Samsung Gear S3 Classic

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  • Acceptable
    Gear s3 Review

    I have used the watch for three weeks now and I have to say I Love it I have the Classic Version … But it’s too bulky and not for the light handed people … Also the design is not very unisex which is wired…

    The leather strap is not the most comfortable I have used till date. It’s fat and not very flexible and with time it’s getting harder than softer which is again not very helpful.

    I have used the watch with an Samsung s7 edge, Android Nexus and iPhone there is not much difference between android and Samsung thou with Samsung you get better notification control the usage with iPhone is non-existent. Thou Samsung has released an iOS app it feels more like an insult to people who would want to buy the Gear s3 and use it with iPhone.

    With Samsung the Tizen OS is very well customized for the watch it completely feels like a well thought out and designed for the purpose OS. The rotating bezel gives it amazing usability edge over other Smart watches.

    I used the watch for sports and the exercise measuring is not as great as a Pebble or Fit bit which are designed for exercises purposes but it’s not worse that what apple watch or android does.

    The notification handling is good enough and till android releases ver 2.0 replying with keyboard on the Gear s3 is amazing feature to have… Not that I would want to type my business emails on it but for quick responses when you are in a meeting its great.

    There are a few third party apps but there is very limited selection but saying that you would never want to do a lot on the smaller screen as the more you squeeze in the worse you make it.

    I used Uber and Nest and both were great.

    In UK we don’t have the ability to use Samsung pay as that would have been great on TFL. I do use my apple watch and it works a treat which makes me use my Samsung watch only out of office hours.

    Answering calls on the Samsung is great the voice is clear and loud also using the bezel to control the volume and answering calls make it aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

    All in all a great watch if you like to wear a device which would look great and stand out ( Draw attention ) if you are looking for something less nosy this it not for you ….

    Also if you are planning to use it with iPhone forget it don’t insult your self.
    2 days ago
  • Excellent
    This is a stunning watch. If you already have the Gear 2 ... this is a natural progression.
    Slightly bigger than the Gear 2, but thats because of all the extra Tech.
    I have a Classic ... so looks a little more modern ... A smart smart watch which looks good with a suit, or jeans / tshirt.

    Links quickly to my phone apps - mainly used for Messages, Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook messages. But works with EVERY app on my phone. You can quickly choose which apps you can receive notifications for and to keep quiet.
    Your watch is basically a mini phone. You can use Voice commands to do everything.
    I Perticualy like the addition of the speaker so i can take phone calls when i cant get to my phone (upstairs or in a jacket when really cold!) - like 'Dick Tracy!' This has come in useful so many times lately whilst driving or not near my phone.

    The Patended bezel design is very easy to use ... and adding apps to the phone is simple.
    I love the sleep function, so i use it to track my sleep.
    Get onto youtube for some simple tips to get the best out of your device (like using the sensive touch .. so you can use gloves on your screen!)

    Additions to this over the gear 2 are - Altimeter, Barometer, Speedometer and the speaker. For me, i dont do enough bike riding or climbing ...
    It is IP68 (waterproof for 30mins to 1M) - which is good for a rain shower or an accident.
    4GB of memory .. by that is eaten up quickly ... Samsung claim you can listen to music with it .. but 4GB isnt a lot!

    The big PRO for me is the better battery ... i am getting 4 days out of mine.

    GET A SCREEN PROTECTOR IN IT ASAP! - My Gear 2 took a beating ... but a Glass screen protector safed the screen! Looked brand new when i sold it. It doesnt affect design / usage.

    Would i buy one now ... may be not at the £375 price tag ... i got mine discunted.
    But ... if i could upgrade from the Gear 2 > Gear 3 ... i would in a second.

    This is a great smart watch ... does almost everything i want .. just waiting for the Samsung TV app to come along!

    Missed one star as it is a little big compaired to some other watches ... and missing a few good apps
    3 days ago
  • Excellent
    On opening the box; I was initially very impressed with perceived level of quality in the watch and the charging mount, with the product looking very well made, classy and robust. Contrary to first expectations; the watch does not appear too bulky or heavy, though some may find it to be more suitable for a male wrist.
    In terms of practicality; I found the watch very easy and intuitive to use with particular praise for the rotating bezel and two button approach as a means of menu navigation.
    The smart watch is very quick to sync with my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) and was instantly reading messages, tweets, and emails – The large, bright, and clear display making the task of reading the notifications very easy.
    Notifications on the watch work well, though some time spent configuring them on an app by app basis will be well spent to ensure you are not constantly interrupted during the working day - particularly the S Health app reminding you to keep moving when you are desk based.
    Making and receiving calls via the watch is a little strange to begin with; though it is easy to get used to (maybe a little ‘showy’ in practice, were you to keep lifting the watch to your face like a spy…).
    The operating system (Tizen OS) does feel pretty snappy in daily use; though I am inclined to agree with other reviews that the use of this OS does tend to limit the apps available, with some apps feeling slightly pointless. On a positive note; there are some very useful apps available such as S Health and Spotify (to mention my favourites so far…).
    The S Health tracking capability has proven a useful motivator in the post-Christmas fitness kick, with a ‘friendly’ reminder to keep moving, track steps, and monitor heart rate. On occasion, the heart rate monitor may not be the most accurate due to wrist movement or sweating through exercise but gives a useful indicator nonetheless.
    In terms of battery life (a key concern for many…); I have been very impressed so far, having run through some simple tests and varying usage patterns:
    · Initial use – Lots of playing with functions and screen set to ‘auto-off’; I managed over 3 days usage with some to spare

    · Second test – Lots of playing with functions and screen set to ‘always on’; I saw a significant drop in battery life with the watch down to around 60% by the end of day one.

    · Third test – Again lots of fiddling with apps, screen set to ‘auto-off’, and wearing overnight (to test the sleep tracker functions…); I saw similar results to the first test.

