag. But it is ok for new update. Perfect for PS4 Pro.
  • Decent
    11 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Update 2017-03-09:
    7 new models will apparently have fixed some of the problems of B6.
    So where smoke future proof directly.
    B6an is already history and nothing to spend money on.

    The problem with this ruling is that there is always some fault with them, they will never be perfect. (Reference Class)
    A little better every year but still not flawless.
    It's expensive to be nonconductive owners today if you want to have the worst.
    The models are enough only a year ago, it is time for replacement.

    Some of the changes with the new 7 models and some of the problems that are fixed that I wrote about further down:

    Minimum ABL dimming the SDR (Fixed)

    Functional CMS and low error value after calibration which should indicate that it is now possible to get a reference picture of them with accurate colors without introducing other problems in the picture. (Fixed)

    2 stage settings for the HDR mode, which means that the HDR is now possible to calibrate without having to enter the service menu. (Fixed)
    How it is with the 20 code values ​​and if they introduce the same problem in grayscale as 20-step settings for SDR did I do not know.

    Noise and banding remains to be seen whether it is improved
    Problems still remain at 7orna:
    Vignetting and minimal banding close to black.
    (Source: D-Nice on ACP Forum)

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------
    Personalise other reviews, fully after one week of the test.
    It is the time it takes to detect flaws on this television.

    I can imagine that many people here are from the LCD tvs and then the black level and contrast impressive.
    The operating management is clearly better than the old OLEDs and does not feel as heavy-driven image.
    The picture is more natural flow itself.
    With the three advantages, it takes also stop the rest.

    B6an go back now when it is still clean bergochdal course in image quality.
    8bit Blu Ray looks good but the future lies with UHD HDR so that's where I focus most on.
    With UHD with its 10bits precision to drop B6an firmly in the picture quality in some scenes.
    B6an capable only of 8bits precision in those lower levels.
    Lågljusscener and even scenes with large solid areas of color can look like pure ants war.
    Compared to the old 880W OLEDen that instead dropped the details and colors close to black and showed large blocks of all you get now more details and colors, but with lots of dithering.
    The noise is also visible from normal viewing distance.
    If you stand about 1 meter away so they can be the worst scenes look absolutely miserable out.
    Dithering / noise and banding is what turns out.

    As an example, we'll send a Kuro out all the artwork in 12-14bit (even from blu ray)
    Strapping on a Kuro barely exists.

    Ex from Oblivion UHD Blu Ray and a scene at the beginning
    photo covers about 1/4 of the image so it's not as magnified as it looks.
    It is the type of noise and banding to get caught up when playing UHD Blu Ray.
    Some scenes with UHD looks really good and sharp so it does not apply to all.

    Other problems are that klåparna LG does not have the sense to fix their adjustment options for vitballansen and colors.
    they have had three generations of OLEDs in which to do something about it but it is still just as bad.
    why they even know the adjustments for color and grayscale in the menu is a mystery.
    They should be removed completely.
    B6an is completely impossible to adjust the reference class.
    Are you sitting with a properly calibrated Kuro then the colors of B6an feel like a nerbyte and they can not improve either.
    Vitballansen change according to what is shown for the moment.
    Skin tones have too much red in itself.
    Green trees and grass moving toward yellow.

    For UHD and HDR if you want to get out maxljustryka from the TV with around 670nits then do not vitballansen and then again not the colors.
    Unfortunately, you get stuck with it or you get lower brightness to just over 500
    There is no two-step approach for vitballansen menu in HDR mode, which allows one to maximum brightness, and get an accurate vitballans.
    A solution that remedy is to take an available color temperature in the service menu and calibrate it for only HDR.
    Then is it true
    But for the average joe without meter and access to the service menu, the HDR image will be distorted unless the OLED light is lowered.

    Another problem is the ABL dimmingen
    With ISF Night mode at 125cd / m2 so dims B6an down as much as a standard Kuro.
    100% white image is around 45cd / m2
    It is enough that the scene is Fairly light for it to be dimmed.
    ABL dimming would not have if we are to get an accurate picture of the correct gamma.

