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  • Perfect
    I have now used my AirPods for approx. 3 weeks and is very satisfied. They are easy, comfortable to have in their ear and the sound is more than good enough for the man in the street. I have the connected iPhone and Windows 10. Works without any problems. It's DELICIOUS to finally drop the cable. Will never be able to go back.
  • Perfect
    After using the usual EarPods for a year and a half, this was a real upgrade. The sound is fuller, the bass deeper and there is generally a more open sound image. Have tried several wireless variants over the past year; Jaybird X3, Jaybird Freedom, Bose QC35 and Philips Fidelio M2BT. These (Airpods) are the only ones I have chosen to keep. The charging system is small and brilliant, and the airpods are always fully charged when I take them out!
  • Terrible
    Worst Apple product I've ever owned

    After three months of waiting, I finally got a couple Airpods and are shocked at how a company like Apple can deliver such a lousy product. Must have been a few duds but I can only review my copy.

    -To pair with the mobile phone is ridiculously simple and easy, but how often pair it up a Bluetooth gadget with the device? jo once

    Battery pack time is a joke, you must charge the headset three times a day in the "case", dropping 10% battery per hour at no use, checked around online and it seems like childhood disease

    -Ljudkvalitet works splendidly for phone calls, but to listen to the music feels the price is not justified. Want to listen to music with great sound quality you should look at other things.

    Cable plug connector with a phone in every other phone call, although there must be some childhood disease, these headphones can not be that bad.

    -Do you have small ears, you can not have them in your ears all day, a maximum of one hour in my case, then it starts to hurt your ears. ('d love to take out the most when I do not use those, but do not want to lose those which are easily done.)

    This is the first (and probably last) time I "reviewing" a product, but it feels like the thing with Apple products are some of the emperor's new clothes where you'll find that all Apple products are perfect just because many of their products are real real good (expensive), no you even Apple makes real blunders.
  • Perfect
    Had not that great expectations when I purchased them. But my God which voice and agility. Stung in the wallet, but in hindsight I regret I did not for a second.

    + Connects with your devices at any second.
    + Just ok sound. No super headphones but better sound than it is in EarPods.
    + Can be used with your Apple TV when people near sleeping.
    + Good battery life.

    - Sitting good and not fall out, but the feeling is still there.

    buy buy buy
  • Barely acceptable
    Feels more like an accessory than an audio product. Image and nothing else.
    Not worth the money,
  • Very good
    Extremely agile headphones. Really good-throw. The sound is a little better than earpods - that is quite ok. Good construction. Expensive. Very thoughtful design. Use them a lot more than I thought, just because they are so smooth. Too bad you can not change the volume of the headphones, however. Feels like headphones + case story has become the thing you always have in your pocket. Think many similar products will be coming out in the next few years.
  • Perfect
    If you are satisfied with your EarPods you will be super happy with them.

    Ordered as fast as I could. They got 161,223 and have used them every day since.

    + The music pauses when picking out one handset, and start again when you insert it. May sound like a trifle, but it means that when you say something to a colleague or something, you take out one handset and hold it in your hand or hiding it in his pocket a little fast.

    + Good battery in the headphones and the box. Loading the box was another to three days. And I use the headphones for several hours each day.

    + Extremely good range. At work can leave the phone on the desk and go get coffee, get jobs, go to the toilet without the sound disappears.

    - Sometimes it's Bluetooth-artifacts in the sound. But not often.

    - The box has become very scratched because I had it in the same pocket as keys.

    I have many Apple products and all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, this is probably one of the best Apple products I purchased.
  • Terrible
    Between shit and shit I'd say it's shit!
  • Very good
    After 6 weeks of waiting so get them ...
    I'm really happy with them. Like all Apple products, so it was connected seamlessly with the iPhone and then it was just to start listening. Sonically, it's perfectly OK, but they do not hit Bose o Beats. Good that you can update the firmware on them and it is handled automatically. O Facilitate smooth headphones ... but just as prescribed; like the one Apple headphones and have the money then just to buy.
  • Very good
    Good sound and spot pairing, lacking better controls.

