Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

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  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I have used several Smartwatches and without a doubt this one has to be the best. Is a great improvement from the Gear S2 and shines with all the features it has. Although tizen OS may not convince some, I can absolutely 100% say that the OS makes the slightest of differences when it comes into comparison with other OS. Very user friendly and a definite buy, I just can't wait to see what the Gear S4 will be like when it comes out as this has it all!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier to use it's full name, has been a pleasure to wear this past month. Whilst feeling like a "normal" watch and it tells the time, the smartness has been subtly amazing! Having had the original Gear Fit until now, I expected standard features of which of course this Frontier had and enhanced i.e. giving me a nudge if sedatory for a while and showing/responding to stretching suggestions to get active! The display is fantastic, microphone is really clear (spoke to my wife whilst on Brighton beach with my hands full with the kids) and options to customise are easy and plentiful i.e. the watch faces. This is an extension of my S7 edge phone being able to successfully and easily take calls, handle messages (including 3rd party apps like whatsapp) and the S Health features are excellent. The battery life is better than imagined at a realistic 3 days and children really loved the surprise Vampire game and moving bezel; truth be told I do too :-) A couple of non-positive comments: The watch sometimes automatically read the exercise wrong i.e. pushing my daughter in a pushchair thought I was cycling, understandable but shouldn't be congratulated for a bike ride! Also, as with the Gear fit, the need to remember the specific charging accessories (in this the case the magnetic, wireless charger) is a pain if away from the single one you have; not widespread enough to borrow another person's charger. All in all, I was delighted to take part in this experience and will definitely be keeping the watch as whilst not really "needing" it at the start of the campaign, it would now be missed if I did not have it!
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Amazing product, just lacks applications. I used this watch for the last month everyday and I must say it gets alot of attention from people however it does lack features and made for it only to just be a watch and notification display for when my phones in my pocket.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    After initially having some doubts I am totally won over with this stylish watch. Packed full of features it is definitely up there with the best smart watches out there. It works particularly well as I have a Samsung phone and so I am quickly able to respond to notifications on the go or in meetings.
    The only downside is I feel its a little on the big side. Apart from that its super easy to get used to and customise although it would be good to see more apps added in future.
    I liked the sleep monitor feature as well as the gps tracking.
    Making calls were a bit hit and miss but that could just be my signal.
    The screen is amazing and I love the fact that I can change the face depending on my mood and make it look like an amazing timepiece.
    Battery life is good and quick to charge also.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    The 1GHz dual-core processor with 768MB of RAM, a relatively large amount for a revolutionary smartwatch which ensures the Gear S3 can handle multitasking. In addition to this, the data synchronisation is faster and seamless. Samsung has once again done a great job and built the fantastic smartwatch with state of the art hardware and the software which have some powerful features. Apple watch is in serious competition with Samsung now as Samsung smartwatch is pre-built with all-important components like GPS, smooth user interface and a nicer, more approachable design in Gear S3 Frontier. In order to interact with the Gear S3 you can wake the watch with a tilt of your wrist and navigate by swiping, tapping, pressing and rotating the bezel. Key Specs Screen size: 1.3-inches (circular) Screen resolution: 360x360 OS: Tizen OS Compatibility: Android 4.4 (or newer), iOS 9 GPS, optical heart rate sensor, altimeter Samsung Pay Samsung Gear S3 frontier comes with a bigger battery, a built-in speaker, and a dedicated GPS for improved location tracking. Magnetic wireless charging cradle with charger Quick Start Guide The Samsung Gear S3 frontier is big and solid, rugged look with a manly look, it wraps around the wrist with a thick band providing a tight, secure grip According to Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch is IP68-certified and compliant with military grade standards for durability, the wearable is resistant to water and dust, as well as to unexpected falls and extreme temperatures. The screen is scratch-resistant and the bezel protects the surface against physical damage. The bands the Gear S3 frontier is made of silicon. It holds on tightly to the wrist. The Gear S3 is compatible with standard, 22-mm wristbands. A leather band, for instance, would be a lot more suitable to wear in formal meetings. Samsung is innovative and the in Gear S3 frontier performance is superb. Finally, the Gear S3 frontier has the option to leave the display always on, the screen dims down after a timeout period configurable between 15 seconds to 5 minutes. This does have a positive impact on battery life. If you choose to disable the option, the screen will turn on automatically when you lift your hand or turn your wrist. My verdict is that this is one of the best smart watches in the market and the price £350 is worth paying for such a prestigious watch.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    The Gear S3 is not only functional but is also a great looking smartwatch, that fits just right on our wrists. As a guy who's into fitness the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) is great to see how far you are pushing yourself. Also counts steps, floors, distance and even Integrates with Samsung's S-Health app. The music player is also integrated into the fitness app so you can always see what your playing and scroll to what you want to be next.

    Another great feature is that I can pair my Bluetooth headset with the watch and leave the phone in the locker room, true liberation! This is a smartwatch.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Being able to detach myself from my mobile (S7 Edge) was a welcome surprise.

    The watch makes the need to have the phone constantly available a thing of the past. A bit of setup makes sure I only receive the pertinent notifications, removing the urge to constantly check the phone and crack on with everyday tasks. The fact that the phone and watch can stay connected over Wi-Fi and not solely rely on Bluetooth improves the range.

    An added bonus of the phone/watch connectivity is that when the watch moves out of the reach of the phone it gives a little vibration to let you know, this has prevented me leaving the phone behind several times

    The watch is very well executed and built to a high standard, however the bezel would benefit from being a little more robust with a firmer hand required in its use.

    It should be possible to lock the watch in the same manner that phones can be locked, there are times when it would be beneficial to prevent activation by accidental bezel rotation or button pressing.

    Great battery life even when using it extensively with GPS and mapping apps etc giving easily 3 – 4 days without the need for a charge, and even a quick 20 min charge will provide enough of a boost to last the day

    Battery life comes at the expense of the watches bulk, the diameter of the watch is easy to cope with however the bulk and height of the watch can cause some issues, requiring the watch to be removed in demanding environments to prevent damage at a time when it would be nice to have the watch tracking ones activities

    The Tizen OS of the watch means there is a shortage of apps, the most disappointing of which was the lack of Samsung pay on the phone, although this is due to be rolled out in the future.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Oh dear... I so much wanted to love this watch. However, after having it now for a few weeks, I can only say it's "O.K".

    So, the plus points:

    - Great battery life (for a smartwatch!)
    - Good design and size
    - Responsive and intuitive user interface

    The only real bad point is that it's not an Android Wear watch. I know that this might not seem like a big deal, but it means that the range of apps is limited, and it's yet another proprietary system to learn and use. As a result, you're tied into Samsung's infrastructure (no native Google fit, I'm afraid; just Samsung S-Health). Why can't manufacturers just try to work together!

    So, overall a good watch, but I'll probably stick to Android Wear in the future. Sorry Samsung.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    The Samsung gear S3 frontier edition is an amazing smartwatch dedicated to those interested in the smartwatch technology.
    The watch itself has a simplistic and efficient design and an initiative UI which is very easy to use. The bezel is one of the functions which makes the watch very easy to use and a standout feature of the watch along with its very good batter life which can be prolonged thorough power saving mode. Additionally the watch is designed to use as a strong standalone device with the ability to make calls and play music (spotify) as well as being a brilliant fitness tracker with heart rate and GPS to measure your exercise making the frontier an amazing sport watch which can also be used at social events. The customization of the watch is useful to match an individuals needs and the gear watch face designer highlights the approach made by Samsung to make a watch which is unique to the user. On day to day use of this product linked with my smartphone, the watch has made it easier to access many feature of my phone while helping fitness wise to promote a healthier lifestyle. The gear S3 is a revolutionary timepiece which provides limitless functionality and is a very effective smartwatch.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    The Gear S3 is a smartwatch that feels like you can actually train with without fear of breaking it!

    It's solid feeling with great features - perfect for my fitness training for the tough mudder.

    The battery life is impressive too, I can go on a long training run without fear of it running out.

    The charging dock is a great touch too.

    On cons side I may upgrade to a leather strap as not so keen on the rubber one although it easily wipes off the mud. Overall nice one samsung!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Great watch.

    I upgraded from a Samsung Gear Fit 2. This looks like a watch rather than a fitness band.

    Only down side is it's a little bit chunky. Have caught it a few times on door frames, etc.

    Other than that - great......
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    On unboxing the Gear S3 it is a large watch, make no mistake, it is bigger than the apple watch (and rightly so with its gorgeous perfectly round 1.3 inch screen (no black bars on these models)). This is one of the few smartwatches, made by a phone manufacturer which resembles an actual analogue timepiece.
    The frontier version I was fortunate to receive is the more “rugged” looking of the two, however still looks perfectly at home when wearing casual, smart and sports wear.
    The watch is controlled by turning the bezel and the two buttons, a home button / menu button and a back button. Controlling the watch is simple, rotate the bezel to scroll through the options or press the bottom button to bring up the menu and press on the screen the option you require.
    Packed with sensors, on-board you will find an altimeter, barometer, accelerometer, GSP and a heart rate monitor on the back. It also houses a speaker and microphone near to the buttons.
    Software wise, this runs Tinzen and is supported on Android, and iOS (an unofficial version of the application is available now with the official release due sometime in 2017). You can choose from a number of watch faces that are pre-installed or a quick journey into the app store in the Gear S3 phone app will show a plethora of additional ones available for download. There are also a number of additional apps (fitness, weather and even YouTube) available to download. Downloading apps to the watch is quite slow though and some of the larger apps which require an update such as the pre-installed S-health has failed to update every time with a timeout after 15 minutes of installation, so there is still some improvement needed here.
    For day to day use the watch feels fast and responds well when you raise your wrist, it can sometimes be a bit oversensitive however a quick palm over the display will power it back off.
    Health wise it does support the usual step counter, flights climbed and heart rate monitor you’ll find on most other smartwatches and fitness bands. You can also set up some workouts from the watch itself.
    Battery wise, its good, but not brilliant. Samsung advertise 4 days usage with the always on screen turned off, in real world usage I get around 2 – 2.5 days before it needs a recharge. What is good though is a quick 10 minute charge will usually get you through the working day. Turn the always on display on and you’ll probably be reaching for the charger every day.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    What can i say about this watch, its one of the best and elegant watches out there and perfectly meets all my requirement.The build quality is great and feels like a very premium product and powerful, The Battery life is good as well, Gives me about 2 days with heavy use and more than 4 days if the watch face is set to a simple digital interface and always on is switched off.Being a sports enthusiast and active person ,the S3 keeps track of all my activites.