    To buy TV today, you should focus on a television capable UHD without problems and that supports 10bit full.
    It is not enough that it says that the panel is 10bit on paper which is clearly here when it was still only 8bit in those lower regions.

    UHD at its best creates the same versions of Blu Ray with more dynamism / more and more natural colors and it will be really a razor-sharp image from 10bit video.
    B6an are unable to reproduce anything that gives UHD.
    The future already feels like it's stopping by with this TV, which means you still have to look at next year's model as possible is better for you to be in the game.
    Famtidsäker: No
    Days of the Past assured: Yes

    Replacing a reference tv 500M with a new OLED if one just looks at SDR standard 8bit Blu Ray feels useless and is in the current situation a nerbyte.
    To 500Men should be replaced entirely as must the new OLEDen clear UHD fully without problems.
    Only then will you notice the difference in image quality.
    Once an OLED fixes the following it will be to keep it.

    At least 1500 nits (Feel around 4000..ju nits higher the better for UHD)
    At least 100% DCI P3 (preferably rec2020 100% accurate colors in UHD)
    At least 10bit without dithering over the whole range and without banding and noise in the image.
    The ability to calibrate the reference picture without adding other problems in the image.
    At least 100cd / m2 full-screen white in SDR whatever OLED light is on. (ABL minimal dimming)

    There we 1:10 pointers that are future-proof.
    Tips on that list is at least 5 years away though;)
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Among the best today!
  • Good
    11 months ago
    Better picture than this is probably not usually and sonically as it is quite ok. However, as my ex had a black pixel that was Fairly easy to see in the top corner so it went back to the store.
  • Excellent
    12 months ago
    The only thing I can complain about is that you see any banding in gradients in dark scenes sometimes. Besides, this is the highest rating on blacks, colors and contrast!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Where an impulse purchase that I do not regret the image: S
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    There is probably no better TV in there right now, and those who complain about the PS4 pro clutch is fixed. What few there were, especially the HDR's crazy on an OLED!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    went from VT50 I liked immensely to this, never thought I would own an LG TV with this picture quality! And I've been watching a little bit if I see wrong, but not! Full marks!

    Tip; see the latest Mad Max in 4k HDR, wow!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Coming from a Panasonic plasma G20. Has refused LCD. Then when they heard about the OLED where I'm excited to finally get to go up in size on the TV.
    Have loved my plasma. But this OLED from LG is doing a better job with details and in fact, blacks according to me.

    In the beginning I was not happy with the colors and how difficult it was to get a good picture that fits the most. Thus, the film sports series and games.
    But finding this guide and copy it straight off the settings and is now super happy.

    The only difference is I run Warm1 Warm2 instead. Prefer a little colder picture than the hot. Matter of taste, however.

    REMEMBER TO CHOOSE bright room if you set ON SWEDISH AND NOT dark room. Someone LG has thrown on the 2 on the Swedish apparently.

    The only thing I have difficulty getting to the right PS4 games and the correct settings in Game Mode. But a bit of challenge do nothing.

    Bought for 15900kr on Black Friday and for that price it's a given purchase. Over 20000kr (it costs now), I think it feels so good if you are on a really good plasma. You do not know anybody panic to change then.
    But feels like OLED is here to stay and hope these LCDs start to disappear from the market soon ....
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Had a plasma that broke last spring and acquire as a LED LCD TV.

    Can say that the lack of black level and contrast of the colors has been missing enormously and Oled flogging even my old plasma televisions with rage.

    Black can not get better one on this TV is that TV is turned off, unless otherwise shown.

    WebOS works okay but lacking some Apps and also think that pairs against Pc shared folders does not work 100%.

