Battlefield 1

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  • Terrible
    This is incorrect, 365 is showing this game as £42.99
    7 months ago
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  • Perfect
    Really good fun and actually one of the best Battelfieldspel which released! The campaign is really good this time with poignant stories that are tagena from different parts of the first world war where you get to play as different people. If the campaign is fine as it is, as usual, in multiplayer as Battelfield one shines! The graphics are really, really good (one of the best looking games available now) and play in addition to the PS4 Pro 4k so the game looks absolutely incredible good, you also get better fps, ie, greater fluency in the game. Played through the campaign and about 50 hours online before the review.

    singleplayer 7/10
    multiplayer 10/10

    Played on PS4 Pro in 4K, 4K has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 compared with full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, ie four times more pixels than Full HD.
  • Perfect
    Incredibly good, so terribly neat and entertaining game!
  • Decent
    Stable and incredibly stylish game that unfortunately gets no points deduction for small details that are not yet fixed.
    The campaign is otherwise well-made