Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

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  • Excellent
    Opening the box & getting the watch out you can see & feel that this is really well crafted & put together. it's not heavy but it is quite thick. The black finish on the Frontier is beautiful. I'm paranoid I might scratch it, although I have managed not to so far. The glass is recessed so this should minimise the chances of it getting scratched or worse, cracked. The rubber strap is OK but I find it sticks to my skin so I might change this to a metal strap. Changing the band seems easy enough. There's even a smaller one supplied in case you have tiny wrists.

    I'm not new to smart watches had a Moto360 for 2 years now so I was a little unsure of what to expect of the Frontier running Tizen rather than Android Wear. I had become used to the way Android Wear worked & interacted with my Android phone. After a very short time using the Frontier, any doubts I had were gone. In fact, I prefer Tizen to Android Wear in some ways. On Wear, you need to swipe to get to the menu item you want & sometimes this leads to accidentally activating the wrong icon. With Tizen you can simply touch the menu item you want.

    Pairing with the phone is straight forward but you do need to download the Gear app to use it to the full extent.

    The Frontier comes with a few widgets already installed mainly for S-health which is Samsung's own fitness tracker but there are others such as contacts, weather & reminders. Different watch faces are available, just be aware that anything with a lot of animation will drain your battery fast.

    Battery was always a shortfall on my Moto360 lasting just over 24 hours. The Frontier changes that. As I'm writing this, my Frontier has been off charge for 14 hours & there's still 75% battery remaining with the phone all saying I have 2 days left. This is with the screen off for most of the time however but it is using the default watch face that's got a fair bit of animation & interaction using the gyro to imitate light reflection.

    The inductive charging is fast so you won't be waiting for more than a couple of hours even if it's completely flat but in reality, you're not going to let it get to that point. On the subject of the charger, it's magnetic & I'm still on the fence with this. I've knocked my 360 off the charger & not noticed before but that's not going to happen with the Frontier. It is a pain though when you pick the watch up & it's still attached to the charger!

    Finally, it's cool (to me) being able to take or make a call from the Frontier
    7 hours ago
  • Very good
    The watch itself is brilliant, its modern and stylish and fits well on the arm. The only criticism I have is the silicone band as it tends to stick my skin very easy, but can be rectified with a different strap. The S Health features are very useful and have made myself more aware of my exercise frequency and has motivated me to do more during the day. The lack of app support on it's Tizen OS is dire, as I do wish sometimes that I could just run Android Wear and use the apps available on that OS, but if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, it works really well and you get by with the replacement apps that the Galaxy store does offer. I would like it if I could use some kind of contactless payment on the watch, as Samsung pay isn't available yet in the UK, and no Android Pay support is available so this really annoys me that I can't pay with the watch compared with Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. I do find the notifications useful on the watch, as they are unintrusive and easy to realise that there's a notification present with the yellow indicator to the left of the screen. The screen itself is quite impressive with the picture quality and the touchscreen makes it easier to navigate out of menus and settings, while the dial is very useful when I want to glance quickly on a certain face. I will say, if you intend on using this watch on an iPhone, don't bother! It's not as fully featured when using it on an iPhone, compared with an Ar=ndroid phone. You're missing even more apps from the Galaxy Store, you have to keep the app open on you iPhone, and calling from the phone is a very tedious process to setup. With regards to messaging, you'll have none of it on an iPhone. Only message notifications you can clear from the notification section, which is what pretty much every notification you get on it can do. There is no interaction available with the iPhone notification.

    All in all, it's a great smartwatch for Android users, a rubbish one for iPhone users. The price is rather expensive, but I have come to like the watch and has become a very important part of my daily routine.
    15 hours ago
  • Perfect
    From the minute you open the box you get the feel of a quality item, feeling very well built and robust. Pairing to my Galaxy S7 edge was simple and well explained, 5 minutes later after a quick software update I was away exploring the features of my new smart watch.
    Having never had any experience with a smart watch I was keen to explore the little beauty's features.
    There are so many different watch faces to choose from, even the free faces available to download are good quality. Keeping the watch design feeling fresh. Pictures from your phone can be transferred to the watch and even used as a watch face background. Limitless possibilities.
    Before receiving the watch I was a bit dubious about the fact the watch can answer calls and thought I would never use that feature. How I was so wrong....I received a call while driving and with a quick look at my wrist to see the caller and a twist of the bezel I had answered the call. The call quality itself was very clear, no distortion at all leaving me to concentrate on my driving. That one single call totally changed my opinion on the feature...brilliant!
    The S Health feature appears to be very good counting steps, stairs and heart rate with ease. The automatic work out detection is a little slow at times, resulting in losing some of the workout information until it realises what you are doing. The watch can be set to give you a little nudge if you haven't moved for a while and encourages you to stretch.
    The battery life varies, at the moment I have the sound turned down for work and appear to be getting a good solid 4 days between charges. The charging cradle itself is great. Placing the watch in the cradle you feel the magnet take it from your hand, filling you with confidence that your watch will be safe.
    I haven't actually uploaded any music to the watch yet, but the watch can be used as an interface between my phone and wireless speakers. Meaning I can leave my phone in my pocket. Opening the music app on the watch shows what song is playing with a cool picture of the artist behind. Songs can be skipped and volume altered all from the watch.
    The only possible downfall at the moment would be the lack of apps. This will obviously change as the watch grows in popularity. A google maps interface would be good, using the watch screen to find your way to a point in a city.