    The fast charging capability of the rather smart looking magnetic charge base is an added bonus as it allows you to give the watch a quick blast of juice whilst getting ready in the mornings.
    With all things considered, this is a well-designed smart watch which I wasn't initially convinced I would need. Having spent the time with it in various environments (work, exercise, leisure, etc.), I would not hesitate to recommend this watch for its style, practicality and overall function. I can particularly see myself continuing to use the health tracking capabilities and, of course, it is really nice to be able to swap the straps and faces to go with whatever occasion or activity you like.
    4 days ago
  • Very good
    Unboxing and initial impressions:

    The Gear S3 comes in a very modern and stylish package – the top of the packaging is a clear container where you can see the Gear 360 in all its glory.

    Inside the packaging you get a charging station, documentation, charger and a wrist strap. The device comes attached to a mini tripod already.

    Initial impressions when I took it out of the box were that I was extremely impressed with the stainless steel casing, it is very solid, similar to expensive Swiss watches. The brushed metal finish is excellent, but I guess for £350 you should expect that. Connecting it to the phone was very easy via Bluetooth to my S7 Edge.

    The watch comes with a leather strap, I switched it out for a silicone strap.

    Whilst using it colleagues and friends alike were impressed by the watch and asked what it was. It certainly attracts people with its stylish looks.

    After two weeks of use, I'd like to give mey honest impressions.

    The Tizen software on the watch is actually very intuitive and easy to use. I’ve used android wear before, and I must say I don’t have a preference over either – Android Wear’s card system is very pleasant to use, but the tactile scroll wheel interface on the Gear S3 to be very good as it stops me from covering the screen with my finger as I swipe through the interface, (and decreases the fingerprints on my screen!).

    Another aspect of the software I really like is the automatic running detection – I like the fact that it tracks my walks to my local station and my runs automatically, and notifies you motivational words every 10 minutes.

    I got all the notifications I needed, and can reply using my watch. I can also take calls with my watch, which I think is a great little trick. Scrolling and swiping away notifications is a little less intuitive as the gesture for both is very similar. However this is a small issue which can be resolved in a future software update.

    Battery life has been good for me, I had low expectations. My previous smartwatch I used to charge everyday, this smartwatch I charge every 3 days which I was very impressed with.

    I guess the real issue with this watch and Tizen, is the app selection. It is incredibly poor, with the only extra one I installed being the Spotify app. It is a real shame as I really really like this watch’s build quality.

    Overall I believe the S3 range by Samsung is the best looking smartwatch by far the market currently. The Tizen software has it downfalls, particularly in the app selection, but the battery life and build quality of the watch beats everything in the market so far. The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android, although it is best used with the a Samsung phone, especially if you need to use the health apps on it.

    4 days ago
  • Excellent
    I am an OAP and the owner of a Samsung Gear S3 having recently updated from the S2. So, I was particularly interested to find out if the S3 is an improvement on the S2 and whether it was suitable for older people.

    The S3 is a quality, smartwatch. It is well designed, looks stunning and the wide screen is superb; quite ideal for those with failing eyesight. It is significantly larger than the S2 and people with smaller wrists might find it too big, so perhaps Samsung need to also manufacture a smaller model. The bezel itself enhances its classic appearance. Old folk will find it so very easy to control because it glides effortlessly between the fingers. So, we have both a traditional yet very modern look which should appeal to many people. Its build-quality is impressive. It feels robust but certainly not heavy and the leather strap is comfortable albeit mundane. I happily wear my S3 in bed but some may find that uncomfortable There is a vast array of alternatives available for purchase if you prefer another strap. Similarly, an amazing number of watch faces are available to suit all tastes and can be changed to reflect different outfits and styles.

    The S3 battery lasts quite a lot longer than the S2 which I had to charge daily. The S3 can lasts nearly three days even when constantly on. Using the wireless charging cradle, which is bigger than the S2 equivalent, is quick and not at all fiddly because the watch is held in place magnetically. As the watch face sits on its side in its cradle, I use it as a very convenient night watch.

    The built-in GPS is great and older people will find it very useful for finding their way. The various flash lights apps available are a real help when fumbling with a key in the dark. No need to carry a torch - the S3 shines brightly! Improvements to the microphone and speaker mean that both sound and voice quality are surprisingly good and a big improvement over the S2. Using the S3 directly for phoning is therefore straightforward and calls are clear at both ends. Streaming music via the watch and receiving notifications on the wrist almost seems to make the phone redundant and it can remain, rather thankfully, more often in your pocket or handbag. Notifications are attractively presented and there are quick and easily managed options for responding to them. Phoning directly via the S3 is good and calls are clear at both ends.

    As an OAP, I do find the S3 indispensable and wholeheartedly recommend it although it is expensive. It is very responsive and operating it does not involve a steep learning-curve. The interface is straightforward and you can easily add, delete and move widgets to your heart's content. The app choice was very limited with the S2 but has been substantially extended and now includes Spotify and, Uber for Gear although key gaps remain to be filled. Older people will find some of the available apps extremely valuable. The S Health is most useful for me but perhaps irksome for some because it prompts one to keep moving! It automatically monitors walking, cycling, sleep, hear-rate and now floor tracking with the advent of the altimeter and a host of new exercises are also now monitored. No wonder I am looking much fitter! Unfortunately, steps data still varies considerably between smartphone and smartwatch by as much as 3000 in 10000 step. I can also keep up to date with weather and news and being forgetful, I frequently use the excellent voice recognition to add a reminder. Easy Peasy!

