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  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Fantastiskta lurking! The sound is divine! Well-balanced base, certainly not weak!
    Noise reduction is cruel of flights, passengers in the car or at the office. Becomes silent!
    Without a doubt worth 4k! ☺️ ????
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Amazing trick which I have owned for a couple of months

    + Improved Bluetooth range than some other BT headphones.
    + Extremely comfortable to wear, is not sweaty around the ears.
    + Just ok sound quality.
    + Good buttons on the sides. Do not like the various touch interface that some others have.
    + Great battery life, hands indefinitely.
    + Good noise reduction that does not means that you get a headache after a while.

    - Even if the sound is very good as I can in some songs (rock music) wish me a slightly heavier bass.
    - Noise reduction can not be switched off.

    Very satisfied with my purchase. I've tried lurking in the same price range from three other manufacturers and QC35 stands out clearly the best. Especially in comfort, noise reduction and Bluetooth range.

    Damn typical, just when you've written a good review so go the headphones broke! On / Off button stopped working. Seems like spring behind released so it is neither to turn off or turn on the headphones anymore.
    I have read about many others who had the same problem, and you'd think they'll last longer than 2 months! It was no problem to replace them in the shop on a new pair, but now it terrified that it will happen again.
    I have now set auto shutdown in 5 minutes to avoid having to use the on / off button other than to pair with new BT devices. On / off button feels a bit more stable on the new copy, but it is still a bit nojig.
    Really boring, I can deduct two stars for this. Lurking in this price bracket and on / off button pajar after 2 months, not ok!
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Have a couple Momentum2 Wireless as similarly priced to compare with
    QC35 with firmware 1.6, coupled with the Galaxy S7 edge:

    + Comfort. Comfortable to wear for long periods
    + light
    + Good call quality and top microphone for calls. No complained that they did not hear me.
    + Good app and easy to pair with multiple devices
    + Battery life
    + Ability to update software

    -skarp treble at maximum volume, that's sound cut sharply.
    -poor range of bluetooth, hack sharply against other BT headphones I had (which costs one-fifth)
    -poor construction quality. OnOff button "rattle" easy as it sounds in the cap when walking. Read several reports from users where the spring is broken in for several people after a few weeks, which means that you can not then turn on them at all.
    -noice cancellation greatly enhances the wind. This is something that might be resolved with a future software update but does not feel right. I tried to ride with them turned off in the wind. The wind is not heard when the cups enough ears. Turn them on and under the weather, I bicycles - not ok
    - The sound is not anything impressive in this price range.

    Would not recommend these. Definitely not for the price, and not until a revised uppaga with more stable Bluetooth and construction quality has improved.

    Left my return because of the above.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Have had it wired QC25 too but I think this one has better noise reduction. Comfortable to wear, good battery life and quick to load. There is actually nothing to complain about.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Super comfortable headphones. When you pair it with your iPhone and download the app Bose Connect, to update the software via bluetooth headphone.
    You get a good case to have headphones in addition an adapter to use on the aircraft.

    Have only tried the headphones at home, ie, in a quieter environment. I wish there was more of noise reduction, then I feel it all as it only lowers the sound of a conversation in the background.
    I also have a parrot at home, what was interesting is that it does not matter if noise reduction is on, hear his whistling equally well with or without noise reduction.

    Is still satisfied with the product. It's good quality.
  • Acceptable
    12 months ago
    An incredibly dull headset. Dazzling bass, one of the best in the market.

    But do not use this for gaming .... you will thank me later;)
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Very good noise reduction. On the plane lost a lot of noise, but it is no problem to hear the crew announcements over the loudspeaker. The included cable let me listen to the movie on the plane. The noise reduction is activated and the air "feels" a bit against the eardrum so be sure to test if you accept that feeling before buying headphones.
    In the office are almost all office noise away - heels, keyboard, coffee machines and printers are quiet. Colleagues' voices are heard faintly.

    Battery life is good. After a 12 hour flight, I have 80% battery charge remaining, so the battery life is abundant.