    Its an perfect accessory for my Galaxy S7 edge which i have now permanently put on silent mode as the Gear S3 is set to vibrate for calls/texts , the best part is when bluetooth from Car or Headphones are connected to S7 the calls are diverted to it automatically.

    Lot of reviewers complain about the lack of watch faces and apps as this watch is built on Tizen but a quick search will show there are quite a few third party apps which can be used to get the Andoid watch faces on gear S3, Right from Omega ,tag heur to casio classic and custom watch faces, Imagination is the limit , Though it lacks many apps i don't think its a deal breaker as Samsung provides quite a few apps.

    The screen is very nice, crisp and clear display.Light Weight when compared to the size, You can change the straps (need to be bought seperately, a quick search on Amazon gives quite a few options),SOS Calls, And in my opinion is a definite everyday watch to keep track of you physical activities and gives you that extra nudge to get active.

    One of the cons that i see is the lack of payment support, Till samsung pay is introduced in UK , Android pay should be enabled on the device
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Almost perfect....
    Samsung have absoutely nailed the OS and features, from all the features of your phone transferrable to the watch, to the hands free, superb screen and hands free. The control with the bezel is a great touch. The only minor point is the finish, the stock strap is rubber (yuck) although this can be changed. The whole thing looks a little drap but I can cope with that as everything else has been so well done.
    The best by far!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    The Gear S3 Frontier looks like every other diving / outdoor watch and looks great. The ability to change the faces on the stunning 1.3" AMOLED screen is simple (the binary watch face is an interesting option). Apps sync seamlessly with my Samsung S6. S Health app reports workouts automatically and agrees with my Jawbone UP24 fitness band on the number of steps taken. It never stutters, freezes or reboots and battery life is great considering everything that it does. More apps are being written and improving with updates. The Samsung Pay app would be the icing on the cake.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Insiders Campaign S3 Frontier
    Having not worn a watch for over 20 years I was a bit sceptical of what I would gain from the experience. I am a bit of gadget geek and this campaign offered ne the chance to try out the S3 Frontier at a fraction of the cost. Yes the price tag would put some people of but having used it I believe is worth every penny.
    I love how easy it is to toogle through the various screens and how easy the apps are to use. I am guessing like most things new there wI'll be more apps available in time as they are limited at the moment. By using the outside ring of the watches face you smoothly move through the screens until you find the screen or the app your are looking for tap the screen and it opens its that easy. Battery life is 4 days and Ive never had a problem with this, I ware the watch 24/7 with the exception of when I shower in the morning to get ready for work, I use this as top up time. At work we are not allowed phones on our person so using Bluetooth I am able to stay in contact with everything that's going on. I have had no contact issues while using Bluetooth.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Insiders Campaign Review
    High quality design
    Native OS - it's no Android!
    I opened the box containing the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 with some trepidation. I had previously trialled, and failed to get on with, the original galaxy Gear and have owened and enjoyed a couple of Android watches since.
    I don't know what I was worried about!
    The first thing that strikes you is the design; yes it has some of the bulk that comes as par for the course with wearable tech, but it is surprisingly slim in comparison to other models that I have owned. I did consider – does the rubber strap cheapen the look? After wearing it for a while, it becomes apparent that it is a high quality piece of kit from bezel to buckle.
    The second item of note is functionality. If you have never owned a smartwatch, you will get on great with this. For me, there was some re-education required as I had to change my behaviours in order to get the the best out of it, for example setting a new verbal wakeup command, or ensuring that I customised my own alerts. This aside, the native OS does a grand job of responding to voice commands. My only bugbear is that I can't seem to get it to send message via Whatsapp as they only go via SMS.
    The screen is outstandingly crisp and clear and extremely responsive, but not to the point of annoyance. Having the software responding to the moving bezel is also a genius stroke as it means that you can quickly scroll up and down messages or between apps and settings.
    The app selection is OK, with choices being pretty much restricted to the Gear Store as far as I can tell, but there are some fun games and useful tools there; as I was driving home recently I was notified of an accident en route and was then able to verbally request navigation home to avoid the delays, something which would not have been possible with a smart phone.
    To close, and the highest compliment that I can give, I expected to wear the watch for a day or two and then give up as I was so used to using wearables in a slightly different way. Nearly a month on and I'm still wearing it daily. Good job, Samsung!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I received the watch as part of the Insiders Uk campaign. I have been using it for around a month now.

    First off, The watch had a good size face. This makes viewing very easy and user friendly. The watch has a battery saving mode, this is where the watch display is only lit when the watch senses that it has been brought up to be viewed by the owner.

    The watch is very responsive and works seamlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Any interaction with the watch that passes over to the phone, such as recording S Health sleep data, is very quick and opens without a problem on the phone.

    The number of apps is limited, however there are some well known apps such as Spotify available. That is one of my bigger uses for the watch, the Spotify app allows you to choose a song, scroll through your library and playlists.

    You can answer calls and texts on the watch, you simply turn the bezel one way or the other to either answer or reject the call. The call quality is fairly good, having tested both sides of the call I can say that although not as good as the phone, the quality is more than adequate and very handy to answer on your wrist.

    S Health tracks your steps along with your phone, it also tracks exercise automatically, like S Health on Samsung phones, it also tracks 'Healthy Pace'.

    I found that the battery lasts for 2 days with moderate use with battery life being around 30% after the second day.

    The standard strap that the watch comes with is useful and allows the watch to be snug and not move around when worn. However after long periods of wearing it, it can become uncomfortable.

    Pictures can be sent to the watch and stored there. The images are displayed using the whole face which is a nice touch as opposed to keeping the images aspect ratio.

    Overall I would recommend the watch despite the price.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I was very impressed with this Smartwatch the first time i got it out of the box. The way everything has been designed shows the effort that was put into producing it. It feels premium and appears elegant on the wrist. It has a wide range of features and i have found the health features very useful. Being able to take your heart rate and track all of your movements as you are living your everyday life is very useful. There are also additional apps that can be installed including games, video apps and other useful productivity apps. Unfortunately the payment functionality is not compatible in the UK at the moment. When this is released it will add to the functionality of this device and make it more usable in everyday life. These add to the experience, overall i would recommend this watch to anyone that wants one in the future. I just think to improve it in the future more apps need to be added to the store.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    I have a Samsung S7 phone, so I downloaded the Samsung Gear app and this helped me connect to the watch via bluetooth.

    Turning the dial brings up 'widgets' which you can customise. To give you an idea of what you can choose: there's an alarm widget, weather widget, shortcut of upto 4 favourite contacts widget where you can directly dial your favourite from the watch, breaking news widget, calender, step counter, floor counter, heart beat widget, music player widget etc etc.


    Useful vs Useless:

    Many features I found on this watch were useless unfortunately. Although in concept it sounds great on paper, many features just aren't useful. For the gallery app, you basically have to choose a selection of photos to send to the watch which is stored on the watch memory. Same with music, don't assume because you have loads of tracks on your phone that you can listen to them all on the watch - its only what you send over via bluetooth. This to me is pointless, because I'm hardly ever without my phone and if I didn't have my phone with me then I wouldn't be dying to look at photos on my watch or listen to music from my wrist. Mind you the sound quality wasn't too bad but realistically, for the person who just can't do without listening to music, I'm sure they would rather stick headphones in their ears and not have music from a tiny speaker on the wrist.

    The news real as a widget is nice, but it useful? I know I like to stay up-to-date with news but I'm not that into it that I need to be constantly updated with whats going on in the world.

    You can answer and make calls from your contacts on the watch. I liked the favourite contact widget where with one tap you're dialling and speaking - but you'd think it all sounds useful.. but really is it? Assume you're cycling to work and your phones in your bag, and you're expecting an urgent call then the watch is useful because it vibrates and tells you whose ringing and obviously from the watch you can answer the call and talk. But if you're outside cycling, its likely going to be a lot of background noise and so answering a call from your wrist and talking and listening to the call from the wrist is just not practical. You'd rather just get your phone out of the bag and hold your phone to your ear. Same, if you go to the gym, if you leave the phone in the locker and go on the treadmill, yes it's useful for the watch to vibrate and tell you whose ringing, but would I really want to talk with someone on 'loudspeaker' - no. Generally if you hold the phone on loudspeaker then you can control background noise to a degree but with a call on your wrist I'm not so sure the call would be faultless with a hand moving around.

    Everyone is exercise conscious these days so I did enjoy some features, the step counter of how many steps you've done in a day and if you've hit your target was handy - but then again my Samsung S7 already does this for me already, and I'm not sure which is more accurate because the results from both devices even if they were both with me all day would be a little different. Another one was a widget to count how much coffee vs water you've drank, how many floors you've climbed etc. I did find the sleep tracker good. Keeping the watch on all night, you can wake up in the morning and look at your phone to track how efficient your sleep was by looking at the times you were moving around and restless.

    The full month calendar view was helpful as well as the reminders widget. I'm still in two minds about the heart beat tracker which measures your heart beat maybe every hour (the back of the watch surface shines a green light to your wrist so your unconsciously having your heart beat measured periodically.) Maybe its good to know this but when I look at the phone to analyse the results etc I'm not sure what I'm actually getting from knowing that my heart beat reading is slightly high or slightly low- its not like its measuring my blood pressure.

    The ability to change watch faces was great at first but the novelty does slowly wear thin. The buzz of 'o which face shall I have today' or 'how'm I feeling today' sounds great but the number of places you can download new faces is so limited that its awful. Free faces which looked stylish were hard to come by, and the paid versions aren't all that much better either. I did like one feature with the inbuilt Samsung faces where the faces with smaller dials could be changed to show sunset time/battery life/weather/moon etc and could even change if wanted to change the from either white or black. I'm not sure if others would agree but still, for some reason the faces even though they would replicate say a TAG Heuer watch, would just look fake and artificial on the screen. Even on photos, the watch face that's shown on advertisements makes the watch look so cool but in reality it doesn't resemble that premium look at all. I would advise before buying this watch to go in store and just see whether its your cup of tea.