    + No hacking in blådandskopplingen - which basically all the other kids can be drawn.
    + Good sound. Slightly better than the standard headphones that come with the iPhone - in fact (in my subjective assessment) is better than most other mobile manufacturers equivalents.
    + Obvious though: no cord sticking.
    + Sitting a bell in your ears. Highest individual course, but with my gymtränar without ever fallen out.
    + That they like orginalpodsen let ambient sounds makes you a safer rider and the ears get some air.
    + Never been to the battery runs out because I always put in the box after I finished listening.
    + Clear display the amount of remaining battery is in the box as well as in the headphones via the iPhone.
    + Super Simple sync to the iPhone.

    - Can easily fall out when you forget that they have in and pull a sweater over your head.
    - Expensive. Feels a little over prized but find no real alternative, I got to work satisfactorily.
    - Increase / decrease volume works the catastrophically bad, or to control the music in general. Has now set up so that I can just pause / restart the music and that's it and it works anyway smoothly.

    (+ -) Some believe that they look a bit stupid, but think the opposite. How strange they had not seen out with a lead now if it came now !?

    = Like the original iPhone headphones and have money - buy!
  • Excellent
    Awesome good headphones! Works great and is very easy to set up and use. Moreover, the cruel as headsets. The sound is very good and the counterpart is also very good either if you drive one ear or both. The case they have them in is very nice and upload the headphones very quickly! Feels vet as new and modern when using the. The only minus is that they are like earpods difficult to retain in the ear for some ..
  • Barely acceptable
    After two week of use I can say that my last hope that the sound would be improved by being run .. fell flat as flat as the sound they can produce for the allowance. A few honest Sennheiser CX-300 for a few hundred runs laps around them.

    I must admit that although the sound was better, I would never keep them, obviously this is a very personal opinion and probably shared by all .. But you see the pure dj ** Resistant out when you have these on them. Thought here as it was just getting used to but nae ..

    I do that Sverker, in soups with these!
  • Very good
    Enjoyed my 2 weeks now and am very satisfied. Really smooth and good battery life and also quick to load in the shell. What is missing is being able to change the song, hope they come in an update, now you can double-drop to pause / activate Siri, I hope an update will so you can change the song that way. I could leave the phone on the floor, go to the floor and then to the basement and dropped them either clutch or sound quality, very impressive! SEK 1000 each had a more reasonable price though!

    In principle, the same sound quality as earpods, slightly better bass, but I got off the EQ of Spotify for doing so the base is kooky and let broken. Bothers me a bit of the sound is every time you connect to and from the phone, right high volume and can not do anything about. A time also, they believe huh low battery warning, then beeped them at the highest volume when they were connected to my pc, had ear pain the rest of the day ..

    I recommend them anyway, have several different headphones and these are my primary now!
  • Poor
    Got a couple Airpods to jobs mobile, have now used them a few weeks to review can be done.
    Should mention that I privately prefer to use Android and held various wired and wireless headsets through the years to compare with.

    Sound-wise, they compared with others of the same and lower price ranges very mediocre. The good enough to listen to phone calls, pods and mediocre music in radio quality, but to listen to music in good quality is just hard, they sound like a pair of headphones for 99kr.

    Battery life is a big minus, I would like for the purpose clear me one day, but these do I need to download every lunch, sure they are very small and agile, I understand that it does not go into much cream in them, but with so much else Apple released it is unfortunately designed especially practical use that control.

    They sit actually really good in my ears, which I did not believe, so that's a plus.

    Had the cost 500kr would have been ok, for the price they have now is not worth buying in my
  • Perfect
    Fantastic smoothly, sits comfortably in your ears. Very good sound and it sounds great when talking on the phone with them. Gymmade exactly with mine. Best bargain in a long time!

    Apple has done it again, sets the bar for all. The only downside was the long delivery time!
  • Excellent
    Had them 3 weeks now. Had a bug first week that stemmed from my phone where they dropped the clutch the phone, but then Apple changed the phone they have worked flawless - I use them almost the entire day. And battery-case't is such a smart companion - popping them there when I listened to a party hours and need to go to the bathroom, a few minutes later and finished, I swish some hour to charge. Popping I set them in the fall for an entire refreshments / lunch, I basically the rest of the day uploaded.

    The interaction that you lose twice on them is smart - it works all winter with gloves and everything. Tillochmed the ski slopes. Just double-drop and ask Siri to send a message to "my wife" to "I take a ride to." I use Siri several times a day - especially to set reminders and calendars as well as call or Messa people. However, one would have liked to have someone more function here. Triple Tap to pause? However, no mini-mini-buttons that only works if I sit still and can play braille until I find the right.

