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  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    As the hypad unfortunately! Very bad tightening (even after the panel correction and calibration) compared to LCD projectors within the same price range. T.o.m my old Sanyo PLV-Z3000 from 2008/2009 have been far more sharpness and life in his image and much better image interpolation technology (equalizing for not picture should shake / hacked by example rörleser and pans in movies mM). If you sit further away from the image seen not as much, but I like being close to the image. I have dedicated myself a lot to calibrate the image and even after all possible adjustments, the picture is not comparable to a good LCD projector in other than the contrast and black level, which is really good on this projector. It also features low input-law, about 21 ms, and is therefore good for quick games. It may be my gaming projector, simply, it will be a better projector to everything else. How sad that the projector progress has been so slow since 2009! The noise level is not good, even in eco mode. There is an annoying buzzing, rather than a low and soft murmur.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Using the right against a white wall which gives good results if you can cover up anything. The black level is very good, there is not much light that falls on the wall when it is video black. However, it is my first projector so you can not really compare. the noise level is pretty low ... hear it just a little when it is completely quiet, low-lamp mode. with the bright-lamp mode, it allows the slightly more.

    projector missing keystone of lopsided estate adjustment ... so have I 2.4 meters to the roof so you need a ceiling mount with a pole where the projector comes down a bit (especially if you only have about 3-4 meters to the picture). so you can get the picture of the perfect height only with lens-shift and not getting a skewed picture.

    will try to provide more reviews by cloth when such are OBTAINED.
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Would give a 9 if it was not so easy as much of the electronics. It might go as a DOA!