    Other things that came on the watch were messages app, email app, spotify, calculator and some others. There were a few games but it just felt silly playing a game on your wrist instead of pulling out my phone. For some of the apps like sleep/step counter etc to be synced with your phone was helpful as well as being able to view battery life, storage, RAM. One other feature on the phone app was Find my gear - you click the button on the phone and the watch would scream out loud but how often would you really misplace a £350 watch ?!

    The watch comes with its own operating system not as well known as apple or android, and it did crash twice over the past 2 months. As theres no on/off button, you end up pressing things to restart it with a lot of frustration!

    Contents in box: Watch, 2 straps (large and small), wireless charger and plug

    Build quality: Its solid and sturdy. Doesn't feel cheap at all. 2 thick rugged straps are provided, small and large. With either of the straps you'll find plenty of holes and definitely find a size to fit you. There are 2 rubber clasps also which help stop the strap coming undone. Front face is stylish to me.

    Wireless charger: I've never used a wireless charger before, the charger acts a bit like a magnet- when your near the charger it sucks into place when you're close to it. Typically takes a few hours to get to 100% charge.

    Battery life: Using the watch just like an ordinary watch without using any apps besides the alarm gives you 3 days worth but I noticed even if I used the watches features then it'd still be about 3 days worth. When its connected to your phone you get to monitor battery life on the phone app - I found this accurate.

    Conclusion: Samsung has pioneered many many things in the tech industry and this was a great attempt. I'm not sure how much of an improvement this watch is compared to the S2. There are a variety of things you can do with this watch but the useless features outweigh the useful. In general though, the useful features can be found on things like a fitbit for a fraction of the cost of this watch - but if you just want to look cool and don't mind paying the extra money for a 'different' gadget then go for it. With the hefty price tag and lack of apps this isn't worth it. (of which I'm not sure what more you'd want to demand from a watch - may this could be the start of streaming sky sports on a watch ;) ?!??!)

    Would I buy this?

    If I won the lottery.. yes and thats so I can say I'm not bog standard and I have a 'Samsung watch'! But not at this price. If you do buy this, just weigh up if you'd actually make use out of the features or whether it'd just be better spending the money on a better phone.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Really impressed with this watch - I love the styling in that it has the look and feel of a proper watch. Some other smart watches I've seen have the look of play things or toys, but this is really sturdy, in a metal case. The bezel on the front of the dial rotates to access the various functions on the watch and the colour touch screen is clear and responsive. One particular thing I like about this watch is the ability (when paired to your smartphone) to make calls from the watch and have a conversation through that alone. This is quite useful if you're away from your phone when it rings (as long as you are within Bluetooth range of course!) as you can have a conversation over the watch, which is crystal clear as if you were using your speakerphone!

    Spare bracelets are available for this to accessorise the watch, these are simple to fit as their is a release lever to disconnect/reconnect the bracelet, rather than messing around with screwdrivers etc.

    There are several watch faces supplied with the watch, you can download more through the Samsung gear app so you can get a watch face that suits your mood!

    An excellent, well built, well put together watch that has a feeling of sturdiness that gives the feeling it will last a long time.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I've used the Gear S3 Frontier every single day for just over 2 months now, and throughout my time with it, it's became a suprisingly useful part of my life. I've owned Android Wear smartwatches in the past, the first version of the Apple Watch, and the original Pebble, yet none of these devices remained on my wrist for long, often becoming somewhat of an inconvenience (eg disappointing battery life, missed notifications, lack of suitable connectivity, or simply not fitting my requirements). I feel this device, however, is far more suited to my demanding needs.

    First thing's first, it's important to state that this device is the larger and more rugged of the two in the Gear S3 series, ideal for those who use their watches everywhere they go, and are looking for a companion device that can be taken anywhere. The smaller of the two, the Gear S3 Classic, is slightly less rugged and comes with a lighter design and leather straps, more ideal for day to day life. Both variations of the product look very respectable; however it could be said that this model in particular could come across as too masculine.

    One of the key characteristics about this device is its rotating bezel, which can be used to navigate the interface fluidly with only one hand. For me, this feature stands out as one of the most impressive. Scrolling through articles on Flipboard was even smoother than doing so with the Apple Watch's digital crown, and with Tizen's silky-smooth, device wide animations, everything perfectly. In all honesty, I've never seen the device slow down or lag, ever.

    Focusing around sensors and connectivity, this watch also beats every single alternative I've tried. All editions of the Gear S3 include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and a rather cool Altimeter/Barometer. In addition to this, Samsung also offers a cellular model which can make phone calls without the need to be tethered to another device. Quite frankly, Samsung really seems to have considered and included everything under the sun.

    Mobile payments can be made right from the watch via Samsung Pay, the watch can connect to wireless networks when too far away from the phone to utilize Bluetooth, the downloadable speedometer app can be used, just to name few common use examples. Another optional feature is an emergency mode - if the home button is pressed three times whilst this is enabled, the watch will automatically send a message to the pre-selected contacts, as well as send a link, which automatically shares the location of the device for an hour. This is perfect for so many different situations (eg day-to-day life, hiking, snowboarding, and many more), and I think far more OEMs should offer functionality like this.

    It's all too common nowadays for battery life to vary significantly from advertised figures - especially with so much connectivity and features, but to my surprise, the device genuinely achieved the 3-4 days of claimed battery life. I traveled to Berlin for weekend break over Christmas, and despite my demanding usage (maps, notifications, fitness tracking, ect) , I didn't have to use the charger once.

    Speaking of charging, the Gear S3 Frontier also makes this process a breeze. Included in the box is a Micro USB wall charger and a wireless charging dock, with a charging indicator light. The charging times really impressed me too. It hardly took me 3 hours to give the product 4 days worth of juice.

    Build quality is thankfully excellent, the buttons have a real tactility to them, and the vibrate motor has a real buzz to it. Thanks to this and the included loudspeaker, I found myself missing far fewer text messages, especially whilst running. The microphone also works perfectly for calls - my friend couldn't even tell I wasn't calling from my watch.

    Also, activity tracking is fully automatic - the S3 Frontier can automatically distinguish between walking, running, cycling and other activities and log them neatly in the S-Health app. Furthermore, sleep tracking is also included, and heart rates can be periodically taken in order to better identify a resting rate. The watch also reminds you if you've been sat down or inactive for too long (though this can be disabled), and I actually found it properly motivational. I even went on a few spontaneous runs, just to reach my step quota and stay moving. It can also be used when swimming thanks to its IP68 water resistance against the elements.

    My only real con with this device is the lack of Google services. As a frequent user of Google Maps, I was somewhat thrown back by the presence of an alternative in the form of Here maps. Unfortunately I don't feel this app is as good as its counterpart - public transit directions are currently missing, live traffic isn't quite as accurate as I'd have liked, and the GPS did take a while to pinpoint my location. I did, however, come to enjoy using the application throughout my stay in Berlin, where I commuted mainly on foot, and felt with a few updates in the future, it could well become a worthy contender.

    That's honestly the only flaw I found with the device after two months. Before I received the watch, I assumed through my past experiences that step and heart rate tracking would be inconsistent, or that the processor would lag whilst performing day to day tasks (as happened all to often with my experiences of Android Wear devices), but I was truly impressed. Coming from a tech fan, I'd consider that remarkable.

    Whilst this is by no means a cheap device, I consider the Gear S3 Frontier to provide outstanding value for money. I don't think I could ever use all the features which it offers, and there's definitely bound to be something here for everyone. Overall, I'd strongly recommend this watch to practically anyone who's technically oriented, or who's looking to upgrade from an existing smartwatch. In short, I'd consider this the best smartwatch I've ever used, without a doubt. That really is quite a statement.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Absolutely brilliant watch. I have had experience with a few smart watches but this is by far the best I have ever used. I have been using it for four weeks now and its been superb. Day to day I forget its a smart watch as it feels so much like a normal watch to wear. it only needs charging once every 2 and a half days, I tend to do about 5 miles walking every day and all my notifications come through so I would say I have average use. The auto detect for exercise is good as it works out when I run or walk well and when I am sitting at my desk it prompts me to get up and take a walk. All in all a great small device.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    When you open the packaging of the Gear S3 you know you have a quality product, it reminded me of the day I opened the first iPod many years ago. When first handling the watch I was initially concerned about the size and weight. Initial setup was very simple and very soon the watch was on my wrist and I was no longer worried about the size or weight.
    Very quickly I was changing the display, controlling music and finding apps. I settled on the Cyber watch display as I found it suitably futuristic. The thing that stood out was the display it’s very nice, very very nice. It’s amazing the quality they managed to fit into what is such a small package.
    I’ve been wearing the watch for a couple of weeks now and it has become an integral part of my day. Primarily for being notified of emails/texts/whatsapp. I like the health apps and how it picks up automatically when activity is taking place. Surprisingly I’ve not really used it to tell the time but this is maybe something I’ve become too used to using my phone for.
    The APP selection is a bit disappointing at the moment; I don’t feel developers have yet found a killer app. I’ve used the timer but that’s about it.
    S Voice is very poor I’ve had very little positive to say about that.
    Expensive, not sur e it’s worth the £350, £299 maybe.
    It’s slightly too big to wear a shirt over it, the cuff gets caught
    The Wireless charger when on overnight was keeping me awake. It must emit a frequency. I’ve moved that out of the way.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    I have had an LG Urbane smartwatch for the last half a year, and absolutely love it, even though it doesn't do everything I wish it did. When The Insiders gave me the opportunity to play with the new Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier, I was very excited to see how Samsung's latest Smartwatch would compare.

    The Gear S3 is Samsungs latest offering, and is a departure from the current smartwatch battle of Android vs Apple, as they have loaded it with their proprietary Tizen firmware.

    First Impression:
    As soon as I got my hands on it the S3 felt like a premium product, it looks extremely smart, and the screen has a much better degree of brightness control than my LG Urbane. Even though the watch face itself is slightly thicker than the LG Urbane (12.9mm compared to LG's 10.9mm), it manages to sit more comfortably on my wrist. It certainly looks a bit nicer than the Urbane, and the always on screen on the tizen stays in colour and maintains the second hand animation which is nice. The brightness is also a much nicer level than the Urbane, which can often seem overly bright, especially when watching TV of an evening.