    And the sound is better than many other headphones of this size - better than EarPods - and so good I do not find a need to cope with my big kids anymore. Remove and test them, for example, Ed Sheeran - Shape of You at 75-80% capacity. Listen intro and then jump to when the base joins at 2:00. I'm not saying it beats a pair of Grado headphones, but in everyday life when I make 1000 different activities are so good that my studio headphones seems very niche. Clearly, for 90% of the population, this sounds really really good for the price, portability and maneuverability AirPods and case story provides.
  • Perfect
    My best buy for a long time.
  • Very Poor
    Shit sounds outclassed by lurking for less than half price. Buy otherwise.
  • Very Poor
    Crap. Poor sound, even with extremely bad for the price range. The sound is good enough to call, but no fooling you want to use the music. Equally discarded fit the original wired headphones.
  • Decent
    These are ingenious, and they would have been perfect had it not been for Apple excluded volume control and the ability to change the song.
  • Decent
    Only if it could be connected to two mobiles simultaneously
  • Excellent
    Extremely happy with this purchase. Have had them for 10 days now. Everything exudes quality.

    + Clearly better sound than EarPods, have begun to listen more to music thanks to the
    + The I phoned has not been disturbed by ambient noise, even when I was next to a truck
    + Excellent battery life
    + Loading rapidly in the box
    + Good fit, do not go out even if I shake your head
    + Smart that you can answer / end by tapping on one handset

    - Would like to be able to control the sound by sliding your finger up the phone, now it's by turning on the Apple Watch screw key
    - A few calls have been some kind of static clicks in the headphones.
    - The box has the comfortable feel. I can not stop opening and closing the lid. Help!
  • Barely acceptable
    These are not at all worth at this price! I've heard much better sound for the money. However them cool.
  • Perfect
    Full marks! I liked earpodsen sharp and dream then became true with wireless airpods.

    + Fit. Sitting better than earpodsen.
    + Sound. A little heavier bass and more details.
    + The case. Battery of 24 hours.
    + Battery life. Around 5 hours and full charge in 30 minutes.
    + Pairing. Just flip up the case and headphones are paired.
    + Works on devices other than iOS such as Android.
    + Take a airpod and the music will pause.

    - No less. All gripes on price but completely wireless inears / pods located at this price!
  • Excellent
    Tilled them for about a week now. Very satisfied.
    Yes, the price may at first glance seem unjustifiably high. But compare it with other kids in the same segment are airpodsen relatively well priced.

    Sonically it is where it is. It is by no means bad sound but relative to the price, it's nothing to cheer about, of course, but I do not believe that's why you buy these headphones.

    Sitting good ears. Have banging so it is enough and to spare, but they remain. Do you feel unsure fit so test a few common earpods. If they are good so sit airpodsen good.

    The only thing I really miss is some form of control. Sure, double drop on the shell for play / pause is good, but will often find myself wanting to raise / lower the volume or change tracks and then it must be done via mobile phone. Siri are great, but the service is too slow for example, volume change.

    Otherwise, I'm sick satisfied. Think that they are the best handsets in its segment that is completely wireless,
  • Perfect
    Very good. Had them for over a week. All is well. Good battery life. Good sound. Good mic. The distance between the iPhone o Airpods before chops are incredible. Can lugging several rooms away.
    What you may not have the sound up o down but has Apple Watch, you do it on the scroll wheel instead. Music app is up at the clock all the time using Airpodsen. Really well done. Thought it seemed expensive before purchase. Afterwards feel the price is very affordable. To order a pair for now wife :).
    This makes the Samsung hard copy. Their headsets have 1.5 hours. Apple has 5 hours :-D
  • Excellent
    Finally, any company that has a simple way to connect himself to multiple devices. Ok sounds and good mic sound. Crazy fast to load! Recommended!
  • Very good
    They had a couple of hours now and am very satisfied. Used with the iPhone 5S, 6 and iPad Mini2. The thing that stands out is that they work. No interruptions, and you can wander far from the handset. In counterpart, it sounds as if you're talking to your phone and music sound is slightly better cable version,

    The most expensive team, but of course I think they are worth the money.