    Not tested to play on TV but Bluray, Netflix and TV through Canal Digital, the picture is so good, so you lose focus on everything else.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    What to say, watched two movies in HD and will myself that instead of hanging with the plot so fascinated me out the amazing picture, it is absolutely the best I've seen on any TV, I compare then with any platform TV regardless of display technology, for example. Pioneer, Panasonic plasma as well as Samsung, Sony LCD ... no one absolutely no one comes close to what this TV performs pictorial. What some might miss is 3D and better sound, but then you can choose a more expensive OLED model, believes sure that the picture is as good or better, how it is now to go to. It now remains to try Full HD and 4K ... something tells me it will not be a disappointment. Now this is no detailed review or review but more a description of my experience of this miracle machine, you who want more precise description - sorry.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Clearly the best TV I have ever owned

    Absolutely stunning image that makes you stare at the picture more than following what one is watching

    Have not found a single fault with it, absolutely perfect in all respects

    just WOW
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Really do not understand the hype with this TV is terrible disappointed with my copy. Operating management is pitiful compared to many new LED TV and it does not work together with the new PS4 pro if you do not do a lot of hobby solutions. Adding over 20k on a TV, so one expects a flawless product, which unfortunately does not B6 is today state. Sure, the picture's contrast and black level is good but the positives end there. Colors are unnatural and details are lost in the gray scales.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Have now tested this TV for a week or so. Having driven most of the time except UHD discs when I miss players.

    Has owned the Pioneer Kuro, fine Sony LCDs and Panasonic plasma but no panel has been as complete as this.

    > Built-in Netflix app provides amazing picture in 4K and HDR. Even HD material looks very good!
    > WebOS 3.0 is the most flexible software I tested on a TV. Magic remote is comfortable to click around with.
    > The picture does not deteriorate at all when viewed from the side or top / bottom.
    > No buzzing
    > Good colors and above all a great blacks. Can not decide if the TV is on or off at the all-black screen. The blackness provide great depth to the picture and you now want to see if all of their Blu-ray movies!
    > No incidence of clouding or other unevenness in brightness / colors
    > Not finding any banding.

    Can not think of anything negative really. Could possibly be that factory reset is required to be sure that updates the desired effect. You will then need to set picture modes are back, a little störigt but not irrelevant whole!

    A tip. Do not forget to turn off TruMotion (interpolation) that seem to be active in most image modes when you unpack the TV out of the box. Run in image mode isf darkroom, a good picture out of the box!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Bought this TV during Black Friday for according me a bargain, considering that it cost twice as much this spring.

    This is my first OLED TV, and I have a history of both plasma and various LED / LCD panels (IPS, VA, etc ..).
    And what distinguishes this TV accept my past but also the other LED based panels on the market are as follows:

    # Cruel black (black is so black, so you do not know if you turned off the TV sometimes).
    # The colors are much better and more accurate after calibration marginally from my site. (Hint: ISF Expert mode is sickly good and can view all the colors they are supposed, so assume it).
    # LG's magic remote is easy to use.
    # WebOS is probably the best SmartTV interface right now.
    # 4K resolution (4K Blu-ray, PC, Youtube, Netflix) looks shockingly good!
    # The scaling of lower resolution in particular HD channels look fantastic, but even SD (standard broadcast) looks quite okay.
    # Because OLED technology so there is no light-bleeding or color-banding.
    # Ultra HD Premium certified = true HDR and everything appears correct and looks fantastic.

    The drawbacks I can see are:

    - Black is, as said so black that sometimes we think we turned off the TV, although we have not done those. Fortunately, there is a small red LED to activate the settings menu that shows if it is on or off.

    - All major outlets are on the side of the panel, which in turn makes the wiring slightly more difficult if you're going to have it mounted on the wall.

    - True Motion should be disabled by default, requiring nearly the consumer know that the feature is and what it does.

    PS the pressure / juttering that could occur at 4K Blu-ray movies before is corrected by LG via one of the updates that the TV automatically downloaded if you quit it via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Has gone and fluktat long on OLED, however, refused to have a curved television. But then came Black Friday. Got this for 16 'and it feels like a bargain. Can not see how the picture will be better. Every time I pass the TV, I can not help but marvel at how good the picture and color it is. And the games flowing surprisingly good and when I play usually on a 144hz 1ms screen but casual play xbox sometimes.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Has long gone, and peeked at an OLED then that for me was the natural successor to my Pioneer PDP-427XD plasma, and that has served me well for 10 years.

    Bought at Netonnet 17 990, - but rang them up and got it credited with 2000 - when they lowered the price on Black Friday.