    A mixed bag so far, the extra button and bezel aside, Tizen doesn’t seem to integrate with my phone as well as Android Wear does. When I start up Spotify on my phone in the car, the Urbane will pop up with volume and track controls, the S3 doesn’t register that Spotify has started unless you specifically use the S3 spotify app to start playing the music.

    Spinning the bezel clockwise flicks through the widgets, which let you set up quick access shortcuts to things like reminders, a step counter, frequently used contacts, and shortcuts to your favourite apps. The Widgets are a nice idea, but I found that they were mostly a bit of a nuisance to flick through to find the one that I wanted, and the selection of widgets available was quite small.

    With all apps needing to come from the Samsung Gear marketplace, the offering is understandably much slimmer than the abundance of apps available on the android wear. However the apps that are available work well, and spinning through the app menu with the bezel is quick and easy to do.

    Voice Control:
    One of the things I like most about my Urbane is that with gesture and voice control, I can do a lot of things without having to actually touch the watch. So far this has not been the case with the S3. Urbane notifications pop up on screen so a quick glance at my wrist lets me know if it is something that warrants further attention, the S3 will vibrate but then I have to twist the bezel or swipe the screen to see the content of the notification. I have found the S voice app on the S3, and while it works once the app is open, I can’t get it to work just from the home screen.

    Samsung Health:
    This is obviously an area Samsung has been concentrating on, in order to allow the S3 to compete with activity trackers like the fitbit. It keeps a step count, and prompts me to move if I haven’t left my desk in an hour, and has widgets for water and coffee intake, so as an activity tracker it is ticking all the boxes, but then it will only work through the samsung health app, which integrates with nothing. On the Urbane my fitbit and my watch communicate via Google Fit, which will then get information from myfitnesspal and the under armour app. And everything works together. For me, the Samsung Tizen closed ecosystem is huge negative.

    Looks gorgeous
    Very comfortable
    Always on Screen is subtle and fantastic quality
    The bezel is a nice innovation
    The emergency alert triple button press is a very nice idea.

    Tizen doesn’t integrate with the phone as well as Android Wear
    Bezel can get spun accidentally quite easily
    Voice command not as good as “Ok Google”
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Great watch, the barometer comes in very handy in forecasting weather change and the OS is smooth and operates well. The only downside of Tizen OS is that it is not compatible with many apps, but I hope that Samsung increases app compatibility.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I’ve been looking forward to the Samsung GearS3 ever since it was announced in Q3 of 2016 and when I finally got my hands on it, I was not disappointed. To start off with, the cylindrical package it comes in seems to set the tone for the rest of the device and once opened you don’t doubt that you have a premium product in your hands. Also included in the box is a charger (which I’ll get to later) as well as an extra, smaller watch strap for people with smaller wrists.

    The Gear S3 comes in two versions: Classic and Frontier. While both are functionally the same, I feel the classic’s aesthetics allow it blend more easily into a work/business-like environment while the Frontier has more of a sportier look to it. I have the Frontier and while I prefer a sporty look, it certainly doesn’t look or feel out of place when I’m suited and booted in the office.

    Once you power on the Gear S3, pairing it to an Android device is as simple as downloading the Samsung Gear app (though this already comes installed on devices such as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge), pairing the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth and agreeing to some terms and conditions. The Gear S3 then imports some data from your phone and then it’s ready to be used. This process took me about 2 minutes.

    In the few weeks I have had the device so far, I still find myself discovering new features and tricks and that is a credit to the software running on the Gear S3: Samsung’s TizenOS is well thought out with foremost consideration given to ease of use and customisation. Consequently, I found I was able to start using the watch quite easily straight out the box. I also received onscreen tips and prompts to help me get started. Within a short while I had become familiar with the device and was able to start customising it to suit me.

    One really cool feature of this device that grab people’s attention is the rotating bezel who’s actual function is an additional method for interacting with the device. I initially thought it was a bit gimmicky as I could do all I wanted using just the touch screen and the hard keys on the side and using the bezel seemed to take away from that smooth experience. However, as I used the device more, I realised there were occasions where the bezel was a better input mechanism. For example for increasing the volume (while on a call or playing music), for setting an alarm or for selecting an app while on the move. So the rotating bezel is certainly a useful tool as well as a very cool feature. Oh, did I also mention that it has a lovely “clicky” feel to it when you use it?

    Now you can choose to use the Gear S3 on its own (in standalone mode) or paired with your phone. With a host of features and sensors built into it such as GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, Gyrosope as well as 2GB of in-built memory (of which just over 1GB is actually useful) for storing audio and image files, you don’t feel like you have to stay tethered to your phone all the time. However, when paired with a smartphone you get a true sense of what the device is capable of.
    The Samsung Gear app pushes all notifications (you can chose which ones in the app settings) to your phone and it’s a great way to stay on top of your activities without having to reach for your phone. With a few swipes (or clicks of the bezel) you easily scroll through your notifications with the option to click into any one to get more details or swipe up to delete them.
    In your journey to customise the Gear S3 to suit your needs you will inevitably get to the app store conveniently located within the Samsung Gear app. Here, you’ll find apps for taxi-hailing (Uber app), golfing, trekking, social media as well as additional watch faces (both free & paid for).
    I wasn’t quite happy with the number of 3rd party apps available and I felt options were a bit limited but you do have enough app there to enjoy the watch.

    One area that the Gear S3 absolutely excels in is as a health/fitness tracker. When paired with the S Health app on your phone, the Gear S3 becomes a whole different beast. I mentioned the array of sensors built into the watch earlier and these all go to work in the background collecting information about your location (using GPS), your heart rate, the number of steps taken, the amount of calories burnt, your altitude and even the air pressure!
    All this information is then collated in a tidy, easy-to-take-in fashion within the S Health app. If you set workout or activity targets for yourself you can also select from a number of watch faces that display how successful you have been at meeting your targets. The watch will also play its part by buzzing at intervals (about an hour or so) to prompt you to get active if it senses that you have been idle for a while.

    With all these features packed in you would assume that the battery life would take a hit and to some extent you would be right. Samsung advertises that the Gear S3 can last 3 – 4 days depending on your settings and you could probably achieve this but probably with very stringent energy-saving settings. For the first few days I tried to conserve power by turning GPS off and using a low screen brightness level and this gave me almost 3 days of battery life. However, I felt I was doing myself (and the Gear S3 with its beautiful AMOLED screen) a disservice and quickly turned everything back on to fully enjoy the device. With these settings I just about got 2 days out of it. I noticed however that if I wore the watch to sleep (so it could monitor my sleep) this further drained the battery and I would get about a day and a half of usage. So ultimately, the battery life as expected, depends on your particular setting and how you utlise it daily.

    Any disappointments I might have had with the battery life are made up for by the ease of recharging. The watch fits on the charger like a docking station and it is magnetic so it fits into place comfortably with no need to fiddle unnecessarily with wires. So personally, I found it best to use as much of the device’s features as I wanted and then recharge it every night for the next day.

    There are a two things I am hoping Samsung will fix with a software update. Firstly, the “wake up motion”. This is when you lifting up or twisting your wrist towards your face wakes up the screen. However, I found that the watch required a significant twist of the wrist or raising of the arm to activate the screen meaning I had to always exaggerate the swing to get the screen to come on. So it would be quite difficult to take a discreet look at the time in the event you find yourself in a boring meeting at work for example. However, if you have the Always On Display active this is less of an issue.
    Secondly, some items in the Setting are not logically located. That is, they are not quite where you would expect to find them so it takes a bit longer to change some settings as you have to first find them right menu option. Fortunately, as this is not an area I go to very often it is not too much of a hassle.

    Some other noteworthy features of the Gear S3 are the array of input methods for responding to notifications (e.g. S Voice for dictations, keyboards (full or compact) and emojis), the Find My Phone/Find My Watch features (for those times when you can’t quite remember where you left your device) and the ability to make or receive calls right from the Gear S3 itself.

    Overall, the Gear S3 is a great smartwatch which has met and exceeded most of my expectations. It seems to evolve and get better the more I use it and it has certainly made me less reliant on my phone for some activities.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Got one as a gift on New Year. Easy to work and sync to my phone
    I have turned off the auto exercise program as it was tracking my car driving saying i was cycle training a few times. The app is good and has a link to the app store. Way too many faces being focused on and not enough apps for my liking. Especially when i can not find any big names on my app store like google maps, Facebook, twitter.
    Overall a great watch, room for improvement and hope they release a iOS app.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I have been a lover of watches most of my adult and adolescent life, for me a watch is also a sort of status symbol. I wanted a watch that both looked the business and was packed with the latest tech for outdoor activities, gym sessions and day to day life .... The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier was the one i wanted.

    The Samsung Gear S3 came nicely packaged, placed on its charger. With a weighty expensive feel to it it was just like holding one of my Omega Seamasters for the first time. The strap, although made of rubber felt nice to the touch and most of all capable of taking a bit of stick from the elements and rough activities. A charging plug and wireless charger were included along with a strap for a 'smaller' wrist. A quick tap on the screen brought it to life and after a small amount of time i had it paired to my Galaxy S7 edge and loading apps onto it from the phone. Simple and quick.

    The Samsung Gear S3 looks the part, military style with its sinister matt black bezel and glossy body. Capable of swapping straps over you could get the perfect look you wanted with ease. The apps seem to work quite well on the device, i have had it now for 3 weeks and only had a few connection glitches.

    Now we come to the bad part.....
    The problem is, and it is a big problem, is that most of the apps are pointless. There are not enough apps for this device, at the moment all you seem to be able to get are watch faces and a few exercise apps. The rest are very ropy and have no real everyday place. Still rolling down hill ..... the speech recognition is hopeless at times and frustrates the hell out of you !

    The Samsung Gear S3 show piece is supposed to be the fact that it can look like a automatic style watch with hands etc...... but it doesn't. It looks like a watch face on a LCD screen, too bright and not sharp enough. i have downloaded loads of faces and none of them look good. The only ones that work are the digital ones, they work very well, but not what i wanted from this watch.

    Overall this watch is not what it wants to be, is not a smart watch that can compete with high end looks of a traditional face , its just not there yet, and thats a shame as it had the opportunity to crack open a market that the others couldn't.