    Well to sum up I am really enjoying my experience with the Samsung gear S3 frontier at the moment and will continue to find and play about with new features.

    I hope this has helped to persuade you just how good a watch it really is.
    1 day ago
  • Excellent
    I’ve had my S3 Frontier edition since just before Xmas. I was waiting for the novelty to wear off before I started writing reviews, but I’m not sure it will. I love this watch!

    I know some aren’t convinced by the very concept of a smartwatch and previous watches I have owned or used have done nothing to convince those people. However, the S3 is an incredibly successful timepiece in a way that other smartwatches are not.

    Firstly, it looks like, and is, a beautifully designed and crafted device. It’s not geeky, the slightly larger size is bang on trend and the innovative rotating-bezel and two buttons make it very easy to interact with, alongside the more typical touchscreen input.

    And what a screen it is! The large AMOLED screen is a delight to behold. I’m completely glued to the mobile app looking for new watchfaces to show it off to the maximum and the ‘always-on’ capability means the black screen and the magic wrist shake to wake up smartwatches is no longer required. That said, if you’re happy to save a bit of extra battery power by allowing the screen to go to sleep, then the S3 will reward you with 4 days worth of battery life instead of a more likely two. Charging isn’t a hassle, with the magnetic wireless dock, but if you’re away for a few days and don’t want to carry yet more cables, then it won’t need to be connected for a decent long weekend away.

    So the S3 is successful because it’s a great watch, but it’s also hugely powerful in the smarts. Rotating the bezel round to the left displays your notifications. By using the partner app on your phone, you can select which apps are allowed to notify you of updates or messages. Most apps can then have simple responses or functions performed on them. For example, you could archive or reply to a Gmail, or send an SMS text.

    Now you wouldn’t want to write a long email on a watch - might as well pull the phone out for that - but short messages are easy and fun. First you can dictate a message directly into the watch for conversion ot text, or simply pick from emoji or canned messages. Finally and most fun to those of us who’ve had a mobile phone for a while, there is a T9 style predictive keyboard for you to type your own. I’m amazed at how well this works and that I can still type really fast on this ancient input method!

    Notifications are one reason why smartwatches are worth your consideration. The other is monitoring your health and physical activity. To that end, the S3 has a plethora of sensors on board (GPS, altometer, barometer, accelerometer, HR monitor) to automatically detect and record your exercise and help you manage your health in the S-Health app on your phone. Rotating the bezel to the right accesses shortcuts, many of which are health-monitoring related. All the usual tools are there and you can set your health goals and capture other aspects of your health like your calorie consumption, water and coffee drinking and weight (up or down sadly) whils the watch synchronises over what you’ve been up to. It’ll even nag you when you’ve been sitting around for a bit too long - although you can turn it off if you already have someone that does that.

    In short, the S3 is a premium device that justifies the label. It’s well crafted, is fluid and fast and the Tizen operating system has the best interface I’ve used on a smartwatch to date. Some might criticise the lack of apps in the app-store vs the competition, but I’d say all the key bases are covered and hey, you’ve still got that smartphone in your pocket, right? Well the S3 makes for a great companion.
    2 days ago
  • Perfect
    Firstly, I adventure. A lot. Be it from scuba diving and mountaineering, to skiiing and motor racing! This Gear S3 Frontier replaces my trusty Gear S2 from the past year, which has been a great friend to me, up until this Frontier donned my wrist!

    Wow, what an upgrade! Samsung have really spent some R&D expense in making sure smiles are abound every time the wearer stares down at its glistening surface, eager to report the latest and greatest information. Directly from a smart watch.

    There's no need to remove ones smart phone from a bag or pocket, as this thing can almost negate the necessity to need it! Connecting to ones phone via wifi/remotely, it's possible to take calls away without looking for the phone. Talking into a wrist watch might look bizarre to onlookers, but it's the future! Ok, I might suggest linking the Gear S3 to wireless headphones to enable a more discreet conversation...

    I also go to the gym daily, and although the Samsung S Health app integration works better than its older sibling, the much larger screen helps choose which exercise I'm going to do next, seemingly revealing more information that before.

    I have paired the bluetooth Gear S3 with Samsung's IconX wireless headphones and it's flawless how the two work together, not just with workout information, but the overall notifications from both the watch and phone. One can chose which apps 'notify' you and even open the app on your connected smart device if desired.

    No, I haven't taken this scuba diving (yet!), and don't intend to either, however, I have been for a swim in a lake and free dived in the sea, knowing it'll handle at least a metre for a while. Note that Samsung states waterproof in 'fresh water' at 1.5 metres for half an hour.

    This Gear S3 Frontier has GPS, voice and vibration, allowing it to advise me when I've reached exercise goals, places of interest and with a vibrant screen, adjustable sound and brightness levels, it hasn't failed me yet up mountains recently in the UK!