    The S3 is a super smartwatch with wide appeal but is particularly useful for older people. I certainly find it to be so. I really do feel young at heart wearing and using it. It is bigger and better than the S2 in almost all ways. There are still issues but Samsung has certainly delivered one of the best smartwatches currently on the market.
    4 days ago
  • Excellent
    I have been waiting for a long time to get a smartwatch. In the beginning I didnt want to invest in any of the available ones due to the market being too new and the prices were high for even bad quality watches. But recently I had been researching seriously and was about to invest in the Huawei or Moto 360 when I heard about the Samsung Gear S3. The more I read the more I started falling in love with it. I was worried that It was not an android wear device but infact a samsung Tizen OS based device, but the features were amazing.
    So I finally gave in and ordered the S3 Classic. I work in an office and wanted a watch that would not jump out and look out of place, but still have enough wow factor to become to envy of anyone who saw it, and the classic had all that going for it. It has all the features of the best smartwatches out there and it has the looks of a regular premium watch.
    I had read from a lot of remarks that the watch was very big, but when I got mine, the size was just perfect for my arms. I have not had an issue wearing it all day, and some nights too, as it has a sleep monitor as well, so it can tell you how your sleep was.
    The Samsung Gear app that you need to install on your phone to use it was super easy to install and setup. It gives you all the flexibility you need to to play around with the watch.
    S-health, the health app from samsung takes all the data from your watch e.g. steps you took, floors you climbed, heartrate, sleep stats etc and presents it in a nice way.
    I can go on and on describing the beauty as ease of use of this product. All I can say is, you need to try this.
    The only negative thing about this watch is the price. But when you are getting all this at that price, the pain of spending your hard earned money slowly goes away.
    4 days ago
  • Very good
    The Samsung Gear S3 Classic is a really good looking watch absolutely packed with features.
    Everything about it about it screams quality, the box is classy looking, keeping in the Samsung design. Everything in it is well laid out and easy to find. Set up was very easy, and it paired with my Samsung S7 phone before I'd even realised it.
    There's loads of features on the watch which are very easy to use and a number of watch faces to choose from.
    The fitness tracker seems very accurate and whilst you can turn off notifications if they get too annoying, you can also customise them (and the other features) to make it more personal to how you want to use the watch.
    However, the one drawback to the watch is the battery life which the claims of 4 days seem very far-fetched, I struggle to get 2 days out of it.
    Classy design
    Great quality
    Loads of features
    Easy to use
    Poor battery life
    7 days ago
  • Perfect
    I chose the Classic because it has a more stylish and it is with a classic look. With a really neat bracelet in matching color becomes really powerful.
    It has happened a lot since the first Gear S is the time to put on the shelf.
    Dials in amounts. Attractive design faster handling and learning curve.
    It weighs lightly on the arm and looks considerably more manly on the arm.
    The rotating menu system is really good.
    The range of applications is perhaps not a abundance of. Battery life is significantly improved 3 days at normal .Jag still feel that everything is in its place. I do not miss sim place walls.Will you have a stylish watch with additional digital beauty is this what you're looking for. Recommended.
    7 days ago
  • Perfect
    I’ve owned a number of smart watches from the apple watch to a number of Android Wear watches in the past few years. This is my first experience with the Tizen operating system and so far I absolutely love it. I find that the Tizen operating is more intuitive for me than Android Wear when it comes to usability. Using the Gear s3 feels natural and simpler to use.
    It’s not larger than any of the G-Shock watches I own. The Gear s3 size may be a downside for some but I personally think the larger size is a step in the right direction for these watches. Yes, they should have another version for women and men with smaller wrists. This larger size might look large at first, but then again...if you absurdly big did the original Samsung Galaxy Note phone look when it came out? Now, phones that size are the norm. It's not too heavy either. It's heavy enough to feel like a solid, well-made time piece, but light enough to easily forget you're wearing it.
    The design, though big, is more attractive than the Apple Watch. Both Gear S3 models put on a good show thanks to the combination of its fitness features like on the Gear Fit2 and smart watch functions as on the Gear S2, wrapped up in one single device. This Frontier model definitely looks more rugged than the classic and comes with a rubberised strap as standard, while the more comes with a premium black leather strap as standard. However, both models can accept any 22mm standard watch strap. It's rated to be able to take a beating and the IP68 rating means it can be survive being dropped into 5ft of water for 30 minutes. The face has a lot of matte surfaces so it doesn't draw too much attention, but there are enough shiny accents that keep it looking sharp.
    This thing does everything I would want from a smart watch. It's quick and responsive, the interface is pretty simple, and you can add on whatever widgets you need to keep things quick and smooth. Calls are clear on both ends, making hands free pretty literal. All notifications are nice to look at with response options available on the screen. If the watch doesn't have a compatible response, it will open the specific app on your phone as soon as you unlock your phone. Altimeter and barometer are both accurate when comparing to external instruments. Pedometer is also relatively accurate. The heart rate monitor also works flawlessly. Plus, the wrist vibrations are fantastic, unlike my Huawei watch which was so weak that I would often miss notifications.
    One of the most annoying parts of owning a smart watch is the "pouring coffee" arm manoeuvre you have to do just to see the time. I'm over that. It works great on the gear S3 and is responsive when done correctly. But sometimes you can't pour that coffee because you're holding something or whatever, and you suddenly realize this smart watch is more dumb than smart at times. I was carrying a big box recently and someone asked me the time, I glanced at my watch and it was a blank screen. But I couldn't do the manoeuvre. So I pathetically said, I don't know what time it is. I now always use the watch with the Always-On mode turned on and I can actually get close to 3 full days of use with Always-On on... that's a huge practical step in the right direction. This is after all, a watch.
    Battery life:
    As I mentioned above, I’m really impressed with the battery life. With the Always-On feature enabled I can get close to 3 days of usage. The watch will get 4 full days of usage when Auto- On screen mode is enabled. As for charging, the Gear S3 comes with a charging cradle which is really convenient. When charging, the device sits sprung up on a vertical panel, held in place by magnets. This allows you to monitor the charging process easily and even use the Gear S3 as a night watch by your bed.
    Ambient light Sensor:
    It's interesting how Samsung doesn't really advertise this feature and yet you have Motorola leaving their infamous "flat tire" on their watches just so they can have that same feature. For a watch, this feature is an essential and practical feature that a surprising number of smart watches don't have. It's a small feature, but makes the user experience better and I think worth noting here.