    The connection with the Bluetooth to the iPad and the iPhone works well for music. The other party hears my voice well when I talk. It feels a bit strange to have telephone conversations in these kids because I do not hear my own voice. Moreover, it seems a little crackle of Bluetooth with the iPhone. Can be improved. Maybe it's my iPhone and not the headphones.

    The sound quality is good. Music sounds good. I have headphones with wires that have better sound, but without noise reduction, and that is the buying of a pair like this lurking.

    The ear cups are comfortable to wear. They sit well on his head, covering his ears well.

    It will delay the sound when you connect the headphones to a TV or computer and watching movies. Läppsynken disappear.

    The price is high but I'm happy with the appeal lies function.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    best I've tried!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Nothing new in addition to all the other positive yet.
    My main reason for the purchase was for noise reduction, and to have them primarily as travel headphones. Have been testing them in different means of transport, car, train, bus, airplane.

    Became gruesomely impressed to try the headphones in the car and public transport. It's so darn nice to just wear them and get an understanding of how much noise it's around.

    The big advantage I think is to listen at low volume, and that one need not turn up to drown out the sound around you.

    Aircraft is pure magic with these headphones. Fantastic satisfied with the purchase.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    In summary a really good package with good sound.

    What people are looking for when they're looking headphones are very different. Some people want the choice of materials will ensure premium, others that the sound will be the best on the market. What is perceived as a good sound may differ very much. Jat belongs to those who want immersive sound but still able to hear the full dynamics of an acoustic guitar and be able to see gitaristen front of me.

    Wireless headphones will never be able to give the CD or vinyl quality Bluetooth standard prevents it. With those conditions, I think the QC35 provides surprisingly good sound that I use them (iPhone 6 and spotify maximum quality) gutarrsträngar sounds so where knarrigt and rich while the base is about right.

    It is not, however, lurk for those who want to sit at home and finlyssna, but if you commute to work, take the train or fly much are these amazing! I bought them just before I was to fly to Dubai and a little over 6 hours of flight, these were pure heaven!

    I wear glasses, and headphones are really nice with glasses, but a small disclaimer will still be thrown out, with glasses does not seal the sleeves quite as good, and I found that on the flight so it was noticeably much quieter without glasses, or if I put the glasses little on top of the headphones so the glasses did not create the open road in between the head and earmuffs. Without glasses, it was almost quiet on the flight and with some music or a movie barely hear the roar of the plane, sick impressive! On the train, I usually do not bother me, they are quieter, so you can still hear hardly anything when listening to music.

    Would also like to point out that the little "boring" black plastic, which some do not like suits me very well, I feel no need to show me around town with flashy headphones. Quality feeling is not bad, and I have acquaintances who had boselurar long without any problem, do not think it will be this either.

    The only reason why 10-ball fails is the price. For 2500, I had never hesitated.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Fantastic noise reduction. Approved sound. If you want the best sound, buy B & W P7 wireless. If you want the best noise cancellation, buy QC35.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    My first review on prisjakt. But well worth writing.

    Is wonderfully happy with them. Coming from QC25 now my partner is using. After a few flights, only to find that 35orna is much better than 25orna.

    - Improved noise reduction
    - Fuller sound at lower volume
    - Can play higher. But as insulation and noise reduction is better in these so I do not feel the need to be so high.
    - WIRELESS, wonderful. have the iPad lying in the back of his chair, can get up and stretch our legs, but this horrible skid.
    - Had these for about 12-13h and still had 40% battery left.

    Is no audio file in the sense that the department I leave to someone else but to make travel more comfortable, I am pleased amazing!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Killing kids is good, lightweight, stylish, and the absolute best sound I listened to, even those with cord. These kids breathe quality throughout! Do some better, congratulations, buy them!

    + The best sound I've ever listened to, airy, full-bodied and with a good base
    + Cruel Noise Reduction
    + So incredibly comfortable to wear
    + Simple and logical buttons and clear.
    + Laang battery
    Serious cases +

    - Perhaps it's good sound cost a penny
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Compared to Sony MDR1000X and to me it looks like this:

    Noise Cancellation:
    Slightly quieter environment:
    Sony handset is noticeably higher due to noise than the Bose. Want to get the absolute quiet and just use the Noise Cancel or listen to music very low Bose preferable.