    I'm about to go skiing towards the end of January, so I am looking forward to see how it handles the really cold weather and tapping the 'ski' exercise in the S Health app! It measures steps, but I wonder whether it monitors speed too......
    5 days ago
  • Very good
    Had the Samsung Gear S3 for a few weeks now and am very impressed with the functionality of the device with its smooth interface, clear display and intuitive design.
    It's the first wearable tech that I've owned and am currently not a watch wearer, relying on getting my phone out to see the time, and I must say I am over the moon with it. I saw many a comment around the size of the device but I think Samsung have got it spot on. The weight and size are pretty much perfect for me and I don't have the biggest hands or wrists.
    Sound and voice quality is very good and I was surprised at how good the Gear S3 is for making phone calls, with both myself, and the person at the other end, being able to hear each other clearly. I can only image this experience being bettered with the use of a Bluetooth headset.
    I have to agree with some of the other reviews that the apps that are currently available are few and far to come by and those that are available in am struggling to find the reason for! This is the main reason for the 8 rather than 10 star review.
    Overall I would say this is a great product and for anyone who is new to the wearable tech market it is really easy to use with minimal effort to link to your smart device. Great product and very much looking forward to future updates.
    5 days ago
  • Perfect
    I use this watch for about 3 weeks now, I'm very happy with it, is very fast, very well made with using high quality materials. Often also it replaces my smartphone.
    I can respond to messages and phone calls without taking my smartphone wich it's very good in various situations.You can also configure the watch in may you like - loads of custom watch faces. This is not the first Smartwatch which I use.Entire Sheath app is a very nice tool that everyone should use everyday to monitor everything, I found that floors and steps are not accurately counted.I think everyone should have device like this, wich will help you save loads of time also in times where your phone have big screen and it's bulky. I wish there will be some more app to download - but it's not bad anyway. In My opinion it's best smartwatch on market

    Pros :

    - Very good build quality
    - Long battery life ( 3-4 days)
    - Great Design
    - High functionality
    - Built-in GPS
    - Super Fast
    - 22mm Bands


    - High Price
    - Not to many apps
    6 days ago
  • Very good
    ….Back in August 2014 Samsung announced its first Gear S wearable, a 2” curved beast which looked positively gigantic on even the largest of wrists, and whilst it never really set the world on fire with its kitchen sink load of features, it was the beginning of a new line of smart wearables for the brand following their quirky line of previous Galaxy Gear line of devices.

    Fast forward to 2015 and Samsung ditched the curves in favour of a more traditional watch approach, bringing us the excellent Gear S2 & Gear S2 classic which were more, well, watchy, than space age wrist computer. Combined with their home grown Tizen operating system and a cool rotating bezel the new Gear S line demonstrated a more grown up approach and were well received by many. this brings us to the subject of this review, the Samsung Gear S3 - here in its sportier Frontier clothes, a more rugged brother to it’s business class sibling the Gear S3 Classic. I love the look of a chunky timepiece and wanted to see if the Frontier could persuade me to part with my trusty mechanical Fossil as my daily timekeeper…At the time of this review Samsung have added support for iOS and having tested it the watch performs pretty much just as well as it did with my One Plus 3T Android, there are some ommissions but i am sure these will be added as time goes on.

    Right from the unboxing the Frontier means business, it’s beautifully sculpted 316L stainless steel casing feels great in the hand and gives a reassuring heft and weight to remind you this beastly timepiece has what it takes to last in the wild. LIke it’s predecessor the Frontier is IP68 certified which means water resistance for up to 30 minutes and a dunk in fresh water up to 1 metre. The Frontier is also MIL-STD-810G compliant, say what i hear you ask? Basically this means the watch has some military grade resistance, like shock protection and exposure to extreme low and high temperatures. Whilst i would steer clear of cooking your watch or freezing it for the fun of it, it’s nice to know the watch has been made to cope with the more rigorous demands which may be thrown at it, such as winter sports or high humidity environments.

    Like many smart wearables these days the frontier also has a variety of sensors which integrate with its software, there’s a heart rate sensor underneath which is set to constantly monitor your heart rate, a gyro sensor to measure movement and position, a barometer to let you know things like air pressure and elevation, GPS and an ambient light sensor to light and up and dim the screen depending on environment…

    Speaking of the screen, the Frontier has a great looking 1.3 inch full circle Super Amoled touchscreen with 360 x 36 pixel density. It’s protected by Gorilla Glass SR+, designed to be thin, light and damage resistant and certainly feels up to some wear and tear. And as wearable screens go this is a great looking display, with those signature AMOLED inky blacks colours which are rich and saturated. Everything looks sharp and during the review period i had no issues using the watch inside or outside and touches are responsive and smooth. Flanking the screen is the excellent rotating bezel from last years Gear S2. I really wish more smartwatches used this feature as i absolutely love it - it has great tactility and feels great moving through menus, changing the display brightness and even increasing volume or skipping that rubbish song you forgot was in your Spotify playlist….