    Overall, I believe Gear S3 is the best smart watch money can buy right now.
    10 days ago
  • Very good
    This is a great smartwatch for those who own a samsung smartphone. The device is well built, has a lovely screen and is extremely responsive. There are plenty of watch faces to chose from and plenty of apps to install. The only issue I see is that to use all the features of the watch you need a samsung device. I have also seen no slowdowns when using the watch over a few days and it can get through a day fine as long as its charged overnight.
    10 days ago
  • Perfect
    This watch simply adheres to my needs. It looks smart as a smart watch should, however, has the detail to be either a smartwatch or ordinary watch. I like how you can change the display face to suit your needs or favourites. You can also change the settings to allow the face to always be on or not.

    The watch is made well, and is sturdy, but is quite light weight and not bulky on your wrist. The leather strap is a soft texture as to not rub your skin, and moulds well to your wrist - these are changeable! To give the watch an edge, it has a rotating bezel which is a feature I have not seen elsewhere yet, this could be because most other smartwatches arent designed to resemble ordinary watches whereas this one does.

    Due to this model, it needs to be connected to your phone at all times to be able to use it to its full capacity. In relation to this, the watch has been designed to allow you to receive notifications but not reply to them, so this is something to bare in mind when making your decision on model type - this suited my needs. The battery life is adequate for my usage, get quite a lot of charge and use out of the watch. Instructions are easy to follow and functionality is easy to get your head around, so simple to set up and get going. Ideally to improve this product, the manufacturers would consider allowing it to connect with a variety of android phones instead of being bespoke to Samsung but overall, so happy with my new watch, definitely worth the investment!
    10 days ago
  • Excellent

    I’ve always been an early adopter when it comes to technology. When a new device catches my attention it’s hard to get it out of my mind until I try it and love it or hate it. I’ve always been fascinated with wearables when wearables were still not a big thing, at least in Europe. While Fitbit was already growing a big community in the States, I was one of the few among my circles of friends and colleagues in the UK owning a Fitbit Flex. Some people were really skeptical about it, the majority didn’t even know what that band on my wrist was. Others were doubting its usefulness or even accuracy. But I knew Fitbit was going to be a success and it was just a matter of time before it started spreading like a virus. But a good kind of virus.

    A few years later, in 2014, Google released Android Wear. I remember the excitement when Motorola announced the Moto 360. That really caught my attention because it was a circular watch, the shape I expect a watch to have (yes Apple, I am talking to you). Yes, it had the infamous flat-tire effect, but ultimately it didn’t bother me too much and I bought it. While loving many things of that watch, I knew I needed to deal with some compromises, not an easy premise for a guy like me that would love to have the “ultimate tech set” equipment.

    The compromises like battery life, lack of serious fitness tracking capabilities on the Moto or the dull style on the Fitbit (I wouldn’t say Fitbit ever released good looking trackers before 2016) were always the reasons why I have been switching between the two categories.

    I still own a 2nd Gen Moto 360, which I absolutely love and corrects many of the issues of the 1st Generation and it’s been battling against a Fitbit Charge 2 to stay on my wrist, as I would be curious to use the Moto as my main smartwatch when Android Wear 2.0 is released. Although, like in a Shakespearean poem a plot twist was behind the corner and now I have a Gear S3 Classic equipped with Samsung proprietary Tizen OS.

    Let’s see what Samsung has to offer here.


    The first thing to notice when you open the cylindrical box containing the watch is the build quality and attention to detail that was put into designing and assembling this watch. I love the design of the classic as its natural grey stainless steel look and the elegant black leather band makes for an evergreen look. The S3 also comes in a version called Frontier, which has a thicker silicon band and a black finish on the crown and bezel and buttons that are rubberised. While the Classic tries to convey a more elegant look, the Frontier aims to appeal sports enthusiasts or more active people in general.
    Both versions, despite being marketed to slightly different audiences are IP68 certified, which means they’re dust and waterproof (up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes) and Samsung also tested the S3 with military level standards to ensure their durability and resistance in extreme situations like very hot or very low temperatures.
    I like big watches too and the 46mm display with a 1.6” Super Amoled technology (360x360pp) is definitely not small. While the Gear S2 was probably a better fit for a woman’s wrist, the Gear S3 finds its natural habitat both in terms of design and size on a man’s wrist.
    Something I can’t easily explain is how well the watch sits on my wrist despite the case is evidently big. If I watch it (no pun intended) from a certain angle I can see how the case seems particularly bulky, and that is a noticeable difference with my Moto 360, which feels more natural. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear comfortably your S3, it just took me a couple of hours to forget about this, and as I said - it looks great.

    It would also be unfair to compare the Moto to this S3 in terms of bulkiness because Samsung really packed every sensor they could think of. I’m talking about a Wi-Fi module, NFC, GPS, MST, Bluetooth 4.2, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a Heart Rate Monitor, a speedometer, a barometer, an altimeter, and an ambient light. The latter is not on the “surface” of the display but on a layer “behind” the screen which allows to this watch to adjust the brightness automatically while maintaining the full-rounded look without the flat-tire effect.
    So all these sensors needed to find room and the thickness is justified and ultimately not a big deal in my opinion. And a speaker, let’s not forget there’s a speaker too.

    The band is interchangeable with any standard 22mm band and the mechanism to replace it is really easy to operate. The leather might be a bit stiff at first but it’s also a matter of taste, and I think my Moto 360 in that regard still has one of the best quality leathers I’ve found on a watchband. In the box you find a replacement band in a different size so you know your S3 will suits you just fine, for smaller or bigger wrists (110mm for the S size, 130mm for the L size).