    More loud environment:
    Here I feel that Sony hook both dampens any more with their Noise Cancel, but also in construction.

    Both of these differences are marginal. Are not you always use the headphones in one or the other environment, it is touch and go.

    I find it to Bose headphones give any more pressure in the ears of the Noise Cancel, so if you have very hard for it, Sony is preferable.

    Another important detail is that Sony headphones will turn off if you use them only for Noise Cancel. They require a Bluetooth connection or connected cable. Bose headphones is fine to use only the Noise Cancel but if you want to go automatic shutdown to activate the app.

    Here are Sony just worse than the Bose. The ear cups gets warmer on the ears, does not feel as spacious either. The presses harder on top of the head and is not as good fit around the ears. But Sony's defense, so the pillow on top of your head is not in the fabric, so it can be cleaned. Bose tygkudde will get dirty over time.

    This is something many reviewers forget trying. Sony microphone is considerably much worse than sitting on the Bose headphones, something that is reflected in the talks as well as audio recordings.

    * Sony has significantly longer range than the Bose. Would appreciate to 15-20% maybe.
    * Sony supports aptX codec provides better sound quality than AAC. aptX is not the iPhone, but works in OSX, Windows and Android.

    * Bose can be connected to two devices simultaneously, such as your computer and your laptop. The device that plays sound is heard. With the Sony handset, you must instead either turn off Bluetooth on the device you want to use, or pair it.

    * Bose has an app where you can easily edit Bluetooth devices it remembers, and the name of the headphones.

    Sound quality
    Sony has bigger soundstage and a little more clear and natural sound. I feel above all voices in song or series that just a bit clearer to hear. Unfortunately, it can sometimes feel like the sound lacks pressure and a loudnessfunktion had been able to do good. The elements can deliver, so it is a design choice.

    Boselurarna sounds more crowded and artificially. But! They have more pressure in the bass, making some music and comics fun to listen to.

    Another detail is that it becomes more SSS audio from Sony headphones, so in that way, it was more pleasant to listen from Bose, though it is clearer with Sony.

    I would also point out that Sony headphones can pick up radio interference from mobile phones, which is heard mostly when it's very quiet.

    Application / Features
    Boselurarna is very simple. You can turn on or off them. There is a button for play / pause and volume up / down. That's it.

    Sony headphones have a touch control on the right ear. This was something I thought would disrupt and be mostly a gimmick, but turned out to be really good. Why is it good? Well, because you quickly learn gestures and do not need to memorize the buttons are located. Drag up for volume up, volume down on the bottom. Forward to the next track, backward to the previous. Double Tapp gives the play or pause. Cup your hand over the phone and your music will dim and the sound dropped out. Really Practical! But, it happens quite often that I happen to change your tune when I hang them around your neck.

    Sony headphones are also a lot of other interesting features. Noise Cancel can be turned off, then increases battery life. You can also set up so that ambient sound is amplified, if you want to hear extra basis or choose to pass only numbers.
    You can also optimize the Noise Cancel feature for just your ears. This feature I have not experienced makes any difference, but maybe it does for others.

    Charging time is approximately double that of Sony headphones. This is certainly less of a problem, then the battery life of both of them are around 20 hours.

    * None of these two handsets can be used with Bluetooth when loaded.
    * You can not plug them into the computer with the USB and sound on the road.
    * If you drive with a lead, you get no microphone.
    * If you drive with the cord does not work volume slider or next / previous song.

    I have not decided which of the headphones I prefer, for they are good at different things.
    The Bose headphones have better comfort, better microphone and can talk to two units makes them easier to use in general.
    O the other hand, Sony handset better sound quality, easy navigation with touchpad, Bluetooth long range and sound functions that can be very practical.