  • Very good
    1 year ago
    What a great smart watch for everyday wear and activity!

    Having had the Gear S3 now for close on a month, I have now been able to try out most of its features all of which work very well.

    The watch is stylish, relatively light and with its twisting bezel, it is very easy to navigate and select notifications, screens or applications.

    There are many applications and watch faces which you can download, which add to the watch’s look and functionality. Helpfully it can connect to your phones saved wifi connections so is not always dependant on your phone. The other great feature is that many apps can run stand alone on the watch!

    As per most smart watches you are given notifications on your watch from emails, social media, weather and anything you wish to setup! As an added bonus Samsung has enabled you to be able to answer from the watch.

    The S3 Frontier is also and activity watch which when used with Samsung’s S Health can track all features that you wish from number of steps, heart rate, food and drink intake etc… and can also nudge/ remind you to do various activities.

    You might not expect it however as an added bonus, the watch has a speaker and microphone, so you can use these appropriately for calls/ other and with 4GB on board storage you could listen to music and even play games!

    Overall a great and stylish smart watch from Samsung!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I had the original moto 360 smart watch before i bought this samsung gear s3. after unboxing, updating, connected to phone and playing with the gs3 for half hour, I immediately thought this is worth the upgrade!
    Its looks very sleek, stylish watch with the stainless steel build and the leather strap. the watch has a 1.3 inch OLED screen that is clear, vibrant and responsive, also the screen is a full circle (unlike the moto 360 with the flat tyre look), has a built in speaker, IP68 Waterproof rating aswell as all the other specs in smart watches. it also has a bigger battery than the gear s2, lasted me just over 3days just using it as a normal watch, looking at notifications occasionally which is pretty impressive for a smart watch! a quick half hour charge would easily get me through a whole day at work and then some!
    There is also Samsung pay, a form of NFC payment, it would be very handy once it comes into play as it will work with being connected to your phone!
    Samsung's twist bezel is really intuitive and easy to use, keeps finger prints off the screen!
    samsung smart watches run on tizen OS, not android wear OS, which in some ways is better as its runs faster and smoother but lack of aps and games let the OS down.
    The gear s3 comes with a wireless magnetic dock which I really like, the watch feels more secure whilst charging.
    In the box, it also comes with a additional smaller strap which is handy for smaller wrists. the interchangeable straps is straight forward to do, only takes a 5 minutes or so.
    In my opinion, the Samsung gear s3 classic is the best smart watch out there at the moment, however there are a couple of draw backs of this watch.
    * Lack of apps on Tizen OS
    * Android pay support would be very useful
    * Watch is a bit bulky for smaller wrists like my self
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I have had this watch for approximately one month now and was bought for a replacement as my much loved Gear S2 Classic. I had heard the S3 was much bigger and had wondered if it would be too big for me however I was soon use to it's new size and feel it is a lot more macho than the S2. Its functions and features are improved and polished from the S2 and new watch faces and 'always on' feature in colour add to the quality look of the watch. New features such as flights of stairs climbed are a nice touch. Battery seems a lot bigger than the S2 and have never worried about a low battery. A solid watch with slick operation and glitch free operating system. Perfect companion to my S7 Edge. Good work Samsung!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Initial appearance:
    I have the Apple Watch 2 and in comparison, the Gear S3 is definitely designed for the male sex, as it is so big. It has been documented in the past that Samsung’s main focus group for this watch is males - unlike apple watch which has two different sizes- and I can really see that in the heavy design. Initially I didn’t like the watch appearance, but as I got to wear it, I started to realise that the materials used to make the watch felt solid and of premium quality, on par with the Tag Heuer Connected.
    I love the feel of the rubber on the wrist, the bezel rotates smoothly and I like the heavier straps. I also like that I have the option to change the strap for any 22m band from the high street, which is not possible with the Apple watch. With its round face (33mm corning gorilla glass) , the S3 looks more like a traditional watch than the Apple watch. However, it is still much heavier ( frontier gear s3 63g vs 42mm apple watch series 2 – 52.4g). The Apple watch is lighter, rectangular and feels quite smart (though it still looks like a smart watch) and on the back, the quality of the apple watch ceramic casing appears better than that of the S3 watch.
    Not surprisingly, with the bigger watch you’ll get a bigger screen (Amoled 360x360) and I feel it is clear, bright and of good quality. I especially liked the crispness of the colours – perfect for use at night- and the ‘always on’ function, which means that I do not have to turn my wrist to activate the watch face whereas the apple watch does not have this option.

    Battery life:
    This is a big win for the Gear S3! It lasts for days (almost 4 days), even with the ‘always on’ mode (approx. 2 days). This has made me treat it more like a watch then something I’d be scared would run out of juice if I forgot to charge it overnight. The battery of the Apple watch can last upto 2 days, but you must be careful about the apps you use as they can quickly drain the power.

    Water proofing:
    In this field, both watches are unusual in defining what they mean by ‘waterproof’. Both watches can’t be used against water of high velocity and bizarrely the Apple watch is not allowed to be used when washing with e.g shower gel or soap (though I’m not sure how often I’d take my watch in the shower!) but apple watch can be used when swimming. The S3 is rated IP68 -able to withstand dust and dirt and being upto 1.5meters underwater for 30mins but not for suitable for swimming for diving.

    OS and apps:
    Unfortunately, in this field the Apple watch wins hands down, though there is still much more to be developed in both watches. Currently, the Apple watch allows me to use it for cinema tickets and boarding passes, as well as apple pay, which is not yet possible with the S3. I feel the Tizen OS on the S3 is still very much in its early development, though I like that the bezel adds an additional layer of functionality that is not on the apple watch and I feel the notification system on the S3 feels more clear and fluid, allowing you to reply to messages in plenty of different ways, from voice to automatic responses and emojis. There is promise of more apps and I like that it has recently been made possible to use the watch with Apple iphones 5 and above, but the Apple watch is still ahead in this field.

    The Apple watch is geared up for fitness and my Nike version of the apple watch is especially suited to running. I like the fact that I can state when I’m about to do any activity and then record the number of calories I’ve burned off. However, I think in this area the S3 has been more innovative. With its built-in heart rate monitor, altimeter, barometer and speedometer, the watch automatically detects the type of exercise I am doing - such as cycling, running and even walking upstairs. Also, the summary of my activities for the day are shown in more detail then on the Apple watch. I also love the fact that the S3 watch senses when I am lagging behind in my daily steps target and gives me reminders about when to get a move on!

    I feel the hardware and features on the Gear S3 watch, including especially the battery life between charges, are fantastic and I have noticed that for general day to day wear that I’m wearing the Gear S3 more than the apple watch. I do feel though I am let down a bit by the variety of apps that you can use with the watch, which I feel the Apple watch has more of. I hope that in time, Samsung will develop this.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    i have been using my Samsung s3 watch since Christmas and I am well impressed
    with the makes a perfect partner to the Samsung can make phone calls and receive calls with ease.very clear for you and the caller.send and receive text messages without taking your phone out of your bag or pocket.this watch looks a nice peace of kit on your wrist.easy to use dial helps you whizz through yours apps and read your messages,emails etc
    plenty of watch faces to choose from
    plenty of apps for you to go through
    works directly with Spotify or other music apps through your phone
    see what the weather is doing as well as the news
    get your football alerts
    check your heart rate and keep fit with Samsung health
    control Roku and kodi as a remote control
    timers ,stopwatch and calculator
    well done samsung
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I have used the S3 Gear Frontier smartwatch for around 4 weeks. I find it easy to use with the bezel to navigate the apps and notifications. I can see email, text and call notifications on the watch instead of having to pull my phone out of me pocket. I can also reply to texts using the quick response options, which again saves me from having to use my phone.

    I like that the watch can monitor my heartbeat, steps and also sleep patterns, although I don't know what I would do with this information. I have found I am walking a little more to try and reach the daily targets.

    This is the first smartwatch I have owned so have nothing to compare it to, but I do like the longer battery life from the watch. I charge it every 3 days even though the watch ins't completely dead at after the 3rd day.

    There are a few apps and watch faces to choose from, and as more watches are sold, I hope more apps would be developed.

    I am really happy with my choice of smartwatch.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    The Samsung S3 smartwatch is, quite frankly a stunning piece of hardware. While un-boxing everything out of the very nice presentation box you find a second (smaller) strap (very useful), and basic printed instructions, warranty etc. The watch itself is well protected too. Moving on from the packaging, I'll break this review down a little to cover the more important bits..

    Battery life:
    The (really) important bit. Charging from flat takes about two and a half hours. An accelerometer sensor checks when you lift your wrist to look at the watch (which then activates the screen). Dropping your hand back down by your side (or where ever else you like to keep it) switches off the screen again. A timer setting allows you to decide how long you want the screen to stay 'on' for. Mine is set to 15 seconds which is plenty (unless you want everyone in the vicinity checking out your hardware). Setting dimming / brightness levels is also possible and just like a smartphone or laptop, the brighter it is, the more it burns through battery life.
    So, how long does it last?
    Using the watch for viewing and closing notifications, checking the time, changing settings and other basic functions provides an easy five days of battery life (yes, FIVE days) including leaving it running (not on charge) overnight (iWatch owners will struggle to comprehend this, I guess).

    The watch weighs about the same as a similar sized Casio G-Shock on the wrist. The medical grade silicon strap is very comfortable, with no strange inexplicable rashes breaking out the morning after.

    The touch screen has to be seen to be believed. It's so sharp and clear that when I've shown friends one of the 'normal' watch faces, they actually thought it was a regular watch. Colours are vivid, blacks are, well... Black. It's a mini smartphone screen of the highest order (so probably better than an iPhone screen then...)

    The watch faces can of course be changed, some of which can be further customized to alter the colour of the dials, numbers, background etc.
    Faces can be downloaded directly from the watch itself, or using the smartwatch app on your android smartphone. Some of the more creative watch faces include a tribute to the PIPBOY from the game Fallout. A number of the faces combine output and information from the various sensors on the watch including heart rate, steps taken, calories burnt, altitude, latitude, various time zones simultaneously, local time etc.There are a huge number of new straps appearing from 3rd party sellers on a week by week basis, from silicon to leather. I've not had an opportunity to see how easy (or otherwise) it is to swap straps yet, but I have some of order at the moment.