    Included you can also find the wireless charging cradle and a small manual for a quick setup and how-to use. It’s worth mentioning the wireless cradle doesn’t use a Qi standard, which means that if you own other wireless charger pads you won’t be able to use them to charge the S3. I believe this could be(come) a big inconvenience for obvious reasons, and I think manufacturers should just stick to standards to improve compatibility across products even for different brands. You definitely don’t want to forget your cradle in your hotel room, and just keep your fingers crossed that it just doesn’t stop working all of a sudden or get damaged.

    Under the hood the beating heart of the watch is the Samsung’ Exynos 7270, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.0GHz, and 768MB of RAM. This is more than enough to perform without hiccups all the tasks without lags or whatsoever. The experience in terms of speed on Tizen OS and this Gear S3 is a breeze and always excellent. A chip stores also 4GB of internal memory where you can save music, photos and apps. I’ll dig more into this in a later section.
    Finally, a 380mAh battery keeps this jewel running for 3-4 days according to Samsung’s claims, although that would come at a cost of keeping the Always-On-Display off.
    But again, more on this later.


    This is my first experience with a Tizen OS watch (version at the moment of this review) and I have to say that coming from Android Wear the learning curve seems steep at first. Luckily that is just a first impression, because you get the gist quite soon, at least for the basics.

    The first thing you need to know is download Samsung Gear from Google Play (or the Galaxy Apps store) to pair and connect your watch. I should have probably raised this earlier but you need a phone with at least 1.5GB of RAM and running at least Android 4.4. This is the list of compatible devices: .
    Nothing too crazy, after all if you’re considering spending 350 quid on a smartwatch you probably spent a similar (or greater) amount on your smartphone and have a newer Android release, but you should know. It’s also just been released an iOS app to connect the S3 to iPhone (release date: 07/01/2017) but support to apps and actual capabilities are crippled. If you have an iPhone and you don’t want to switch to Android my recommendation is to save your money as the S3 won’t help you very much. The only choice you really have in that case is Apple Watch. If you have an Android phone with the specs I mentioned above - then this is worthy of consideration although even in this case you won’t benefit 100% from what Samsung packed in this watch. If you have a recent Samsung phone, the S3 can be one of your best choices.
    But now let’s navigate the watch, let’s understand its flow.

    Follow me.

    You start on your watchface. If you keep tapped you can select different watchfaces (or you can use your Samsung Gear app to do the same). You can also customise some of the existing styles. Some watchfaces have some interactive parts, and if you tap a specific area you can for example start the stopwatch function.

    Swipe towards your left or rotate the bezel clockwise and you’ll access the widget menu.
    This is like a quick access hub where you can set your favourite apps to show you something: weather forecast, create a reminder, see the calendar appointments, etc. If you keep tapped you can add/remove widgets and edit the order in which they’re shown like you would do on a smartphone.

    If you swipe towards your right or rotate the bezel counterclockwise you’ll access the notification menu. In case you’re wondering you have an indicator on the main watchface which alerts you of notifications in case you missed (or disabled) the vibration.
    I found myself deleting notifications by accident at first (maybe too much practice with Android Wear). In the case of receiving multiple emails or texts you can scroll through them with the bezel or using the touchscreen, and by tapping on an indicator on the right you can access a contextual menu to clear the notifications, blocking the app or replying if the action is supported. You can use different inputs for the replies: emojis, handwriting, a small T9 keyboard (which works surprisingly well for short texts despite its tiny size), standard preset replies or even with your own voice.

    Managing the notifications is quite easy from the companion app on the phone, similarly to what happens on Android Wear where you can block certain apps from ever sending notifications to your watch.

    From the main watch face, pressing the bottom right button opens the app menu where the complete list of apps follows the inner bezel. Rotate this to access apps, settings or even installing new apps directly from the watch.

    Let’s talk about the apps now. The list of actually useful apps is not huge, but Samsung will invest (this is actually happening already) to get more developers to build apps for Tizen so we I wouldn’t be surprised to see a surge in the number of new apps this year.

    At the moment the biggest catch in my opinion is having to forget about Google Maps, Google’s voice assistant and the seamless integration between apps on the phone and on the watch.
    The way Android Wear works is checking for the phone and downloading the part of the code related to the Wear app (which is built-in in the main app).

    Let’s take an easy example. When you download Uber from Google Play, you’re downloading an app which contains also the code that will be executed and interpreted by the watch, if it’s equipped with Android Wear. On Tizen, this doesn’t work and needs a different companion app, which you can download as per usual from the watch or from the Samsung Gear App.

    It’s annoying, and I say annoying because I would prefer to avoid having “duplicate” apps on my phone, as we’re entering into a territory where flagship phones with 32GB of memory are becoming the new 16GB.

    I mentioned the lack of Google Maps, and this is one of the biggest things I miss from my Moto.

    After a promise I made to myself about not riding a bike in London ever again in 2014, I actually bought a second hand bike and decided it was the perfect occasion to test a few things against my Fitbit Charge 2, Moto 360 and the Gear S3.

    The “official” maps app on the S3 is HERE WeGo. It’s not a bad app, but it’s not Google Maps, and for my specific purpose it was useless because bike directions are not supported yet. It gives directions only by walking or driving. Also no public transportation. Big letdown for those who are spending a lot of time commuting or moving around the city. So my test didn’t work properly because the only good directions I could follow were the one from the Moto.


    One department where the S3 shines is as a fitness tracker. Android Wear hasn’t done a good job despite the launch of Google Fit and its implementation on the watches. We’re just not there yet.

    The S3 can actually aspire at being a replacement for a Fitbit and depending on many aspects, it does the job. It tracks not only steps but also sleep and other sports automatically.

    I have been wearing a Charge 2 for several days and nights alongside the S3 and the results turned out to be very similar. Most days the discrepancy showed the Fitbit showing a difference between 3-10% more steps compared to the S3 (and Fitbit trackers tend to be overestimating steps). Some occasional bigger discrepancies were shown when the step count is towards the lower side, while it becomes more marginal the more steps you take.
    I was also able to automatically track a bike ride with no issues on both devices.