    In the end it's all about preference. Had I been able to get the Bose Bluetooth handset functionality and comfort with Sony's sound quality there had been an obvious purchase.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Very pleased. Compared between many before and I'm very happy.
    Understand that some may find it a little oppressive feeling but it disappears completely if you have the sound on. Was the first time a little slow to find my iPhone 6 via BT but finally did it, now connects it quickly to all connected devices. You can scroll between devices by pressing the button on one handset.

    Very good sound, full-bodied without being too much (which I can enjoy Bose sometimes can be).

    Swine Comfortable. Just as good in the office as on the plane, train, bus, etc.

    The only thing they are good at is phone calls where you hear all the noises outside through the mic which is a little strange and that the talking is sometimes hard to hear what they say. And it's tricky to talk in a normal noise level because you can not hear yourself naturally. However, it does not matter because I do not use them to call.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Really good trick;
    Use them wireless mobile m but its best sound through the receiver and Oehlbach cable with the NC!
    Highly recommended!
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Bought for 2999: -

    Find no way to turn off or lower the ANC!

    Sound: 10/10
    Bose sound, simply. Can sound flat if one is accustomed boosted bass speakers.
    If you have an android so you can fix this "problem" with an app: poweramp.
    These things handsets can play loud & clear glass also sounds at maximum volume!

    Comfort: 9/10
    The light weight, padding around the ears and on the head makes it easy to forget that you have them on himself.
    The only thing I would note is that during long sessions so it can get hot on the ears - which can be a problem in the summer when it's hot. Think this is a side effect of the ANC. Difficult to make a couple of airy headphones that also should be screening all sound around it.

    ANC: 7/10
    ANC is powerful to the level that it is almost dangerous to walk around with headphones on the town when you do not hear anything about him no matter what.
    In principle, a car stand and honk at you and you will not notice anything of the ANC and beyond the music game spirit.
    A police car drove by with blue lights and I did not notice a thing when I had music on and ANC
    Had I been wishing I would love to have had the possibility to adjustable ANC. - Subtracted 2 points p.g.a it.

    Design 7/10
    Personally, I prefer tactile buttons vs. touch buttons, the location is tip top and it is easy to find and check.
    It is not possible to skip songs quickly (hold the volume up a short time) - removed with a 1 point.
    Nor is it possible to select the switch which device is played from the headphones - Removed a point.
    It's not the best looking pair of headphones that exists - Removed a point.
    3 buttons and a switch is simply too little for me to feel that I have complete control!

    Quality: 10/10
    The included hard case story breathes quality and smart designed with permanent place for airplane adapter and medfölande cables.
    Material choices are not metal but there are no rattles or loose or feel flimsy or cheap on headphones.

    No problems whatsoever. You can have the phone lying a good distance away and the headphones do not lose contact or "jump to"

    The headphones are talking to you and say to which units they are linked against, and provide warnings for the battery level - not intrusive in any way.
    Can be connected to 2 devices simultaneously. Are you sitting instance and listens to music through your computer so you can hear the phone ring and answer directly in hörlurna.
    Ability to connect headphones via cable.

    They this handsets capable of long flights without problems. Have seen the details of up to 20 hours at 50% level.

    The app Bose Connect you can choose on which devices the headphones are connected to, set the little things such as volume. Firmware Update, select the language earphones talking to you about when they turn off automatically, share music with other Bose headphones, user manual.

    For which I recommend to buy these?
    Students who are trying to study and want it quiet around him.
    People who work in offices and disturbed by all the talk that can last around.
    For those of you who want to hear the movie you are watching whatever sounds around -skrikande children -polisbilar -kollegor etc. etc.

    For my own part, I choose enough to return them as my main need is to travel. It is mainly the size headphones that makes me decide to return them.
    Bose qc30 (in-ear headphones), I think the product I'm looking for when the format is much smoother than these, and enables me to sleep on their side with a pillow and shove them in a pocket instead of a purse.

    The product itself is first class, however.