    Controls / buttons:
    Two buttons on the side of the watch (home and back) and the rotating dial allow full control of the watch and all it's functions. The bezel clicks gently with each turn, rotating through options or function screens. It works well, and can even be used for playing games on the screen.

    Applications / games:
    Ok, there's not a lot going on here (yet). Watered down versions of some of the apps on your android smartphone. Flip board (news), S-Health, Gallery, Weather, Scheduler, Find my phone, Spotify, and even an Uber app are all present and correct. Email is alive and well (typing a reply to a mail isn't something I'd recommend though). Elsewhere, games are starting to appear too. The touchscreen is good enough that you can play fruit ninja style games by swiping with a finger, or turning the bezel left and right for space invaders type games (although the novelty will probably wear thin quite quickly).

    Dick Tracy:
    Yep. Phone calls from your watch. I've tried it, and it works perfectly. Talk to the watch, hear the person on the side through the on-board speaker. Did I feel like a spy? Nah. But still grin inducing.

    I do like this feature. It'll come in useful on my next spy mission. It allows you to send an SOS to a designated contact (or contacts) providing your exact location in the event of an emergency by hitting the home button three times. Built in GPS provides accurate location information.

    Phone control:
    Music playback. Check. Snapping photos on your phone. Check.

    Build quality:
    The watch looks fantastic. It feels fantastic in the hand or on the wrist. No sharp edges No cheap tacky looking plastic bits. The paint.. Well, this is where it all goes south (a bit). If I've got one real criticism of this watch it's the paint. There's nothing wrong with the finish, but it's DELICATE. It scratches easy. It scuffs easy. The side of my mine rubbed against my UP3 wristband a couple of times and that was enough for the paint to rub and fade. It needs protecting. Clear covers are the order of the day. Soft shirt sleeves. Foam on door frames. Beware the dangers of rough wooden stair banisters and the wrath of stainless steel forks (Lidl, not John Lewis).

    The only other minor gripe. The watch comes with 4GB of storage, but most of that is taken up with the O/S and pre-installed apps. Roughly 1.5tb is left for you to install apps / music. Speaking of which..

    Music playback is pretty impressive, considering you're playing MP3s off a wrist watch. A pair of bluetooth headphones / earphones and it's happy trails / hiking / gym time.

    In conclusion:
    If you're in the market for a smartwatch, (especially one with more than 12 hours battery life) then this is well worth the £350 asking price. The SOS feature alone is a potential life saver.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review

    I have been using the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch for about 2 months now and I wanted to write up a review giving my feedback on what I thought about the watch in general, the interface and features. I used to have the Samsung Gear Fit.

    Even the packaging for the watch is top notch, taking the watch out it comes with a small dock that allows for cable less charging like the wireless charging for the S7 edge. Its magnetic as well so the watch won’t just call off if you pick up the dock. While charging, it rotates the display and shows you how long before it is fully charged. 
    The watch comes with a standard rubber wrist strap that was enough for me, it is possible to swap them out for others. 
    The size of the watch face and profile off the wrist is no bigger than any watch I have worn before so it isn’t heavy on the wrist or sticks out so you catch it on door frames etc.

    The S3 is packed full of features and some I am still trying out, one thing that I thought was strange that didn’t come with it was no count down app. This was downloadable from the Samsung Apps and sent to the phone. 
    I am not one for using tech for showing off so wouldn’t play music through my watch etc. 
    This morning I did find the phone call and text messaging very useful as I got up to let the dogs out and have a cuppa when I got a text, I was able to reply using the built-in keyboard. After a few messages were exchanged I thought it was easier to call so I used the watch to make a call in the kitchen while my mobile was still on charge in the bedroom. (I’m not one for always carrying my mobile with me when I first wake up). There are also custom watch faces that can be downloaded.

    The S health integration is fantastic, after 10 minutes of walking it starts recording walks rather than just step counts. If I sit still for an hour it vibrates and tells me to get moving or at least Stretch. 

    For me the health monitoring is why I love this watch, I don’t need to do anything and it just works with my Samsung S7 edge Health App recording all my info to help me stay healthy. Like all Bluetooth devices, calls and notifications are handy but you can get that feature for a lot less. The Dial interface to scroll through apps and widgets make it really easy to use. 

    Wearing this tightly on my wrist and in the shower, has caused a mild skin rash, wet rubber on skin will do that I guess but worth noting. Also, occasionally when I go from Bluetooth on to off and back on again the watch and the phone wouldn’t pair first time. 
    I found the stop watch would come on accidentally as you only need to tap the screen to start it. A little annoying if you brush against it. 
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I have had my Frontier now for about 4 weeks so where do I start...let's just say... AWESOME! I have used the watch every single day and love every aspect of it. It looks great and grabs the attention of everyone who sees it. A passer-by said to 'hey, your watch is ringing!' and then asked for information on where they can get theirs and what does it do? I am challenged daily to ensure I reach my step challenge, I even used the heart monitor when I felt really ill... only to find out it was food poisoning and not a heart attack! I have bought new straps and downloaded different watch faces to personalise my Frontier and I am made up with the endless possibilities it has. I use the voice texting to respond when I otherwise wouldn't be able to reply and find that it has even started to learn what responses I am likely to give to my messages and puts them as an option to reply with. The way it bursts into life when I move my wrist to tell the time is brilliant and the sleep monitoring means I can honestly tell my wife that I didn't sleep well and have evidence to back it up! All in all, this isn't just the best gadget I have ever owned... it is the best watch I have ever owned! I love it!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    A brilliant product. In all honesty when I first got it I wondered whether I'd find value in it beyond gimmick stuff, but it really is useful.
    I use it in meetings so I'm not so rude with my phone out.
    I like the predictive text aspect of texts and emails. It notices questions in your incomming messages and gives generic responses.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Finally a smartwatch that is and looks like a real watch. I have owned other smartwatches and it has been obvious what they are, the design and the screen blanking out makes then stand out

    The S3 its designed by a watchmaker so its looks and feels like a watch. Also you get the option of having the screen always on. That reduces the battery but I still get 48 hours out of it

    The bezel may seem outdated but it works so well. You get greater control and no failed swipes, useful for cancelling nuisance calls.

    The S3 is also the 1st watch I have had that is both a smartwatch and a fitness watch - most are one or other with a little of the other thrown in. It has its own gps and a built in heart rate monitor. I have a fitness watch where the monitor stuck out of the back of the watch so that irated my skin. This one is flush with the back of the watch so you dont realise its there
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    The Samsung gear S3 does everything you could ever need from a smart watch, battery lasts for days, always on screen means no more waggling my wrist just to find out the time. Being an owner of a 1st gen smartwatch from a different brand I am shocked as to how far these watched have come in such a short time.

    The only weak-point I find with the device is its OS, Tizen is a little less user intuitive than Android wear and a standalone system means I have to use a different app store to android's own. Furthermore I severely miss Google now, being able to speak with my old watch without touching it was its best feature. Asking questions, setting timers or getting directions just meant uttering the words 'OK Google.' This watch uses S-Voice with is abysmal compared to google now, and can't activated it without touching the watch.

    However this issue does not distract from how good the gear S3 is, it is probably the best smartwatch currently on sale.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I have waited a couple of weeks since receiving the watch in order to fully get to grips with it before writing my review. I am also an owner of the s2 classic smartwatch.

    First impressions – packaging and contents
    The packaging is very stylish with a high quality cylindrical box encased in shiny acetate film.

    Inside the box, the watch is presented neatly and all its shiny bits were protected with film – which I always enjoy removing from new gadgets!

    Enclosed in the box with the watch is a magnetic contactless charging base station and micro-usb hard wired mains plug which is nice and compact.

    Also enclosed is a smaller wrist band. The larger band is already fitted to the watch. A flick of the quick release stud on the back of the strap and it comes off easily. Fitting the strap is done in the same way.

    The straps on the Frontier are made of a soft, flexible silicone material which is very comfortable. I find the only downside over a traditional leather strap is that it can make your wrist a bit hot after prolonged use.

    The watch battery came pre-charged to 77% out of the box.

    While charging the watch sits snugly and securely on the magnetic charging base and charges wirelessly.

    When charging beside the bed at night the red/green charging light on the base unit is a little bright for my liking so I have to turn it away.

    Switching on and first use
    The watch is powered on by holding in the bottom button on the right side of the watch. After a short startup sequence you are ready to go.

    The watch quickly connected to my phone’s Bluetooth connection and on opening the gear manager app which I downloaded in advance, the time, date and regional settings were transferred to the watch.

    First impression – wearing the watch
    It is BIG. A lot bigger than the s2. I have fairly small wrists and needed to use the small strap. Coming from the s2 I initially thought that I wouldn’t get on with this watch. How wrong I was! Once I got used to the bigger screen I would not go back. Seriously. The screen is stunningly clear and bright with vibrant colours and the watch really stands out. I get the impression that Samsung has gone big and bold and firmly targeted the male market with this watch. It is not feminine in any way.

    The one downside of the size of the watch is that it gets caught on close-fitting shirt cuffs and this can be a bit annoying.

    Health. The watch integrates fully with s-health on the phone and syncs steps, heart rate, a range of activities (walking, running, working out) and floors climbed.
    Apps – are a bit limited but the store has a lot more choice than when the s2 first came out. The watch integrates with Facebook notifications and WhatsApp messages without a dedicated app, and has apps for texts, emails, calls, calendar, fitness, weather, news, alarm and more. Make sure you download the calculator, speedometer, stopwatch, timer, alti-barometer – all made by Samsung.

    Text input is achieved with a range of pre-programmed responses, typing on a small t9 keyboard or, if you select US language, on screen hand-writing recognition – which is pretty cool. S-voice is also available for various functions but I have really tested this out as I never have much luck with my Cornish accent.

    Hardware – the bezel. Its best feature. Rotate to move around menus, accept calls, accept calendar notifications, dismiss alarms – really intuitive. Two buttons on the side with a knurled texture are useful – the top button goes back, the bottom button opens the app drawer and doubles as the power button when long pressed. The touch screen – works just like your phone. A useful gesture is swiping down quickly to go back. Speaker and mic - allows you to make and receive calls via the watch, you can also set ringtones and notification tones.