    Super satisfied! Hung it on the wall with a "hbb wall bracket 32-65 inch", as slim as possible and with magnetic contacts so that it is easy to angle the TV to complete the cords and the like.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Initially, the rating is a handball in the 10th
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    After all the praise about this TV so I hit! Can not be more than agree with all the others that it is truly fantastic picture! Super satisfied!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Have been waiting for years to OLED TV should be a realistic option, finishing off now that this model had gone down enough in price.

    I will not write a long review, there are plenty of reviews online. But I can say that it is a great television, it was easily worth waiting for OLED! The image is simply incredibly good. Still, a week later, I'll find myself sitting and fascinated razor sharp details in various scenes and totally forget to check out the actual deed. Black is additionally really pitch black, you do not know if you have accidentally turn off the TV, or if it's just a jet-black scene in a movie.

    Only minus I can think of is that the sound is adequate at best (there are devices with good built-in sound?), And that the app offer for webOS is a bit like that. But the apps available, such as YouTube and Netflix works very well and crisply. But these two things were not dealbreakers when I have a box with Android TV (nVIDIA Shield) and external sound.

    A fabulous television simply, well worth the money!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Have waited so long for OLED will go down in price and supply of flat screens will be larger.

    Samsung has had to suffer as I have been happy with.

    But have had an eye on this model since it was released this year and bought one earlier this week when Media Markt thief started Black Friday :)
    The blackness is phenomenal and perfect colors.
    Was initially unhappy when the actors looked to have gastroenteritis with gray bars on the skin. (In picture mode Standard)
    But this was remedied by turning off dynamic color or setting it on high.
    Then there was picture perfect.
    I assume the standard picture mode and adjust from there to your own taste.
    Even apps like YouTube and Spotify are very fast.
    Will only be OLED TV for me in the future.
    Can nothing but highly recommend this TV.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Longed long after the TV when my old Samsung has such a clouding in dark movies that you want to cry. Bought this week for 15990: - (after 2000: - return on guaranteed by the EC). I watched a bit of streaming hockey and football, only some disappointment but when I hit the TruMotion looked good despite quality failures in the transmissions. Updated to the latest firmware, started The Revenant on Blu-ray and I'm completely sold even before I have looked at 4K HDR materials.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    An absolutely wonderful TV, a Pioneer plasma before and OLED is a worthy successor to the plasma.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    What picture!
    Have never owned an OLED past, but this is crazy good. Be afraid that it would not go so good to play on this TV. The fear was unwarranted, I can say. Everything flows incredibly well. However, I am a casual gamer.
    Many others have already written a lot of things that I can only agree with. Actually only needed three letters to this review, namely, WOW! :)
    The price is maybe a little high. However, I had the incredible good fortune to manage to buy one for 20632: - at Ziba. Black Friday came early this year;)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Have wanted to and fro LED, Plasma, OLED, 4K or 1080 and again a couple of years I have not found a TV that can whip my 8-year-old Panasonic plasma hitherto swept path with everything I looked at. In my quest, I focused on picture quality via streaming and console games.

    I play a lot consoles PS4 and Xbox One for rapid first-person shooters and racing games that come from one plasma zero input lag and cruel darkness to another technique where suddenly I will put up with a delay has been a difficult task to crack! Sure got to raise my maximum budget slightly (+5000) and accept 50ms input lag in game mode, one word WOW! This TV is far above expectations already uncalibrated from the carton performed almost in the top two weeks ago when it came to our home. I have tried before a few LEDs and had to leave back for it's just not the picture is unnatural and felt totally wrong, while our old plasma able to perform significantly better than 2015 LEDs, but against this OLED has no chance anywhere!

    Input lag is after 50ms (game mode) no problem, you are a hardcore player who sees himself as a pro and wants to be the best online value the prior picture, this is perhaps not the TV you should go for. I tested the Call of Duty and Gears of War online now I'm not a pro but for me it works perfectly! Racing works cannon, running most Project Cars with steering wheel Playseat simulator settings cannon there too. Uncharted 4 on PS4 is a pure dream, really beautiful!