    It was all I had to say about the Bose QC 35. Thanks to me!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Really good sound
    Sits comfortably over your head.
    Good stray noise reduction

    Ever negative is the price tag - this means that they do not get 10 stars
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    THE SOLUTION OF CRITICAL BUG In the newly released firmware see below

    BEST headphones! Yes, they are undoubtedly better than sony 1000x .. listened to all sorts of headphones, these are the best. Regarding complaints on the base, which volume you play on igentligen ?? clearly it will not be based on the lowest volume or tracks where there will be the base. yes play the next highest or the highest, and then it's like good pressure in the base that they hit everything I listened very o otherwise perfect sound .. Secure fed through 30 kids last year and finally a couple holding class on all levels. These are the best! Will no other lurking on my part! But the taste is different ..

    BUT LAST UPDATE (firmware) has a bug .. The update was released 19/1 2017 and is available in Bose Connect app.

    Pressing the right side (cap) so there arises a loud howling sound which only occurs at the slightest touch just the right cup, not all the time but sputtered! for example, if you are on the right side o listening to the audio book or music o resting against a pillow .. but as soon as you lift your head or releases the pressure disappears. This bug is not in the old firmware! 1:06 works flawlessly ..

    Got the help of bose support to both enter the bug and get help to downgrade to 1.06 and now they work 100% again. And yes, this problem have all qc35 then and even bought / submitted three pieces before I realized that they were new update that was the culprit.

    Have you also updated via bose connect to the latest firmware maybe?

    Please call and also indicate the bug, the more the faster it a new update that fixes the bug, and Bose responds instantly so no queue o hassle.

    can specify here how you downgrade if you accidentally update via bose Connect app:

    plug headphones into the computer with the cable.
    follow the instructions on the page I entered and when you get to the box that you already have the latest update, you need to access a secret menu ..
    enter the following buttons in sequence (not in the address bar, but just straight off when you open the update page and front)
    A d v up (arrow up) down (arrow down) on the keyboard.
    Then it's up a new menu in your browser where you can choose to downgrade to previous firmware 1:06, run it then it's clear. But that said ring bose o tell them about the bug, even though you now know how to downgrades, the greater the number that indicates the bug, the faster it will a new firmware.

    A temporary solution for those of you who might not just sit up straight or walk when you use the headphones without the use of the solution. This solution is anyway permanently until new update brings bug fix.

    Hope it helped :)
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    + Very comfortable
    + Good noise reduction
    + Classy case

    - Very bad sound, especially bass.
    - Plastiga - does not feel one iota premium
    - No features to speak of

    Those who write that QC35 has great sound can not possibly tested very many lurking. My gaming headphones to your computer 500 sounds much better. My choice fell on MDR-1000X instead.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    These are quite ok but please check on the competition. These have great battery life, ok sound reduction and sound ok but not much more than that. Unfortunately not many special features, either. Today I received an update that enables two people with Boselurar can listen to the same music source, but how often have the need?

    I had Astro A38 Noise and it was fantastic nice to put on them on the train. It's not the same feeling with the CQ35 and it feels somewhat uncomfortable, even now that I've used them for a while.

    -When You talk on the phone to hear both parties everything that happens around. The microphones seem diligent to record as much as possible ...

    -As Soon as the wind blows you hear it properly inside the headphones. If you walk outdoors on a windy day, it's almost better to turn them off.

    -For Me it feels unpleasant after a while. The press head and I have to take them off.

    The sound is so amazing for this price. Have clearly prefer my Astro A40 (just a shame that they do not come with Bluetooth).

    -It Commonplace appearance means that you do not get excessively many looks to his own, which can be good if you are traveling abroad and are worried about assault / theft.

    -Good Battery life.

    -Lättåtkomliga Buttons for volume and play / pause.

    They can be used with cord if the battery runs out.

    It comes with a convenient travel bag.

    They can be folded
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Have had mine for almost a week. Had a couple of old Sennheiser HD 280 Pro earlier.

    First and foremost, I am deeply impressed by the noise reduction, almost blissfully quiet for the first time. It is not until you have a pair of headphones like these you realize how much buzz with live with and was even tinnitus comes from.