    On the wrist the Frontier is comfortable and the supplied sport band is great quality and can be easily swapped out for various other straps using a small locking pin on the underside of strap. Like any watch you will need to clean the underside of perspiration to ensure the heart rate sensor can do its job, but despite its chunky appearance this is a smart and good looking wearable which looks good when you’re suited and booted or feeling in a more casual mood…

    Battery power is supplied by a 380 mAh unit which gives the Frontier some serious staying power. On my first charge i had easily two days of heavy usage and as i write this review there’s still 70% left after over 2 days of usage. This will vary but after switching off some features like the auto heart rate sensor and annoying exercise reminders this will easily sail through two days of moderate daily use. There’s also 4GB of storage, but in typical Samsung style a great deal of this is used up with built in apps, leaving you with a little over 1.5GB of storage - although most files are small enough not to make this a bug issue. There’s a built in music player which you can use on its own via Bluetooth headphones, even a Spotify widget which beams all of your playlist info and can be controlled from the watch while your phone is out of sight. Neat. The 768MB of RAM is ample and i’m yet to run into any issues with performance.

    Next in the kitchen sink is the call integration, with a built in mic and speakerphone so you can make and receive calls right from the watch itself while connected to your phone. Despite some odd looks, i quite enjoyed this feature - allowing me to leave my OnePlus 3T recharge downstairs at home whilst i moved around upstairs using the remote features of the watch. Calls sounded fine on the watch speaker but i was reminded on a few occasions i sounded like i was in some dark place somewhere…. But the point is, the convenience outweighs the slightly iffy audio quality and there were a number of times i was glad of this feature and found it useful. In some markets the Gear S3 range are available with 3G connectivity so the watch can work completely on it’s own providing you’re willing to put up with some app limitations...

    Up to this point this would seem the ideal smartwatch, but there are a few points for me which spoil the mix a little. This is largely down to the choice of using the Tizen operating system which powers the watch OS. If you’re heavily into Google’s app ecosystem then you may be left wanting and disappointed in some aspects of daily use. You see, the Frontier mimics several of the built in apps of pretty much every Samsung phone out there on the market, meaning instead of my favourite to do app Google Keep, i have to make do with S Memo which feels clunky and not intuitive by comparison. There’s also no Google Voice integration - this is handled by Samsung's S Voice instead and whilst it’s serviceable and accurate, it just doesn’t feel as polished as our more recognisable search assistant.

    The OS is also let down quite a bit by its lack of support by app developers and whilst we can hardly lay all the blame on Samsung for this, it does feel like there’s a missed opportunity here on so many levels. Scrolling through apps on the Gear Manager support app shows there are more watch faces than apps themselves, and the ones which are there seem gimmicky and hardly grab your attention - so as far as content goes i felt a little wanting if truth be told… Speaking of watch faces, there’s a great selection, some traditional, some sporty, some strange. But this said there’s something for everyone and there’s a superb collection of classic watch faces - but beware, my experience with the Facer app saw a significant drop in battery life depending on the watch face selected.

    So in summary, whilst i was able to get over the lack of app support, in the back of my mind i couldn’t help thinking if this had Android Wear this would be an absolutely killer wearable and easily the best on the market right now. Even though Android Wear is having a period of uncertainty with some manufacturers holding off introducing new models until the new Wear 2.0 update, this would be a different beast altogether with Google's otherwise excellent wrist friendly OS. Alas, Samsung's decision to stick with their homegrown Tizen OS is both a blessing and a curse and spoiled my enjoyment just a bit, of what is otherwise a superbly crafted piece of digital jewellery.

    This is not to do the Gear S3 range a dis-service though, as the Frontier was enough to persuade me to pick it up instead of my beloved Fossil on more than a few days of the week - having info right there at a glance without having to have my phone to hand made me appreciate its benefits and at the same time this is also a nice watch to wear around, even if it is a little bulky for some shirt sleeves. When i did put my Fossil back on, i found myself wondering more than a few times why the screen wouldn’t light up when i turned to look at the watch face, and i certainly missed those subtle vibrations which reminded of notifications - all of which can be acknowledged and even replied to on the crazy small, but useful on screen keyboard.

    So, is the Gear S3 Frontier enough to make me forego a few days now and then with my standard mechanical watch? I can answer this with a resounding yes. Some omissions aside, my overall opinion is apps alone do not make a great watch and i can forgive the Frontier these faults given it’s other qualities which make me enjoy wearing it day to day. From its excellent build quality to stellar battery life this is a useful and great looking wrist companion that i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to those looking to move into the smartwatch era. At around £350.00 this is not cheap but for the money you're getting a superbly crafted piece of technology which Samsung have worked hard on to create a very polished looking product.

    There are times a more traditional watch will fit the bill, you wouldn't dare wear this to a wedding or to the final farewell of a beloved, but in all other aspects I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Gear S3 and cannot wait to see where Samsung go next with the Gear S line. Once app developers get on board this would most certainly move from good to excellent and i hope Samsung can do enough to get developers to get behind them - or maybe release two editions - one with Tizen and the other with Android Wear??
    7 days ago
  • Very good
    Great looking watch. well made and looks like a real watch over some of its competitors.
    This watch has a far superior screen than others i have used including my apple watch.
    Easy to work and sync to my phone. I do not have a samsung android phone so i think i have lost some functions that it says it does. This is a problem with android and too many cooks, they all work slightly different.
    Apart from that it is easy to set up and just to my liking. I have turned off the auto exercise program as it was tracking my car driving saying i was cycle training a few times. The app is good and has a link to the app store. Way too many faces being focused on and not enough apps for my liking. Especially when i can not find any big names on my app store like google maps, Facebook, twitter ect.
    Notifications are clear and shown well on the large quality screen. Voice commands are easy although my android phone wouldn't allow voice calls and texts even though it is fully updated.
    Downsides i would like more seamless working with my phone, e.g. google maps syncing to watch through phone, not having to set up by watch through a lesser app. connection for my run the other day was not great. could not get it to connect to the gps without my phone even when i was outside with clear skies.