    For those who are consuming requires some calibration and that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the true motion and color settings a bit but this is a bargain right now before it starts dropping in price! I have not experienced better picture on a TV somewhere, whether I run upscaling on the console 1080 streaming service or the stunning 4K streaming service that I so far only found Netflix simply magical, to allow small religious I just say ... thanks LG!

    Ps. Normally I do not write reviews but this TV has even changed it!
    Thank you and goodbye!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Very satisfied!
    No problems with tint, basically nonexistent banding, but I do not want to look for active even when I know I'm in that case will disturb me about it!

    Been a while a little dissatisfied with the operating management, but it seemed to be that I was wrong setting on the aspect ratio (had probably been playing around with some settings and left it on 16: 9 instead of the original)

    Amazing picture!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Even my first OLED. Coming from a Samsung PS51D8005 I have been very pleased with in the ~ 5 years I have had it.

    This OLED is better on all points, except possibly for broadcast in SD, where it is equivalent / maybe something worse.

    The settings I run the Expert (Bright Room) and Expert (Darkroom) is from this post in the official MHB-thread on this TV http://www.minhembio.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=328957&page=7# entry4354080

    I have neither experienced tint or banding (that I know that many people complained about the 2015 models).

    What then is the good? The most, a few points that stand out well:
    - The black level is phenomenal
    - Colour reproduction
    - Really clear picture
    - I like the menu and find it relatively lashes. It also provides a lot of opportunity to settings
    - Find that fluency in the picture is really good (mostly)
    - Rapid changes in input
    - Different settings for different inputs, and this applies to all picture modes. But even easy to just take "apply on all inputs" or whatever setting is called, to get the same picture setup everywhere.

    What is less well? Almost nothing:
    - The built-in Netflix app may have issues with judder, not always though. Remedied with TruMotion -> Users and play with Dejudder / Deblur. However, the result in other unwanted
    - It's still pretty expensive (although it is worth the money), so it is left with too.

    The lateral inputs is perhaps a little close to the edge, but if you bend the HDMI cable / LAR little bundle and taping it together with the power cable in the middle of the TV so I do not consider this to be a problem.

    I have to give this TV full pot although there may be some judder and TruMotion might leave more to be desired, for bildkvalitetén is superb.
    I'll be honest, I'm not very sensitive to the judder that can occur either.

    Will I in any more so I update safe here, or write in the thread.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    After an initial calibration Spears & Munsils blu ray picture is the best I've ever seen on a TV. No strapping. No nyansfel. The most obvious are blacks in dark scenes and contrast range.
    I look at the Marco Polo 4k Dolby Vision on Netflix, and it's a transformative experience of blacks, HDR and color gamut. Even regular blu ray 1080p gets a clear boost, especially in the blackness.
    After a more comprehensive calibration, I would expect a more refined picture, as far as it can be better than just about perfect.
    TV peeling even the SD programs to clear attraction image quality. The quality will depend entirely on how well the original recording was made. HD in 720p is very good. My TV is made in July and was immediately a new firmware update 3:17:06 which seems to have fixed some previous problems.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    My first OLED! Really excellent! I am very impressed by this piece!

    Distinguishing positive:
    + The blackness is truly abysmal
    + Clear details even in dark areas with the right settings
    + Crisp, clean images without noise
    + Wonderful color
    + Stable motion management (in the correct position is not needed TruMotion)
    + No banding, tint, or anything that can be detected with the usual materials
    + Flexible depth adjustment
    + Fast menus
    + Some inputs (including 2 x HDMI and LAN) at the back, facing out)
    + Stays cool even after long hours of viewing
    + Almost totally silent

    Distinguishing negative:
    - Sure inevitable (?) Judder on some 24Hz Blu-ray (type Game of Thrones)
    - LG's TruMotion is still somewhat problematic
    - Plasticky table base
    - Well inexpensive remote control
    - Short power cable (about 1.5 m)
    - Side-placed entrances sitting too close to the screen edge

    B6 beats my previous Panasonic plasma and Samsung LCD with horse lengths! Not so surprising, however. More details, pictures and various impressions via the link below:


    Do not therefore the same view on several points that Patrik_G in his opinion. On the other hand, I use no instruments, but only the eyes. That is, the ones I will use when I'm watching TV.