    I am also impressed by how light and comfortable they are. The sound is very good although I do not really think it matches my old Sennheiser. However, it is not quite the same category of fooling either.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Besta handset I bought!
    + Perfect noise canceling function
    + Easily with a good fit, comfortable to wear
    + Ideal for people with eye glasses (like me)
    + Good sound

    - No after 1.5 months of use
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Very good. Comfortable to wear and good to remove sound interference.
    The only negative I can find is that sounds like a very close source it manages not to remove (my own chair that squeaks, my own pen that falls on the table, my own clothes that rub).
    I have no equivalent to the same likened but overall I am very satisfied.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Very comfortable to wear over time.
    Do not have as high volume since it has active noise cancellation.
  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    Really disappointed in these .. Left back and bought a pair of Sony MDR-1000X .. Troubled much better sound and find Lionesses when running wirelessly. Managed to get Sonyn for the same money too ... Bose was best before .. Now supplies are not near Sony :-(
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    had them now for a few hours and have to say was totally worth the penny
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Earlier, I had a couple Xquisit BT phones for all sorts These cost 900 SEK and worked okey for its information; good range, easy to connect to saved BT sources, ok sound

    Bought my Bose on Black Friday 2016. Got promise to decorate the 3190 crowns for them, and now has been able to use them (right diligently) in one week.

    + Crazy good noise reduction! - Went from MMX - ARN today with the associated bus ride to and from the airport. On the bus you hear nothing but the music in the headphones. I had a family that skypade with his son and a clattering the airport shuttle bus. None of these was heard by bruscreduceringen, even at low volumes. I took off the headphones several times just to experience the difference between "obrusat" sound and "flared" sound, and what a difference it was!

    Obviously you can hear a bit of engine noise during flight. But now, I traveled in a regular 737, and they're not known for their acoustic comfort. One gets the shout to the flight attendant that you want to have black coffee .... But brusredceringen meant that I could read my book completely undisturbed if you had a little music in the background which removed the last of the noise.

    Noise reduction does not change the sound in any way or manner, either. I can every ton of "Light of the seven", and not once during my hour long flight tyktce me that the sound was changed because noise reduction.

    + Battery - this trip took a total of 5.5 hours. When you start the headphones, you get a battery-percent level, I still have 80% left .... says a lot.

    + Comfort - You barely know you have them on your head, unless you have unusually large ears "leaves". They weigh as talgoxes tail feather and is padded for a comfortable carrying.

    + Quality - It oozes quality about them. Difficult to describe in words why it is the quality of these headphones, but it is just that .... Everything feels' tightly than just weighs just over 200 grams.

    - Walking Comfort - When I walk with headphones so I experience some compression effects, then the sound changed after the pace I go in. As the handsets are pressed together a little toward your ears when you take a step which changes the pitch of the sound.

    - The sound quality - I mean it when I say it, there is nothing wrong with the sound, I had only wished for a little more. They cost still north of the three-thousand-patch. A little more bass would not hurt, and little .... fuller sound (?) Had not damaged. Now I just flowed through Spotify by BT, but it still feels like it is missing "that last" in the sound. I'm definitely not satisfied, but the trial was listening a few Sennheiser Momentum II, and those perceived as more full-bodied sound.


    really good kids that are easy to use and that you barely feel them on the head after a few minutes. Noise reduction is "to die for" the trips on which judgment is blocking ALL unless skydiving. Comfortable to wear and you can carry them a long time thanks to the battery life. Stylish carry case also brings a bit of class to an otherwise gray day.

    Had the cost 2500 - I had not complained about anything. Now the nine stars (wanted to give 8.5 stars because I think that the sound could have been a bit more defined.)
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    + Lätta
    + Sitting skönt över Oron
    + Extremely good soda reducenoise ring

    - Kostar part ..
    - Bluetooth slipped by Ljuda on korta avstånd (sjukt annoying)
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Bose QC35 is good for noise reduction and weight, but otherwise they are turned off Sony MDR-1000X.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Excellent in every way, except for the wallet's sake, then?

    Noise reduction is cruel, sound as such, even with cable connection and noise reduction off. Battery life that takes you through even the longest ski flights.

    Really good comfort, even during long listening session offset and although the choice of materials might feel a little cheap at first glance, so let go of bad witty sense of it once you start using them.