    Overal a great watch, room for improvement and if they release a iOS app for it it could beat the apple watch on iOS platform as well.
    10 days ago
  • Good
    Gear S3 Frontier: Its pretty good so far - I've had it 2 weeks. I'm also wearing my garmin forerunner 235 concurrently to see how they match up. BIG steps discrepancy and calories way off too. My tendency is to believe the Garmin is closer.
    However, the good stuff - SOLID - very well made, Awesome Bezel control. Apps are good, better mapping would be good, and sure this will come soon. Quality Screen. I suspect software updates and more apps will continue to improve this offering until it's a Top 3 smartwatch.....But, If you after it for fitness tracking, then I'd probably look for a standalone fitness tracker.
    Not suitable to go swimming - if you need it for this look elsewhere.
    Stairs need to be walked up slowly or it misses out flights - I usually run up them & it catches about 1/4 of them when I do this. If I go slow it gets them all...
    It's also heavy - I like this, but others may not....
    The battery life is generally good, with low use and power saving features it will last 5+ days, very heavy use and it could drop to 2.5 days, which is good overall.
    I love being able to change music volume / pause etc just using the watch.
    Responding to messages is a bonus, but slow going - more like using an old nokia compared to a smartphone now.
    Smartwatches are still a work in progress, but they are getting nearer the mark and this is no exception and a very solid performer.
    10 days ago
  • Excellent
    Loving my Gear S3 Frontier. It is perfect for my needs but it could have been, and hopefully will be, so much more. Where are the apps? The build quality is great and it feels very robust. Functions are excellent, especially the rotating bevel. Quite intuitive and makes operating a breeze. I am not sure if it needs 2 buttons on the side (Home and Back). They could also have been better placed. Depending on which arm you wear yours on, pressing one of them will not feel natural or comfortable. Out of the box, it comes with fitness stuff, text capabilities, (keyboard, voice, and quick responses) images, calls, and music amongst other things. I am a simple man and do not need much more. This is a good thing as there is a dearth of apps available for it. I would like to keep an eye on emails but I do not use the Samsung email app instead opting for the Gmail app. Battery life claims to be 4 days and I can see it stretching to that. When I received mine it was 78% and 48 hours later it was at 13%. This was when the novelty factor was high and I was playing with it constantly. I can see me getting three days out of it quite easily once I settle into it.
    12 days ago
  • Excellent
    I've had the S3 for a few days now, and the excitement on my face when it arrived was one of those moments when a guy gets a new gadget. This is my first smart watch, and I've spent a few days with it, using it wearing it and generally playing.

    I initially thought would this be all it could be, does it do enough, will it be just a fad, some of those have already been answered, others will be answered at a later date through prolonged usage.

    The device itself is rather well made, it looks great, and is honestly very comfortable on the arm, I've always kept away from watches with rubber straps, but not anymore. It actually feels like its part of me now.

    The weight some say is a little on the heavy side, I actually like having a device with a bit of weight to it, it feels substantial but not in an overbearing way.

    Functionality wise it does what it says on the tin, so far I've tested out the notifications, making and receiving calls from the watch! Who'd have thought hey, Call me Bond... well OK maybe not!
    I like the fact that the watch has a built in heart rate monitor, for when I get back into the gym (if more than a when), but the Fibit Charge HR will be going up for sale. The Samsung Software needs a bit of polishing, but it does the job. I've still got to try an work out whether it takes continuous heart rate whilst exercising, some say it does, others just think its all dark magic going on behind the screen!

    Anyway to sum up, I like it, how much do I like it, well if you've ever seen a Pokemon character jumping up and down with his/her arms outstretched... that'd be me when it arrived! #insidersgears3
    12 days ago
  • Excellent
    As a 58 year old who normally does not wear a watch I loved the look of this watch and decided to acquire the Gear S3.
    Watch came beautifully packaged.
    On first handling the watch is really well made - not like what I consider the toyish equivalents from Samsung Competitors.
    The fit is really comfortable after a day I forgot I was even wearing the watch

    SETUP: Dead easy download the Gear S3 App - switch on the watch connected done
    IT ALSO WORKS with IOS - my company standard is Apple - download BETA IOS App on to my iPhone 6 connected done everything work except purchasing apps and watch faces which is no big deal for me

    MESSAGING: worked perfectly both on my Samsung and IPhone - email, text calendar ect works well
    The ability to ring people from your Contacts o receiving calls on your watch works well the quality of the microphone is outstanding as is the speaker you may ask SO WHAT why would you ant to do that, I spend a huge amount of time in my car I can.

