The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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  • Perfect
    WOW, WOW, WOW! Had game in a month (since release day) now and am very impressed! How much anything and beautiful environments. Very diverse game that will keep countless hours! Do not even think I'm halfway there, but I'm glad that I hope the game will never end! Is worth every penny even if you only buy Switch Zelda!
  • Acceptable
    Slightly overrated, and the graphics are on par with XBOX 360 games. That a game can not hold steady 30 fps in 900p in 2017 feels awkward. Many Nintendo fans give everything related Switch 1:10 as usual.
  • Perfect
    Unbelievable game. I play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, and I've done it for years, but I have not played such a good game that Breath of the Wild long time. Musthave.
  • Perfect
    Absolutely amazing game. Really well done, the controls work super and there is so much to discover. Incredibly much play for money!
  • Perfect
    Has just clocked up around three hours, and they are already one of the best games I have ever driven!
    Is the PC gamer and damn surprised the Nintendo Switch performs.
  • Very good
    After completing the game, here my review:
    For not all have the same dimensions in terms of what are the spoilers so I say here that there may be spoilers. And compare with other RPG titles.
    TL; DR:
    Good shit probably the game of the year, a must for switch / WiiU.

    It begins like all Zelda games with the hero Link wakes up and inserted in his quest to save Hyrule.
    At first I thought, "Oh no, it's dubbed the" when talking to Zelda Link, but they have retained the classic Zelda feeling of mute characters in the game, some characters speak in cutscenes. Well done. They have also chosen to keep quiet Link instead of driving a Bethesda claims that players get better immersion if someone else does the voice of his karaktär..Bethesda no, look how Nintedo has done. Link is quiet, so we can choose what he says and thinks .. BIG PLUS NINTENDO!
    As previously Zelda players feel directly recognize themselves and understand their mission, but the story is always compelling and present, to never forget his goal. But new players for the series are getting a good understanding of why they exist.
    Most characters have their own personality and it's chock-full of side quests to take on before tackling huvudquestet.

    (MILD SPOILER) "Destroy Ganon" is among the first quest the player gets and is in quest log and tauntar you all the time, self-clear, you can soon choose to take on Ganon but without the Master Sword and enough heart it is a big challenge.

    The world is huge and there is always something to do, unlike other RPG titles where an open world automatically means packed with quests and caves that has Breath Of The Wild deserved the title, Breath of the Wild .. There are so many areas where there are other than wild life between regions and as a player you get the feeling of how small the Link is in this world. The regions also have different weather conditions affecting, for example, it can be extremely cold in a region which requires no elixirs / spicey food to cope or warmer clothes. While in another region may be so hot that weapons / shields the wood starts to burn if they are used. Rain and thunderstorms will also affect; if it thunders, just be sure to keep undan..Har something in metal lightning can knock down the shield so you die, it rains it becomes difficult to climb ... However, this is a major annoyance when it rains on way too much which makes the link slides down a good bit all the time, but 20x stamina so you will never out for the little rock / tree. Had there been any armor that makes a "regnklätter bonus" it would have been ok but in the current situation so you put just down the project to climb and go elsewhere.

    Breath of The Wild is one of the few games these days where developers trust the intelligence of their players. Nowadays, you always get exactly what you do, where you are going and how you will do in the quest log, but just like in Dark Souls so it "trail and error" and figure things out for yourself;
    (MILD / MID SPOILER) especially in a quest in which the mission is to get back Links memory of the battle 100 years ago by visiting places like Zelda took with his "camera", these places are not marked on the map, but it is selected, Impa who gave you questet. To manage this quest, players must analyze the images and see then explore the world through what is seen in bilden..Typ to Hyrule Casle is somewhat to the left of a statue on a hill with a mountain in the background Very welcoming!

    There are no stats to keep track of, but the player can choose whether spear, sword + shield, or large two handed ax / sword is the way they want to play, each has its advantages and disadvantages and is not affected by any meter, but only how well you is with this weapon, any weapon can also be throwing away if there is panic and arrows are exhausted. Really fun to throw off a claymore after an enemy.
    Unlike other Zelda games have the Breath of The Wild new mechanics that include cooking, it's just like in other RPG titles where the hero of the world, and throw together a delicious delights moose steak, fun thing instead of buying potions and other things.

    There is of course much more to the game that are not taken up but there is so much that it is difficult to say anything. I highly recommend this game to anyone who plans to buy a switch.
  • Very good
    The game is really fun and will take many hours to play through .. there are a lot of side quests to keep one occupied if you want. have probably played for 50 hours light and has only made fourth type .. the only thing that is negative for me is that Switch is a bit too weak to render certain points in the game and I experience frame drops and then, hopefully them loose a lot with patches ahead (-2). Aside from that, it is wonderful to have its own little adventure in Hyrule.
  • Perfect
    A great game where you are thrown into a world of adventure and challenges.
  • Perfect
    According to many critics, it is the best game that Hjort. It is the game that has the most top rankings (see
    I agree, it's the best game made!
  • Excellent
    So far, really fun and neat enough. Unfortunately, do not run it at 60 fps, but that's the only thing I have to complain about so far.
  • Excellent
    Have plowed about 50h in the game now and not even explored near everything yet. Like most have said, the game is incredibly large, and there is a huge amount to explore - if you want. You can also go directly to the final boss and unwind the game much quicker if you have the desire for it.