    Would highly recommend it to all those who can justify the relatively high price!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Having had these in a half years and am very satisfied. Jobs in a place with constant noise, so perfect for me. Need not Noise Cancelling find better sound in others, but this is the best in that category. Had qc25 before and these are a big upgrade. Lovely with wireless and long battery life. Nor will the oppressive feeling when they turn on slm yield of qc25.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Really happy with them after a few months of use. Perfect job lurk for work for the open landscape. The sound, I can not complain about either, but it must clearly approved. I have only been using headphones with cord and switch to a pair of Bluetooth was the heavenly!
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    The sound insulation is not possible to discuss, simply phenomenal!
    But the sound ... oh my God, it sounds like a pair of headphones in 500 konors class!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Incredibly comfortable headphones with great sound!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Lovely kids bought through Amazon 500 cheaper than in Sweden and fast shipping.
    The sound is good, the range within about 17-18 m despite the wall between is very good.
    Easy to carry as yet, I am satisfied. The prize can not give neg because then you know what they cost when ordering. Works cleanly with my Iphone 6+
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Wonderful lurking. Very comfortable. Superior noise reduction. Very good battery life. Balanced sound. The price is a little too high and I feel that it is missing some details in the treble (it has perhaps the Bluetooth transmission to do?)
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I just tested these along with seven others.
    I can immediately say:

    This is a fantastic headphone, in every way!

    The sound is controlled and balanced ... really really good!

    The comfort is top class, they feel barely after several hours on the head.
    Soft comfy cushions.
    No press or rub or somehow affect the sound or comfort.

    The only drawback I can think of is maybe build quality.
    It is slightly plastigt if compared with the Sennheiser Momentum.

    Noise reduction is outstanding when compared to six of the other models.
    The only one who hangs out with is precisely Sennheiser Momentum.

    My two finalists was just this, and Momentum.

    Right now I commute between these on my travels to and from work in order to determine who is the best, overall.

    A natural handset regardless!
    Highly recommended.


    Update from reality:

    I put this handset at best ... it wins over the Sennheiser Momentum, thanks to a couple of things:

    The noise reduction is better
    The more comfortable sitting on the head

    It was hard to tell at home in test ... but out in the field, I think that they are straw sharper than the Sennheiser Momentum
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    It eventually became the handset that I now had a few weeks. Sample Listened also Sennheiser Momentum and Denon and pondered also Philips http: // www / produkt.php? p = 3334614 but found none to listen.

    The basic criterion for my needs was that they should work out with glasses and even remove as much of the surrounding dialogue when I first acquire these to get a little more work in peace on the job. And on both counts Bose is better than the above two. Both Sennheiser Denon, and passes much more of ambient dialogue than the Bose and with spectacles so it will become uncomfortable pretty soon too, unfortunately.

    The sound quality when listening to music then? The colleague next to me has a couple of older QC 15 that I did not was impressed, rather flat and uninteresting sound. Not so with these 25 or QC (threaded) I also test listening. QC 35 also reinforces the bass at low volume and it works great.

    On paper, the headphones ready 20 hours on BT and it seems correct, I have not uploaded them yet :-).

    In addition to the office, I have also used them on the train, and it works there with, turn the ambient noise well. The first flight test will not take place until next week.

    Folded in a really good travel case takes up little space on your journey! Space for accessories are charging cable (very short!) And audio cable.

    "White noise" is mentioned in several reviews, which is due to the effect of NC. I can sense something if I only have headphones on without music, but when the music is on, even at low levels, I hear nothing.

    The only negative thing I can say, and pulled off a star is that I lack the ability to set how much NC I want. It is said to be of some competitors.

    I think Bose succeeded in really well with the kids on all fronts, fit, sound quality and NC. Is it worth the money? Only you can decide :-)
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Really stylish and comfortable headphones! Prices are a bit too high, but definitely worth the money if you listen to music often, especially on the train or in the car.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Had my kids a few days now and have to say I have been very skeptical of Bluetooth headphones. But had to experience the technology has evolved even on that front, and those kids beat my expectations. Everything works as it should simply.
    As an owner of the QuietComfort 25, I chose to continue with the same brand when I have been very satisfied with the old headphones. Have had them for two years, with almost daily use.