    Sleep has been recorded often similarly between the two devices, although I believe the always-on HR monitor of the Fitbit can be more accurate, especially when I woke up in the morning moving around the bed and checking my phone without actually ever leaving the bed. The S3 in the same scenario took a lot more to realise I was awake.

    All this data is subsequently stored in S Health, your health hub basically. It also has a social aspect, so you can challenge and beat your friends for example. But this is probably the biggest difference between the S3 and a Fitbit: the community. Fitbit has a very big community nowadays and if seeing how you rank among your friends and challenge them is something you’re looking for, you would be missing out with S Health. Clearly being this an app used by people with a Samsung phone or people who owns other Samsung wearables who downloaded it your selection of friends can be quite limited. But you can’t really complain otherwise, the S3 does a very good job as an activity tracker, that is out of doubt.


    Samsung claims the Gear S3 can last 4 days with a single charge. This is true to a certain extent, but it requires to turn off the Always-On screen. If you prefer to leave the screen on, the battery can last around 2 full days (wearing it 24 hours per day to track sleep too). I think this is a very decent battery life for a “real smartwatch”. This is due also to the power efficiency of the chip produced by Samsung, which is smaller and less hungry for power compared to the Snapdragon 400 which is one of the main CPUs used on most Android Wear devices.
    The power saving mode is quite effective and can help you stretch the usage time in case you need it.
    If you make a light usage of your smartwatch but keep the always-on display activated, you can still get up to 2.5 days in my experience, which is not bad at all but don’t expect to play Spotify from it constantly. Yes, you can listen to music through Spotify directly from your wrist, or even watch videos, photos, or music saved in the storage. Of the 4GB advertised, around 2.4GB are free and can be utilised to store music to play independently from the phone. This is a quite nice feature to have, and if you pair the watch with wireless headphones you can even pretend you’re coming from the future. I think this is pretty neat for runners, who can use the GPS directly from the watch and track their activity, listen to the music and leave the phone home.

    There are a few things that bug me though - such as the lack of a Frontier version with a LTE module, which is not available for some reason in Europe. I wouldn’t use it personally but I know many who would like to have the opportunity of making phone calls directly from their wrist and without their phone in their pocket, even at the cost of looking silly.

    Another big miss is the lack of support for Samsung Pay as the service hasn’t launched yet in the UK or most countries anyway. This means giving up that payment function through the NFC for contactless payments and the MST, which simulates the magnetic strip on payment machines not supporting contactless payment. This would be an absolute gamechanger, and it’s not a case this has been praised by tech blogs in the US and advertised so much by Samsung. This is really simplifying acts in everyday life and reducing friction when paying.


    The Gear S3 is one of the best wearables I’ve tested - and I’ve tested many. And yet, I don’t know if it’s the best device for me.
    I think the biggest issue I have with it is knowing I can’t rely on Google apps, but on Samsung apps and ecosystem. If you own a Samsung you’re gonna be really happy with this smartwatch, and if you own another Android device you might still love it.

    But before buying this £349 smartwatch you need to think about why you need a smartwatch, and in particular this one.

    Do you want Google Maps directions and using its Voice Assistant? Get an Android Wear and/or wait until when Wear 2.0 gets released this year. But forget about IP68 certification, decent-volume speaker, GPS and ultimately a watch which can do a lot on its own without a phone nearby.

    Do you want a fitness tracker with a huge community? Consider a Fitbit, but forget about advanced notification settings, impeccable design, and more smart functions.

    Do you want a smartwatch that tries to do it all and for the most part it delivers on this promise? Get the Gear S3, but knowingly you’ll miss those functions I described above.

    We still live in an uncertain World where we don’t really know where smartwatches are going, but Samsung was able to build an elegant timepiece with a beautiful screen, all the sensors you could think about having and pretty much able to do a good (or excellent) job at anything a modern smartwatch can do and as a result, this is one of the best smartwatches out there, the one that actually doesn't want to go for too many compromises.
    11 days ago
  • Good
    I got my Gear S3 Classic via the Insiders network. The watch looks good, feels light and its not bulky. The leather strap is soft and provides a snug fit to the wrist.
    The rotating bezel is a marvel, its kinda a new way to interact with your watch and it gives it that sophisticated appearance.
    The Classic, does not have LTE functionality, so you would need to have it connected to your phone always, to get the most from it.
    You can change watch faces like socks, and you can also choose whether yu want the face to be always on or not.
    Notifications work out of the box, but unfortunately you can not respond to the notifications from the watch.
    Battery life is decent but I would have preferred a watch that goes at least half a week without charging.
    I would also wish to see this watch getting compatible with other brands' high-end smartphones.
    Overally, the build quality is great, the look and feel is great, but features are limited. I want to see this watch do more!
    12 days ago
  • Excellent
    I have been using the Samsung Gear S3 for a month now. I was previously using the LG Urbane and loved it due to the ease of getting updates and controlling music from my wristwatch in the rain or cold weather. But then the S3 took everything up more than a couple of notches. Now I could not only monitor my steps and heart rate and use the watch as a remote for the phone, I could also answer calls due to its builtin speaker, It had a GPS builtin which was useful for my cycling and walking marathons. It also has an altimeter and barometer, though I haven't used those much yet.
    I can use it to watch YouTube videos via an app, use it as a remote to take pictures from my phone via an app too. The clarity of the screen is amazing and it actually looks as if you are wearing a real watch. I love the rotating bezel which is used as a scroll wheel, it amazing. It is large but I always wanted one that had more surface area so that is a plus for me. As of now the Samsung pay has not started working in UK so that will be a massive addition to my usability once that is implemented.
    12 days ago
  • Perfect
    Best Watch Ever !

    Had the Samsung Gear S3 Classic over a week now, it's so useful in my everyday life, I used to get my phone out every 10 mins to have a look to see if I have a notification, I don't have to with the Gear S3 Classic as all the notification appear on it.