    Watch Faces
    Compared to the s2 the fitness themed watch faces are better and more varied, but I feel the traditional watch faces lack the range of customisation options available in comparison to the s2. That said, the faces look good but for me, do not have the customisation options I wanted. However, watch faces is one thing the gear store has a great choice of – both free and paid.

    Battery Life
    With the Always On Display set, a 1 minute screen timeout, occasional exercise and regular checking throughout the day I get a solid two days with some room to spare. With AOD off but everything else the same I get 3 days – which is pretty good.

    In summary
    It is big – and the screen is stunning
    The build quality is superb
    The hardware / software interaction is intuitive and responsive
    The battery lasts 2-3 days with heavy use
    Straps are comfy, easy to change and the watch is compatible with any standard 22mm strap.
    Great choice of watch faces in the Gear store

    It is big – gets caught on clothing occasionally
    Silicone strap makes your wrist hot
    Apps are limited in the Gear store, but choice is improving
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Opening the box & getting the watch out you can see & feel that this is really well crafted & put together. it's not heavy but it is quite thick. The black finish on the Frontier is beautiful. I'm paranoid I might scratch it, although I have managed not to so far. The glass is recessed so this should minimise the chances of it getting scratched or worse, cracked. The rubber strap is OK but I find it sticks to my skin so I might change this to a metal strap. Changing the band seems easy enough. There's even a smaller one supplied in case you have tiny wrists.

    I'm not new to smart watches had a Moto360 for 2 years now so I was a little unsure of what to expect of the Frontier running Tizen rather than Android Wear. I had become used to the way Android Wear worked & interacted with my Android phone. After a very short time using the Frontier, any doubts I had were gone. In fact, I prefer Tizen to Android Wear in some ways. On Wear, you need to swipe to get to the menu item you want & sometimes this leads to accidentally activating the wrong icon. With Tizen you can simply touch the menu item you want.

    Pairing with the phone is straight forward but you do need to download the Gear app to use it to the full extent.

    The Frontier comes with a few widgets already installed mainly for S-health which is Samsung's own fitness tracker but there are others such as contacts, weather & reminders. Different watch faces are available, just be aware that anything with a lot of animation will drain your battery fast.

    Battery was always a shortfall on my Moto360 lasting just over 24 hours. The Frontier changes that. As I'm writing this, my Frontier has been off charge for 14 hours & there's still 75% battery remaining with the phone all saying I have 2 days left. This is with the screen off for most of the time however but it is using the default watch face that's got a fair bit of animation & interaction using the gyro to imitate light reflection.

    The inductive charging is fast so you won't be waiting for more than a couple of hours even if it's completely flat but in reality, you're not going to let it get to that point. On the subject of the charger, it's magnetic & I'm still on the fence with this. I've knocked my 360 off the charger & not noticed before but that's not going to happen with the Frontier. It is a pain though when you pick the watch up & it's still attached to the charger!

    Finally, it's cool (to me) being able to take or make a call from the Frontier
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    The watch itself is brilliant, its modern and stylish and fits well on the arm. The only criticism I have is the silicone band as it tends to stick my skin very easy, but can be rectified with a different strap. The S Health features are very useful and have made myself more aware of my exercise frequency and has motivated me to do more during the day. The lack of app support on it's Tizen OS is dire, as I do wish sometimes that I could just run Android Wear and use the apps available on that OS, but if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, it works really well and you get by with the replacement apps that the Galaxy store does offer. I would like it if I could use some kind of contactless payment on the watch, as Samsung pay isn't available yet in the UK, and no Android Pay support is available so this really annoys me that I can't pay with the watch compared with Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. I do find the notifications useful on the watch, as they are unintrusive and easy to realise that there's a notification present with the yellow indicator to the left of the screen. The screen itself is quite impressive with the picture quality and the touchscreen makes it easier to navigate out of menus and settings, while the dial is very useful when I want to glance quickly on a certain face. I will say, if you intend on using this watch on an iPhone, don't bother! It's not as fully featured when using it on an iPhone, compared with an Ar=ndroid phone. You're missing even more apps from the Galaxy Store, you have to keep the app open on you iPhone, and calling from the phone is a very tedious process to setup. With regards to messaging, you'll have none of it on an iPhone. Only message notifications you can clear from the notification section, which is what pretty much every notification you get on it can do. There is no interaction available with the iPhone notification.

    All in all, it's a great smartwatch for Android users, a rubbish one for iPhone users. The price is rather expensive, but I have come to like the watch and has become a very important part of my daily routine.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    From the minute you open the box you get the feel of a quality item, feeling very well built and robust. Pairing to my Galaxy S7 edge was simple and well explained, 5 minutes later after a quick software update I was away exploring the features of my new smart watch.
    Having never had any experience with a smart watch I was keen to explore the little beauty's features.
    There are so many different watch faces to choose from, even the free faces available to download are good quality. Keeping the watch design feeling fresh. Pictures from your phone can be transferred to the watch and even used as a watch face background. Limitless possibilities.
    Before receiving the watch I was a bit dubious about the fact the watch can answer calls and thought I would never use that feature. How I was so wrong....I received a call while driving and with a quick look at my wrist to see the caller and a twist of the bezel I had answered the call. The call quality itself was very clear, no distortion at all leaving me to concentrate on my driving. That one single call totally changed my opinion on the feature...brilliant!
    The S Health feature appears to be very good counting steps, stairs and heart rate with ease. The automatic work out detection is a little slow at times, resulting in losing some of the workout information until it realises what you are doing. The watch can be set to give you a little nudge if you haven't moved for a while and encourages you to stretch.
    The battery life varies, at the moment I have the sound turned down for work and appear to be getting a good solid 4 days between charges. The charging cradle itself is great. Placing the watch in the cradle you feel the magnet take it from your hand, filling you with confidence that your watch will be safe.
    I haven't actually uploaded any music to the watch yet, but the watch can be used as an interface between my phone and wireless speakers. Meaning I can leave my phone in my pocket. Opening the music app on the watch shows what song is playing with a cool picture of the artist behind. Songs can be skipped and volume altered all from the watch.
    The only possible downfall at the moment would be the lack of apps. This will obviously change as the watch grows in popularity. A google maps interface would be good, using the watch screen to find your way to a point in a city.

    Well to sum up I am really enjoying my experience with the Samsung gear S3 frontier at the moment and will continue to find and play about with new features.

    I hope this has helped to persuade you just how good a watch it really is.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I’ve had my S3 Frontier edition since just before Xmas. I was waiting for the novelty to wear off before I started writing reviews, but I’m not sure it will. I love this watch!

    I know some aren’t convinced by the very concept of a smartwatch and previous watches I have owned or used have done nothing to convince those people. However, the S3 is an incredibly successful timepiece in a way that other smartwatches are not.

    Firstly, it looks like, and is, a beautifully designed and crafted device. It’s not geeky, the slightly larger size is bang on trend and the innovative rotating-bezel and two buttons make it very easy to interact with, alongside the more typical touchscreen input.

    And what a screen it is! The large AMOLED screen is a delight to behold. I’m completely glued to the mobile app looking for new watchfaces to show it off to the maximum and the ‘always-on’ capability means the black screen and the magic wrist shake to wake up smartwatches is no longer required. That said, if you’re happy to save a bit of extra battery power by allowing the screen to go to sleep, then the S3 will reward you with 4 days worth of battery life instead of a more likely two. Charging isn’t a hassle, with the magnetic wireless dock, but if you’re away for a few days and don’t want to carry yet more cables, then it won’t need to be connected for a decent long weekend away.

    So the S3 is successful because it’s a great watch, but it’s also hugely powerful in the smarts. Rotating the bezel round to the left displays your notifications. By using the partner app on your phone, you can select which apps are allowed to notify you of updates or messages. Most apps can then have simple responses or functions performed on them. For example, you could archive or reply to a Gmail, or send an SMS text.

    Now you wouldn’t want to write a long email on a watch - might as well pull the phone out for that - but short messages are easy and fun. First you can dictate a message directly into the watch for conversion ot text, or simply pick from emoji or canned messages. Finally and most fun to those of us who’ve had a mobile phone for a while, there is a T9 style predictive keyboard for you to type your own. I’m amazed at how well this works and that I can still type really fast on this ancient input method!

    Notifications are one reason why smartwatches are worth your consideration. The other is monitoring your health and physical activity. To that end, the S3 has a plethora of sensors on board (GPS, altometer, barometer, accelerometer, HR monitor) to automatically detect and record your exercise and help you manage your health in the S-Health app on your phone. Rotating the bezel to the right accesses shortcuts, many of which are health-monitoring related. All the usual tools are there and you can set your health goals and capture other aspects of your health like your calorie consumption, water and coffee drinking and weight (up or down sadly) whils the watch synchronises over what you’ve been up to. It’ll even nag you when you’ve been sitting around for a bit too long - although you can turn it off if you already have someone that does that.

    In short, the S3 is a premium device that justifies the label. It’s well crafted, is fluid and fast and the Tizen operating system has the best interface I’ve used on a smartwatch to date. Some might criticise the lack of apps in the app-store vs the competition, but I’d say all the key bases are covered and hey, you’ve still got that smartphone in your pocket, right? Well the S3 makes for a great companion.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Firstly, I adventure. A lot. Be it from scuba diving and mountaineering, to skiiing and motor racing! This Gear S3 Frontier replaces my trusty Gear S2 from the past year, which has been a great friend to me, up until this Frontier donned my wrist!

    Wow, what an upgrade! Samsung have really spent some R&D expense in making sure smiles are abound every time the wearer stares down at its glistening surface, eager to report the latest and greatest information. Directly from a smart watch.

    There's no need to remove ones smart phone from a bag or pocket, as this thing can almost negate the necessity to need it! Connecting to ones phone via wifi/remotely, it's possible to take calls away without looking for the phone. Talking into a wrist watch might look bizarre to onlookers, but it's the future! Ok, I might suggest linking the Gear S3 to wireless headphones to enable a more discreet conversation...

    I also go to the gym daily, and although the Samsung S Health app integration works better than its older sibling, the much larger screen helps choose which exercise I'm going to do next, seemingly revealing more information that before.

    I have paired the bluetooth Gear S3 with Samsung's IconX wireless headphones and it's flawless how the two work together, not just with workout information, but the overall notifications from both the watch and phone. One can chose which apps 'notify' you and even open the app on your connected smart device if desired.