    S HEALTH: Again worked flawlessly on both on my Samsung and iPhone, it measures
    Steps climbed
    Heart Rate
    Sleep Record
    Calories burned
    Cups of Coffee (manually Enter)
    Cups of Water (manually enter)
    Cups of Tea (manually enter)
    Daily, Weekly, Monthly Report

    APPS: Whilst there is vast range of FREE apps and watch faces
    Apps such as Philips Hue, NEST and GoPro are still in their infancy and most are DEMO apps which I would like to see improved.
    There is no SamSung Smartthings app which is huge pity
    for this reason I have give the watch a 4 out of 5 stars

    WATERPROOF: Unfortunately splash proof only, cannot be used for swimming or diving

    Overall I love this watch - for my daily professional use it is perfect
    I find the watch comfortable to wear
    Huge choice of straps
    I hope Samsung release an official IOS Apps - currently it works but can be temperamental
    12 days ago
  • Decent
    Had my Gear 3 for nearly 2 weeks now and still struggling to decide if its a brilliant bit of kit or just a large run of the mill smart watch. As far as activity tracking goes heart rate can be variable. In general it is relatively accurate but I struggle to believe I have a heart rate of nearly 200 just walking down the road. The floor measuring is way off.I go up and down stairs regularly and at the end of the day it says I have only been up one floor. So disappointing as a sports watch.
    It does look good and the wide variety of faces available are good. There arent too may apps available and especially again on the sports side there is only the Samsung health app which doesnt compare to the fitbit site.
    Battery life is ok but beware having the wifi on as it drains the battery very quickly.
    I will keep trying to get used to this watch but keep hankering back to my sweet and simple Fitbit surge.
    13 days ago
  • Excellent
    Having now had the Samsung S3 Frontier in my life and actually being used for a few weeks, I feel that going back to a traditional watch would certainly be difficult.

    The S3 is a great looking watch, in either the classic's chrome look or the Frontier's black, though I certainly prefer the latter. It's slightly bigger than the S2 at 1.3 inches, giving the AMOLED display both a clearer feel and making it easier to touch in the right place. The beauty of the Samsung watches, though, is in the rotating bezel, which takes the place of fiddly icons and lots of taps on the back button, though these are still available if you prefer to control your watch this way. The bezel can be easily rotated left and right, with a cog design making it very tactile, and this controls the icons on the screen. It's an alternative to Apple's crown idea that, I think, works better.

    Unlike other Android watches, the S3 uses Samsung's own Tizen OS, purpose built for the S range. It means the watch hardware is always designed to work well with the software and developers of third party apps can access the bezel commands for their own uses.

    My own experience with the watch has been great, the built in GPS being especially useful for mapping out walks and runs, even when I don't have the phone on me. The 4GB onboard memory means that I can store music directly on the phone, playing it through the built in speaker or connected bluetooth headphones. The speaker and microphone also allow calls to be made and taken on the watch, which feels a little Dick Tracey at first but is actually pretty useful when you're walking home in the rain and don't want to remove your phone.

    Is it perfect? Not quite, there still aren't quite enough apps to compete with the Android OS watches, but they are growing in number by the week. It's also far too easy to scratch the black bezel, not great for a watch sold as something for those who are active. Other than that, though, I'd happily recommend this watch to anyone.
    14 days ago
  • Good
    So I've spent the better part of a fortnight with my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, and I'm not entirely sure what to make of it.

    First off, it's a great bit of kit, well built and looks like a premium item.. it exudes quality, right from the cylindrical box that it comes in and through to the watch itself.. However it's BIG and chunky, it's what most would consider to be a men's watch! There probably wouldn't be too many ladies wanting to tote this thing around on their wrist, but there's always exceptions to the rule I guess.

    My biggest problem with this watch is I'm wondering what it's point is (in terms of my life and lifestyle that is)... and how I'm really going to use it. What I mean is I can already do everything that it does direct from my S7 Edge Smartphone.. and do it much more easily and efficiently too. Sure it allows me to look at incoming texts, and reply to them without taking my phone out of my pocket.. but to be fair it is less hassle using the phone than trying to tap out a text on the watch face. Granted the voice recognition works pretty well, but it's certainly not infallible, especially if you have quite a strong regional accent and correcting it's mistakes isn't all that intuitive..

    Also reading things like long emails, or texts isn't particularly easy either as obviously everything get squished into such a small screen.. so it's a case of read a few words, scroll, read a few words, scroll, rea... etc etc..

    This dilemma of life with the Gear S3 is exacerbated by the fact that Samsung chose to stick with their proprietary Tizen OS, which in and of itself is no bad thing, the OS is slick, quick and a delight to use with the bezel navigation. However considering this is already the 3rd iteration of Samsung Gear wearables the number of apps is pretty poor... and if I rephrase that to the number of 'quality' apps, then that changes to very poor! There's not even an NFC payment app like Android or Apple pay for example.. although 'Samsung Pay' is being touted as being available later in 2017.

    If using a Samsung smartphone you're required to use Samsung's preloaded phone apps such as Messenger, Mail, and Schedule if you want to properly synchronise between your phone/watch.. so forget about using things like Outlook, Textra, Hangouts, Gmail etc. While it will pick up notifications from these other apps.. responding or interacting to them isn't possible.

    If this watch had a modified version of Android Wear, and access to the apps available with that OS then Samsung would have a sure fire hit on their hands. As it is, with Android Wear 2 close on the horizon and the associated release of new models from the likes of Asus, Moto etc then I'm not so sure.. that is unless they really improve the app scene.