    I exercise a lot so the Gear S3 is very handy to track my workout, put a stop watch on, change songs.

    It looks fantastic too.
    14 days ago
  • Perfect
    I have had other smart watches, but none come close to the Samsung Gear S3 Classic. The highest compliment I can say is it looks like a premium watch (forget the Smart part for now it looks amazing and many people have commented on it).

    It has many built in selectable faces with hundreds more that can be downloaded giving your watch a person touch and different looks as you see fit. It is also a standard 22mm strap meaning it is easily interchangeable with thousands of available straps.

    Some of the features I have found to be the most useful are:
    * Making/Receiving Calls and replying to texts from the watch direct, also especially hand in work meetings that you can just glance at watch to see who is calling rather than taking phone out.
    * Controlling Spotify on your wrist (especially handy when working out)
    * S Health Integration meaning all workouts are automatically recorded inc Steps. floors, HR, Pace, distance as well as being able to record water and caffeine intake etc.
    * Samsung Pay ( still awaiting activation in UK but when it is you will be able to pay just by holding your watch to the card terminal instead of your phone)
    * S Voice makes everything you want to do so much easier by giving voice commands to make calls, send texts, read texts, set reminders and alarms or navigation commands like 'find restaurants'
    * Get an Uber straight from your wrist thanks to the built in GPS in the watch

    All in its a Premium Watch that can be personalised to your liking whilst retaining the premium look and a suite of fantastic apps to make use of Samsungs Tizen OS which is optimised for the watch
    15 days ago
  • Very good
    I had the original moto 360 smart watch before i bought this samsung gear s3. after unboxing, updating, connected to phone and playing with the gs3 for half hour, I immediately thought this is worth the upgrade!

    Its looks very sleek, stylish watch with the stainless steel build and the leather strap. the watch has a 1.3 inch OLED screen that is clear, vibrant and responsive, also the screen is a full circle (unlike the moto 360 with the flat tyre look), has a built in speaker, IP68 Waterproof rating aswell as all the other specs in smart watches. it also has a bigger battery than the gear s2, lasted me just over 3days just using it as a normal watch, looking at notifications occasionally which is pretty impressive for a smart watch! a quick half hour charge would easily get me through a whole day at work and then some!
    There is also Samsung pay, a form of NFC payment, it would be very handy once it comes into play as it will work with being connected to your phone!

    Samsung's twist bezel is really intuitive and easy to use, keeps finger prints off the screen!
    samsung smart watches run on tizen OS, not android wear OS, which in some ways is better as its runs faster and smoother but lack of aps and games let the OS down.

    The gear s3 comes with a wireless magnetic dock which I really like, the watch feels more secure whilst charging.
    In the box, it also comes with a additional smaller strap which is handy for smaller wrists. the interchangeable straps is straight forward to do, only takes a 5 minutes or so.

    In my opinion, the Samsung gear s3 classic is the best smart watch out there at the moment, however there are a couple of draw backs of this watch.
    * Lack of apps on Tizen OS
    * Android pay support would be very useful
    * Watch is a bit bulky for smaller wrists like my self
    16 days ago
  • Excellent
    This is the first smart watch I have used. It is incredibly useful!

    One big plus for women like me. I have it paired to my phone which means when I am out and about I can make and receive calls from the watch rather having to delve into my handbag. I have it set to vibrate which means I always notice an incoming call where sometimes I don’t hear the phone in the bag.

    I have the SHealth activated and can track steps, stairs, exercise, water and coffee intake etc etc. I am finding this motivational and useful.
    I can review incoming emails or text messages. It even has some short auto replies for texts. Voice recognition is so so and typing is hard but frankly I don’t really need it for that.

    It’s fun being able to change watch faces. It comes with several and more can be downloaded. It looks quite smart but it is big – it is not delicate looking on a ladies wrist! But if it was small the text and other detail would not be as clear. As it is even my husband, who is severely sight impaired, can read the text – much to his surprise!

    Overall I am really pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone who is tempted by a smartwatch – especially if you have a Samsung phone to pair it to.

    I got the watch to try through but the views are all my own.
    17 days ago
  • Perfect
    outstanding value of money..must have watch and if you have samsung smartphone..I love this watch as having previously owned gear S2 now s3 is must have watch.
    20 days ago
  • Perfect
    So I had watch for a few days now and I'm very impressed with it! First of all Gear S3 Classic looks really smart and expensive. With only couple touches you can change the face of watch from classic watch face to let say sport watch or something really wacky! There's hundreds of watch faces that you can find in Samsung App store for any occasion.
    Other fantastic feature is GPS built in. I have test GPS next to mine Garmin Fenix 3 and it was spot on! I measured cadence, heart rate, pace, average speed etc you name it. I look with a pinch of salt at HR built in watches and always use chest strap to get proper readings during workout. Saying that heart rate measured by Gear S3 during my 5K run was same as the one measured with chest strap on Garmin Fenix 3 which impressed me a lot.
    Another feature that I absolutely loved was able to get music on my watch, meaning I can leave my phone at home and stream music from my watch to my bluetooth earphones. Love it Love it Love it.
    Having Spotify app is great and love being able to control my spotify from my watch. Wish there was option to save music for offline listening to your watch but hopefully will see that enabled with future updates.
    Shame we don't have samsung pay in UK yet as ability to pay with your phone sounds amazing! Once again no doubt that will come in early 2017 or with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8.
    Activity tracking on Gear S3 has everything you would expect: steps counter, Sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, stress levels and so on. I recommend you to use it with Samsung S-Health to take full advantage of it.

    I short it's perfect watch for any occasion from business meeting to great fitness watch.