    Everything is pretty much top with headphones. It was especially exciting to discover was that the headphones able to be connected to multiple sources at the same time. However, only stream from an audio source at a time. So I'm connected to both my iPhone and my MacBook while. I can sit and listen to Spotify from my Macbook, but when I take the phone and call someone, so choose headphones to the sound from the phone and spotify paused. That is how things should work. :) Extra plus for this.

    On the minus side:
    - The price. Far too expensive.
    - Had been the top with a battery slot on the 25-ball, so that one can choose to run with standard AAA batteries instead of holding on and download all the time.
    - Tinny sound when talking on the phone. Believe it lets through one's own voice in any way that I dislike.

    As the grade becomes 8. Full pot, minus the above three points. Several sources give an added plus.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    + Comfortable
    + Good sound
    + Good battery life

    - The price
    - Will sweaty during cups
    - Does not my Chromebook

    Will keep a low score on them until the Bose taken responsibility. The ear cups hence fail to work with my Chromebook when the Bluetooth connection pair (at least think my CB it) but the sound still comes out of the speakers CB. With my Android phone they work well. Since I have a Bose speaker that works with Bluetooth to the CB, I am convinced that there is something in the programming of Bose headphones terms uppkopplandet to CB who are different. From their support I received no help more than kind "it should work just you have A2DP," which of course I have.

    Updated 15/9 2016
    The ear cups now work with my CB after updating to the latest OS (V53 ...). Therefore raising the grade. Moreover, the headphones performed well, especially in monotonous noise environments (ferries, airplanes, cars). A little strange feeling to talk on the phone with headphones, can not put fingre why, possibly a tiny bit of lag. No complaints though from the speakers.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Good, have and have had other wireless headphones. They This is probably the best at the head of all I have owned. The sound insulation is better than all there is right now, I think. Besides QC 25 which is also good. The base is like mange does not the headphone best side, but quite ok.

    4000 sec is unfortunately SEK 1,000 too much. 10 stars have them when they lower the price.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Really good NC on these kids. Yes, certainly the best on the market together with QC25.
    A major advantage of wireless over wired is that it is possible to have multiple audio sources.
    Why not top marks? I feel a rippling of votes for calls between. It is notoriously never quite ok with wireless if you compare to wired.
    The battery will last longer than you think from the start. Easy to download. Nice not having fipplande with loose batteries should always be charged ...
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    + Very good noise reduction
    + Comfortable
    + Good battery life
    + Good app that connects directly to iPhone
    + Battery saving function in the app
    + Crystal clear sound
    + Good communication map calls.

    - The base is slightly weak
    - The price a little too high

    Tip: Use the EQ on spotify to boost the base slightly.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Coming from Samsung Level Over EO AG900, noise reduction at these feels like twice as good, can not be switched off, what I know after 2 hours of use. Really light and comfortable.
    No noise or other strange.

    If you want more setup options in the app

    - Is of course the price, but hope for a long life.
    + Is for me with tinnitus and sound sensitivity, it is sovereign.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Jag har haft dessa QC35 about 2 veckor. I can bara one word about dessa (wow).
    BEKVÄM att have they to Ljuda passionate amazing. Priced about 4000 in view of att de är ett väldigt good märke to absolutely amazing headset so passionate it värt the pengarna.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    + Very good noise reduction
    + Comfortable to wear
    + Good buttons on the sides
    + Good battery life

    - Base (After EQ tinkering perfectly Ok.)
    - Prize for 3995: - I had expected better.

    Total: Good wireless headphones with long battery life, comfortable to wear, you will not be disturbed by the noise around you. If you listen to hip-hop or other basgivande music so I would recommend a few others.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    + Them look rick-term good.
    + Very comfortable
    + Good noice canceling

    -The sound
    key upgrade to qc25
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Preview of the store and was not impressed by the sound / bass, expect better in this price range. NC worked fine but it can not be switched off.