    But as I said, it's a lovely looking watch the screen is nice, bright and clear... the whole thing is well screwed together. If it wasn't for it's limited app support I'd happily give it full marks, as it is.. it's current retail price is rather high, and unless you're a tech geek that's already invested in the Samsung ecosystem I would find it quite difficult to recommend it's current retail price of around £350.
    14 days ago
  • Perfect
    From the moment I opened the box on Christmas morning (it arrived late on Christmas Eve) I loved it. The signature Samsung cylindrical packaging with this little beauty nestled safely inside.

    It's a beautiful piece of engineering and very intuitive to use. Syncing to the Gear app on my S7 Edge was a cinch providing easy access to all available apps and stats on the watch and also performing an out of the box upgrade to the latest OS after I’d connected it to my Wi-Fi.

    The watch itself looks like a "real" watch (I've utilised the always on feature) which is great. Scrolling is smooth throughout without any lag. The only thing I've not worked out is the Samsung Pay option (which I was keen to see) but not sure if it's available here in the UK at the moment. I’ll be looking into this further with Samsung after the holidays.

    Swapping out watch faces is easy but I decided I prefer the look of the default face which mimics the watch the S3 has replaced.

    It's really nice not to have to be tethered to my phone to receive updates from all my favourite apps. A quick glance at the face after a notification “buzz” lets me know if I'll need to respond to a mail immediately or just ignore it for a while!

    The S3 has also replaced my fitness band so keeping track of heart rate, steps taken and now stairs climbed is a really nice feature. It even let’s me know when to get up and stretch my legs!

    All in all I really love the S3 and all it’s features and am looking forward to using it long term.
    15 days ago
  • Perfect
    So far, I am impressed, it works with any android smart phone running android 4.4 and is very easy to set up. It is also IP68 rated so water proof 1.5m for 30mins, so you could take a shower but no swimming. You can answer phone and make calls, read Email, check the weather send texts by using the key board or just talk to it which I found work well, being able to answer phone was handy saves trying to get phone out of your pocket. Comes ready with most apps that you would need and a great health app. Has GPS, Accelerometer, Barometer, HRM, ambient light. So, it knows how many steps, stairs, how far you have and where you have been. Can ply MP3 tracks, change tracks and volume. You can down load tracks to it as well, change the clock face for every occasion. Good quality lovely screen nice bezel, 3 to 4-day battery life, if always on you get 2days plus. Takes standard 22mm watch straps. Find 4Gb more than enough storage .What you can with the watch is almost limitless No bad points just the price is a bit salty.
    • 1.3” Circular Super AMOLED
    • 360 x 360, 278ppi
    • Full Colour Always on Display
    • Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR+
    • Dual core 1.0 GHz
    • Tizen Based Wearable Platform 2.3.2
    • 46 x 49 x 12.9
    • 62g (without band)
    • Strap 22mm
    • 4GB Internal memory, 768MB RAM
    • Bluetooth® 4.2, Wi-Fi b/g/n
    • NFC, MST, A-GPS/Glonass
    • Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, HRM, Ambient light
    • 380mAh
    • Wireless charging (WPC Inductive)
    • IP68 water & dust resistance
    16 days ago
  • Excellent
    Having previously owned the Samsung Gear S & Gear S2, I was looking forward to seeing what the S3 had to offer and I must say, I haven't been disappointed. I've had the Gear S3 Frontier around a week now and I'm still getting used to some of the features of this very attractive looking smart watch.
    Out of the box it feels like a premium product which is more than I could say for its predecessor, the Gear S2. The large (but not too large) 1.3inch screen is a great size for a smart watch and wouldn't look too out of place on smaller wrists. The watch comes with the large strap fitted but also has the small strap included in the box. Samsung have really thought about the rotating bezel this time too, it has a good quality feel to it and can be turned easily using one finger, making it really user friendly.
    The wireless magnetic charging dock is very similar to the Gear S2. One great advantage though is the quick charge which gives you about 10 hours use on a 20 minute charge. I also like the way the watch face turns on its side when docked which is great if you have it by the bed side over night.
    The Tizen operating system has improved and is very quick. It comes with many pre-installed apps and watch faces which can also be added to using the accompanying phone app. I will say the app choice is a bit limited currently but I'm sure this will improve over time.
    The built-in S-Health app is also improved with the aid of the new sensors. The Barometer and the Altimeter are great for tracking how many floors you've climbed and the GPS is good for distance and speed if you run or ride a bike. The IP68 rating also adds good protection too if you're sporty or if you like a bit of outdoor activity.
    I've found the built-in microphone to be more responsive than both the Gear S & S2 and the built-in speaker has improved over the previous models also. Louder and better quality.
    The battery life is good. Samsung say you should get 3 to 4 days out of it but I'm getting just over 2 day with the watch face always on. I'm sure you'd get more if it was off but I like it to look like a watch when I'm wearing it.
    I find the 4GB storage more than enough for what I want. I've currently used 1.47GB of the storage, this includes the operating system and pre-installed apps as well as the extra watch faces and apps that I've installed so plenty of room for more.
    In my opinion, Samsung have done a superb job of creating a fantastic looking smart watch with some outstanding features. If you're thinking about buying one then don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed.
    17 days ago
  • Excellent
    Got the S3 Frontier on Christmas Eve and have been playing with it ever since! Initially I was concerned about the size, it is quite large and has some depth, but I had gig used to it within a few hours and now believe the size is perfect, you would be extremely limited eith anything smaller.