    Hundreds of face washes
    Great battery life
    Samsung Pay
    Storage for music
    Fitness watch capabilities
    Design (Looks Gorgeous)
    Built Quality feels premium
    Display looks stunning
    Fantastic rotating bezel implementation
    HR monitor
    IP68 rating


    Nothing so far
    20 days ago
  • Perfect
    A few days with the Gear S3 Classic and first impressions is that the watch hardware seems to be well-built, light, not too thick or wide on my wrist. I Forget im wearing it half the time its that comfortable to wear The rotating bezel is a very cool and works really well turn it clockwise for your widgits anti clockwise for notifications, besides the touchscreen, of interacting with the watch interface. Setting it up and pairing with my Galaxy S6 was very easy and painless, and my favourite feature so far is the vast amount of watch faces that can be downloaded and swapped with a simple finger on the watch face for a second or two then swipe left or right or use the rotating bezel the try out your next watch face. Also the fitness app is brilliant tracking my steps beats per minute and sleep all automatically and also dont let the strap put you as these are easily changeable with many out there to buy. I can say is if your thinking about buying the gear s3 dont think about it just buy it you wont be disappointed

    Here is a list of what I like about this smartwatch so far:

    Looks like a watch (especially with always on face)
    Build quality
    Rotating bezel
    Bright screen
    Responsive touchscreen
    Solid magnetic charging base
    Built-in Wifi
    Battery life
    Ease of use
    Complete integration with my phone
    Notifications and alerts available instantly right there
    Weather widget/app
    S Health components
    Hundreds of watch faces for customization
    Will be able to remove my FitBit Charge HR
    Here is a list of things i dislike
    •none i have yet to find anything i dislike about this beautifully piece of technology
    24 days ago
  • Perfect
    This is the watch the s2 shoukd have been, the classic looks so stylish and had many compliments about how it looks. The extra sensors are great and having the speaker is so good. The size is perfect for my wrist and it is really well built. Batter life is good better too 70% after a day of timers, alarms and reminders to help with the Christmas dinner
    25 days ago
  • User reviews from other countries

  • Perfect
    I have now taken Gear S3 Classic then release December 2 (ordered it from and is only possitiv. I had the Classic Gear s2 which I was very happy with, so it was a bit of a doubt that I added a pre-order on the clock.
    Now this is something I regret, but on the contrary, this watch is a big step forward compared to the Gear S2.

    Battery life is outstanding, be some days when I have always always on display on (do not like when it's black).
    One thing that surprised me possitivt is now built-in speaker, tried to use the watch phone and it works great.

    Otherwise, splash and interface from Gear S2 left, turning on the dial to navigate and the icons are recognized. However, it is quite different clock faces to choose from compared to S2, but it probably depends on the difference in the size of these.

    If you have a coin over and it is time to change the clock, I recommend this hot. And as previous reviewers have written, you will get credit for that you have a nice watch.
  • Acceptable
    Hardware: It is completely canon, lightweight (which is important for me) not too bulky and looks very good. The convenience is considering higher and it delivers it. If I would have, and mention a downside it is that the spinning frame is loose a little bit about pulling it sideways, but no one cares really.

    Software: My first 'smartwatch' and was a little disappointed that I could not answer hangouts messages (a OnePlus 3 that I use it to) when I googled it looked like I needed to Android Wear, but I could not pair it with clock and uninstalled it again. But it turned out that it could only have it installed on your phone, so it works to respond to the hangouts and email (gmail in my case). The downside is that I can not open an email program or message program to read my email and message, no need to send something so I can svara.Det feels like a hardware manufacturer trying to compete with software vendors (Google) and it's probably a really bad idea. The documentation says I should go to the apps, and click e-mail, but there is no such. On their website informs the over 10,000 apps available for download, but not, perhaps assuming all ugly dials. Spotify does not work, it starts Spotify on mobile phones then it says 'BT disconnected'.

    Regret little that I chose it but at the same time not. Wish Samsung is not trying to be something they are not. But still, I would choose one of all that is there, I would probably nöjja me with this anyway. Next watch is guaranteed to be an Android Wear compatible clock, as long as the hardware is up to standard so that the clock does.
  • Perfect
    I chose the Classic because it has a more stylish and it is with a classic look. With a really neat bracelet in matching color becomes really powerful.
    It has happened a lot since the first Gear S is the time to put on the shelf.
    Dials in amounts. Attractive design faster handling and learning curve.
    It weighs lightly on the arm and looks considerably more manly on the arm.
    The rotating menu system is really good.
    The range of applications is perhaps not a abundance of. Battery life is significantly improved 3 days at normal användande.Jag still feel that everything is in its place. I do not miss sim place alls.Vill you have a stylish watch with additional digital beauty is this what you're looking for. Recommended.
  • Perfect
    As for the watch, I can not give more than full marks. It is incredibly stylish and extremely comfortable. To reverse is also very simple. The very best, it looks like a clock.

    The design: I was first thinking about a frontier (black), but eventually landed on this model and I'm very happy for that choice. Also think that this fits better in the profession I have. Though much of the appearance can be changed depending on the bracelet you have. I have also received compliments for my watch by colleagues.

    Battery: Now, as I write this, I have 14% battery left. I took it from charging for 3 days, 5 hours and 20 minutes ago and then I had started all but always on display. I used to watch alerts, respond to text messages, checked the mail and trained a couple of passes. So a very good battery! It's also very nice to not charge the watch every night, for this also records your sleep if you sleep with the clock on you!

    Apputbud: If you have something to complain about, it is perhaps apputbudet. Even Facebook has developed an app to watch, but you get anyway sticky notes. No Runkeeper and also some others. IOF works S Healthcare pretty good and there are a couple of Health Apps. Spotify will come that by the beginning of January, according to Spotify itself. But then standalone apps not developed by Samsung so I can not give negative ratings on this point.

    Can also add that I had the first generation of Apple Watch. And this watch outperforms it. Now I have not tested the Apple Watch Series 2, but this time it is both attractive and has a huge amount better battery. Apps disappear with the Apple Watch.

    Further 2016-12-20:
    Spotify is now available as an app to download to watch.