    No, I haven't taken this scuba diving (yet!), and don't intend to either, however, I have been for a swim in a lake and free dived in the sea, knowing it'll handle at least a metre for a while. Note that Samsung states waterproof in 'fresh water' at 1.5 metres for half an hour.

    This Gear S3 Frontier has GPS, voice and vibration, allowing it to advise me when I've reached exercise goals, places of interest and with a vibrant screen, adjustable sound and brightness levels, it hasn't failed me yet up mountains recently in the UK!

    I'm about to go skiing towards the end of January, so I am looking forward to see how it handles the really cold weather and tapping the 'ski' exercise in the S Health app! It measures steps, but I wonder whether it monitors speed too......
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Had the Samsung Gear S3 for a few weeks now and am very impressed with the functionality of the device with its smooth interface, clear display and intuitive design.
    It's the first wearable tech that I've owned and am currently not a watch wearer, relying on getting my phone out to see the time, and I must say I am over the moon with it. I saw many a comment around the size of the device but I think Samsung have got it spot on. The weight and size are pretty much perfect for me and I don't have the biggest hands or wrists.
    Sound and voice quality is very good and I was surprised at how good the Gear S3 is for making phone calls, with both myself, and the person at the other end, being able to hear each other clearly. I can only image this experience being bettered with the use of a Bluetooth headset.
    I have to agree with some of the other reviews that the apps that are currently available are few and far to come by and those that are available in am struggling to find the reason for! This is the main reason for the 8 rather than 10 star review.
    Overall I would say this is a great product and for anyone who is new to the wearable tech market it is really easy to use with minimal effort to link to your smart device. Great product and very much looking forward to future updates.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I use this watch for about 3 weeks now, I'm very happy with it, is very fast, very well made with using high quality materials. Often also it replaces my smartphone.
    I can respond to messages and phone calls without taking my smartphone wich it's very good in various situations.You can also configure the watch in may you like - loads of custom watch faces. This is not the first Smartwatch which I use.Entire Sheath app is a very nice tool that everyone should use everyday to monitor everything, I found that floors and steps are not accurately counted.I think everyone should have device like this, wich will help you save loads of time also in times where your phone have big screen and it's bulky. I wish there will be some more app to download - but it's not bad anyway. In My opinion it's best smartwatch on market

    Pros :

    - Very good build quality
    - Long battery life ( 3-4 days)
    - Great Design
    - High functionality
    - Built-in GPS
    - Super Fast
    - 22mm Bands


    - High Price
    - Not to many apps
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    ….Back in August 2014 Samsung announced its first Gear S wearable, a 2” curved beast which looked positively gigantic on even the largest of wrists, and whilst it never really set the world on fire with its kitchen sink load of features, it was the beginning of a new line of smart wearables for the brand following their quirky line of previous Galaxy Gear line of devices.

    Fast forward to 2015 and Samsung ditched the curves in favour of a more traditional watch approach, bringing us the excellent Gear S2 & Gear S2 classic which were more, well, watchy, than space age wrist computer. Combined with their home grown Tizen operating system and a cool rotating bezel the new Gear S line demonstrated a more grown up approach and were well received by many. this brings us to the subject of this review, the Samsung Gear S3 - here in its sportier Frontier clothes, a more rugged brother to it’s business class sibling the Gear S3 Classic. I love the look of a chunky timepiece and wanted to see if the Frontier could persuade me to part with my trusty mechanical Fossil as my daily timekeeper…At the time of this review Samsung have added support for iOS and having tested it the watch performs pretty much just as well as it did with my One Plus 3T Android, there are some ommissions but i am sure these will be added as time goes on.

    Right from the unboxing the Frontier means business, it’s beautifully sculpted 316L stainless steel casing feels great in the hand and gives a reassuring heft and weight to remind you this beastly timepiece has what it takes to last in the wild. LIke it’s predecessor the Frontier is IP68 certified which means water resistance for up to 30 minutes and a dunk in fresh water up to 1 metre. The Frontier is also MIL-STD-810G compliant, say what i hear you ask? Basically this means the watch has some military grade resistance, like shock protection and exposure to extreme low and high temperatures. Whilst i would steer clear of cooking your watch or freezing it for the fun of it, it’s nice to know the watch has been made to cope with the more rigorous demands which may be thrown at it, such as winter sports or high humidity environments.

    Like many smart wearables these days the frontier also has a variety of sensors which integrate with its software, there’s a heart rate sensor underneath which is set to constantly monitor your heart rate, a gyro sensor to measure movement and position, a barometer to let you know things like air pressure and elevation, GPS and an ambient light sensor to light and up and dim the screen depending on environment…

    Speaking of the screen, the Frontier has a great looking 1.3 inch full circle Super Amoled touchscreen with 360 x 36 pixel density. It’s protected by Gorilla Glass SR+, designed to be thin, light and damage resistant and certainly feels up to some wear and tear. And as wearable screens go this is a great looking display, with those signature AMOLED inky blacks colours which are rich and saturated. Everything looks sharp and during the review period i had no issues using the watch inside or outside and touches are responsive and smooth. Flanking the screen is the excellent rotating bezel from last years Gear S2. I really wish more smartwatches used this feature as i absolutely love it - it has great tactility and feels great moving through menus, changing the display brightness and even increasing volume or skipping that rubbish song you forgot was in your Spotify playlist….

    On the wrist the Frontier is comfortable and the supplied sport band is great quality and can be easily swapped out for various other straps using a small locking pin on the underside of strap. Like any watch you will need to clean the underside of perspiration to ensure the heart rate sensor can do its job, but despite its chunky appearance this is a smart and good looking wearable which looks good when you’re suited and booted or feeling in a more casual mood…

    Battery power is supplied by a 380 mAh unit which gives the Frontier some serious staying power. On my first charge i had easily two days of heavy usage and as i write this review there’s still 70% left after over 2 days of usage. This will vary but after switching off some features like the auto heart rate sensor and annoying exercise reminders this will easily sail through two days of moderate daily use. There’s also 4GB of storage, but in typical Samsung style a great deal of this is used up with built in apps, leaving you with a little over 1.5GB of storage - although most files are small enough not to make this a bug issue. There’s a built in music player which you can use on its own via Bluetooth headphones, even a Spotify widget which beams all of your playlist info and can be controlled from the watch while your phone is out of sight. Neat. The 768MB of RAM is ample and i’m yet to run into any issues with performance.

    Next in the kitchen sink is the call integration, with a built in mic and speakerphone so you can make and receive calls right from the watch itself while connected to your phone. Despite some odd looks, i quite enjoyed this feature - allowing me to leave my OnePlus 3T recharge downstairs at home whilst i moved around upstairs using the remote features of the watch. Calls sounded fine on the watch speaker but i was reminded on a few occasions i sounded like i was in some dark place somewhere…. But the point is, the convenience outweighs the slightly iffy audio quality and there were a number of times i was glad of this feature and found it useful. In some markets the Gear S3 range are available with 3G connectivity so the watch can work completely on it’s own providing you’re willing to put up with some app limitations...

    Up to this point this would seem the ideal smartwatch, but there are a few points for me which spoil the mix a little. This is largely down to the choice of using the Tizen operating system which powers the watch OS. If you’re heavily into Google’s app ecosystem then you may be left wanting and disappointed in some aspects of daily use. You see, the Frontier mimics several of the built in apps of pretty much every Samsung phone out there on the market, meaning instead of my favourite to do app Google Keep, i have to make do with S Memo which feels clunky and not intuitive by comparison. There’s also no Google Voice integration - this is handled by Samsung's S Voice instead and whilst it’s serviceable and accurate, it just doesn’t feel as polished as our more recognisable search assistant.

    The OS is also let down quite a bit by its lack of support by app developers and whilst we can hardly lay all the blame on Samsung for this, it does feel like there’s a missed opportunity here on so many levels. Scrolling through apps on the Gear Manager support app shows there are more watch faces than apps themselves, and the ones which are there seem gimmicky and hardly grab your attention - so as far as content goes i felt a little wanting if truth be told… Speaking of watch faces, there’s a great selection, some traditional, some sporty, some strange. But this said there’s something for everyone and there’s a superb collection of classic watch faces - but beware, my experience with the Facer app saw a significant drop in battery life depending on the watch face selected.

    So in summary, whilst i was able to get over the lack of app support, in the back of my mind i couldn’t help thinking if this had Android Wear this would be an absolutely killer wearable and easily the best on the market right now. Even though Android Wear is having a period of uncertainty with some manufacturers holding off introducing new models until the new Wear 2.0 update, this would be a different beast altogether with Google's otherwise excellent wrist friendly OS. Alas, Samsung's decision to stick with their homegrown Tizen OS is both a blessing and a curse and spoiled my enjoyment just a bit, of what is otherwise a superbly crafted piece of digital jewellery.

    This is not to do the Gear S3 range a dis-service though, as the Frontier was enough to persuade me to pick it up instead of my beloved Fossil on more than a few days of the week - having info right there at a glance without having to have my phone to hand made me appreciate its benefits and at the same time this is also a nice watch to wear around, even if it is a little bulky for some shirt sleeves. When i did put my Fossil back on, i found myself wondering more than a few times why the screen wouldn’t light up when i turned to look at the watch face, and i certainly missed those subtle vibrations which reminded of notifications - all of which can be acknowledged and even replied to on the crazy small, but useful on screen keyboard.

    So, is the Gear S3 Frontier enough to make me forego a few days now and then with my standard mechanical watch? I can answer this with a resounding yes. Some omissions aside, my overall opinion is apps alone do not make a great watch and i can forgive the Frontier these faults given it’s other qualities which make me enjoy wearing it day to day. From its excellent build quality to stellar battery life this is a useful and great looking wrist companion that i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to those looking to move into the smartwatch era. At around £350.00 this is not cheap but for the money you're getting a superbly crafted piece of technology which Samsung have worked hard on to create a very polished looking product.

    There are times a more traditional watch will fit the bill, you wouldn't dare wear this to a wedding or to the final farewell of a beloved, but in all other aspects I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Gear S3 and cannot wait to see where Samsung go next with the Gear S line. Once app developers get on board this would most certainly move from good to excellent and i hope Samsung can do enough to get developers to get behind them - or maybe release two editions - one with Tizen and the other with Android Wear??