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  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I bought mine on for pound is very weak right now so it paid off clean eknomiskt, plus I got it in the mail within three days.

    I've used Android, Windows Phone and iOS. I have always tried to buy headphones that oozes quality and never tried to skimp, so I was skeptical whether I would buy this handset or not but I'm happy that I did it.

    + The ease!
    + Material. It is easy to grip and texture make it not slippery
    + The OS. Motorola is known to not stuff headphones with bloatware. It's fast
    + Battery life. It is more than enough over 2 days for me. Naturally, people have different amounts of use, but also for the heaviest users so, the last more than a day.
    + Prize! SEK 1900 I paid for it. Also for 2100, or whatever it costs so it is a bargain.

    The bottom line is that I do not feel a major difference from my previous handset, which had an SD810 SoC. This is the paper slowly, but start times etc are very similar. It is extremely soft and smooth interface.

    There is simply no reason to outsource 5000-7000 SEK in a handset today. Moto G4 is the nail in the coffin of the argument.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    + Very good display
    + Beauty back provides good grip.
    + Motorola's UI is one of androidvärldens best.
    + Good Price

    - The camera is the only major weakness and it's no picnic. Indoor Images gets really bad.
    - The size. Very unnecessarily placing 2x G4 in the same size. One could have been a little less.