    Premium build quality, feels good and had lots of positive comments from friends and family over a Christmas.

    I was sceptical whether I would actually use a smartest choice and whether it was a bit gimmicky but I've been converted. It is useful nit to have to keep pulling the phone out of my pocket. Still nit convinced bout making calls on it, tried once and although worked perfect,y disn't see right talking to my wrist, too James Bond for me!

    All in all a great piece of kit, still not bored of changing my watch face every day!
    20 days ago
  • Excellent
    Having owned and used the Samsung Gear S2 for the past year I was interested to see the upgrades that Samsung had made. I am very impressed with the functionality of the device with its smooth interface, clear display and intuitive design. It is certainly a major improvement on its predecessor, bigger and sturdier by far.

    Sound and voice quality is very good and I was surprised at how good the S3 is for making phone calls, with both myself, and the person at the other end, being able to hear each other clearly.

    I have to agree with some of the other reviews, the Tizen OS does limit the apps available and the apps that are there are a little pointless and amatuer; this is the main reason for the 9/10 star review. However, on a positive note there is a marked improvement on the apps since the release of the Gear S2 with more and more mainstream companies coming into the foray (Spotify as an example.)

    The one major and most noticeable change and massive improvement is the battery life. The Gear S2 required charging every other day where as I have had the S3 off charge for 48 hours now and it still has 45% battery, and I have been playing with it..... a lot!

    Overall I would say this is a fantastic smartwatch with plenty of features and functions, just don't let the high price tag (which I'm not sure it warrants) and lack of apps (at present) put you off!
    22 days ago
  • Excellent
    This is my first wearable watch. I've taken a Breitling off to wear it.

    So far it's a great piece of kit, incredibly easy to use.

    Felt a bit like Dick Tracy when I was talking to my wife using it, but I am sure I will get used to it.

    Will be a good companion for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

    It says it is water resistant to 1.5 meters, but it says not to wear it in the shower. I'm so used to never taking my watch off, so that will be a little weird to get used to.

    Downloaded the Navigation app (£1.99) so going to go for a walk to see if it is good for navigation.

    Overall I'm pretty impressed so far.
    25 days ago
  • User reviews from other countries

  • Excellent
    Got it yesterday, so I might be a little quick with the review. Does the clock so far is really good ... Glad it keeps track of how I sleep and train, etc ... there are a lot of apps, although there are Android in it.
    Many say that it is too large, but I can not really agree with. My previous traditional bell was considerably larger, so this feels pretty small. I have certainly rather coarse wrists;)
    It is supposed to be water resistant, which I have not tested yet ..... but why Samsung has not gone further and made it really waterproof. Now should be the time to take off the watch before you bathe etc.
    This draws a the lakes on an otherwise very good watch.
  • Perfect
    Very satisfied. Have had a lot of smart watches. This is arguably the best!
  • Perfect
    Used it in three days. Keeps its promises detects treadmill, cross trainer. Additional charge for one night then left 73%. Stylish clock faces is more available to download.
  • Excellent
    Bought on Black Friday from Elgiganten and got the unexpected on Monday after the weekend.

    - Feels that good quality and good looking!
    - Unexpectedly good speakerphone function during a phone call
    - Good battery life. It is no problem to use 2 days with Always On.
    - Have all the features you can imagine, GPS, heart rate, gyroscope, barometer, waterproof, built-in memory for storing music, etc.
    - S Health, good to see how much / little man moves about the days

    - Where is spotifyappen that they have advertised !?
    - Not so neatly bundled bracelet but that can replace ...
    - Poorly with third-party apps to Tizen as yet. In particular fitness apps.

    This should be a really good training watch for as I said some third-party manufacturers can make a good app and Spotify releases an app with offline support.

    I recommend purchase, you'll not be disappointed! :)
  • Perfect
    Got hold of them via elgiganten that seemed to have gotten into it before anyone else and have been testing it for a few days.

    Is still very happy with my purchase, the time feels like quality and has lots of smart features.
    Is very stylish with good battery time.
    Had it with always on watch and "hard" use and got out two days without problems.
    It should be clear by 4-5 days, but always on the watch.

    exchangeable bracelet
    Good sound in talks and speakers, talked to many without them complained or noticed
    Good battery time
    Tons of features and spec hårru
    Turns off the screen when you take it off and feel of
    It can stay connected to the device via Wifi too

    The lack of Sim or E-sim. Something that, in fact, not Samsung's fault, but the tenacious the elaboration of our telecom operators :( It is available with E-sim in the United States but not in Eu
    Looked forward to it because I also have a Gear S I love that you can use it as a seperat unit
    Is not personally fond of rubber bands, but fortunately it is easy to replace the band, and the band feel the ikke be so soft still feels as sturdy and good quality.
    Following even with an extra band of smaller size

    I'm very satisfied so far and can recommend it as it is the best watch available on the market right now