    Best implementation of the Open World that I have played and the physics engine works very well. You can do many quirky things you do not even thought possible, and many puzzles can be solved in many different ways, so there is great creative potential when it comes to their solutions.

    The game is hard, not necessarily hardcore, but you can not Lalla around anyway and think you will get away with it. One should think before you jump into the deep end or begin climbing the walls without any plan for how to get down halfway.

    Art-StyleN really go home with me and I'm impressed by how incredibly beautiful game and to view distance is enormous when standing on a cliff, or check the view from a tower. There is a tendency to frame drops in places. I do not bother me much about it, but I have to question why in some places east of the "unnecessary" effects that pushes down the framerate so that it is never going to come up in a good flow. Examples of this are the Lost Woods where you can never get a good flow because of överösning of particle effects and other graphical elements ticking down too much.

    I could forgive this and give full marks to the game anyway, but it will degrade at least one star (actually several) is that there was no music in the game. For me this is a scandal, especially given how iconic music Zelda games otherwise. It has not even taken the trouble to reuse Koji Kondos masterpiece, or creating new music. You run around in a huge world without hearing any music (except for the few places where there are low-key background music) and it feels very poor. Especially in a game like Zelda. Ocarina of Time was full of music that made half the game and that most people recognize. Some traces of such are not we in the Breath of the Wild.

    This is a better game than Ocarina of Time today, but for its time it was Ocarina of Time better in the whole to me. An undeniably robust game that will last long, but oförlåligt to completely forget about such an important aspect as the music. Unforgivable!
  • Perfect
    Absolutely amazing game, I've certainly grown up with Nintendo so can be colored, but I have always loved Zelda, and this is no exception. That they dared to go back to the roots and make a modern Zelda game that is inspired by the original, ie, completely open and more challenging is really cool. I think the game is really neat though it obviously is not technically capable of competing with the ex. Horizon. However, the joy of playing quite unique, love every second of this game.
  • Perfect
    Now, I will not write a full-fledged review, but only a short review (about 10 hours into). In my opinion, the game is quite magical. The atmosphere, music, sound, etc. are absolutely perfect. The world feels alive and I have had great fun since the first. I have been playing Zelda since Ocarina of Times, and has since played perhaps 500 games. Zelda Breath of the Wild could probably be the best game I've played so far. Remains to be seen when I finished playing.
  • Perfect
    Best game I've ever played. Totally sick how much there is to do in this game. The story is also crazy good. The thing about this game is that if you just run in and cranks, you are usually dead. However, if you have a plan, it works mostly. Was blown enemies out of the chute with a Kokori leaf, blasted them by fire to explosive barrels, sneaked into the night and stole their weapons, taking out guards with arrows, took down a large mask by setting fire to his leg and then go in and turn on him after that, rolled rocks on them, had luck and seen lightning strike down the verdict. The list just goes on.
    The game has as far as I know, the first functional physics engine ever, a stamina system that allows every mountain you climb is its own adventure.
    It manages also continue to surprise you again and again. Have safe plowed in 20-40 hours already but only scratched the surface feels like.
    Can not recommend enough to play this game. Would probably also say, buy a Switch and experience it on the powerful console, this kind of games only appear one time every 10 years.
  • Perfect
    Incredible game!
  • Decent
    Ok, did not at all up to the hype it received. Had a defective switch that I was offered to return the cash and the game fölljde with. Will be no new purchases of it all when things are in store.
  • Very good
    Link House has written a good review. Read it. I actually agree with everything.

    Right at the beginning I felt the game a little too big, almost overwhelming, and because it is not really felt like a classic Zelda games so my first reaction was disappointment. After a while it came off, however, and the joy of a new Zelda was therefore a fact. I have not gone far yet, so this review may be counted as "hands-on".

    One tip is to completely drop the idea of ​​the slightly more linear games in the series and try to go in a new direction when you get stuck. It takes some time to adjust.

    I bothers me a bit on the unstable framerate, but it's honestly not a big concern. I'm not completely mate with almost any weapon wear and tear, but that's part of the game, so just like the position.

    One thing that is a bit off-topic: I really like the cassettes and the shape of the game case. Pointless but neat.
  • Perfect
    Has now played enough hours to write up a little review of Zelda.

    Wow, what a game. The first open-world game for Zelda and it delivers good! You are thrown directly into this great world, and is free to do as little as you want. Go your own way, doing things in your own order exploring and going on adventures.

    The first hour is a little like a mini tutorial, you get to try a little "mini dugeons" to learn a little of the game, the weapons and armor works, learn how to survive in the big values. When this is done, you can leave the first part and go in the direction you want and see what you come across! This Zelda is a little harder than they earlier so you can get to where you become one found if you do not have good gear and weapons.

    The game is set quite amazing out of Studio Ghibli style graphics. Impressive what they can do on this little switch that does not have the same capacity as the PS4 / Xbox One.

    The game has good physics engine, trying to mirror a real world, everything from how water works, fire, wind, weather, stenar movement. You can actually burn down an entire field if you want and kill all the enemies hiding in the grass: D

    Should not spoila so much more of the content but you will understand why the game got 98/100 on Metacritic. One of the best games of all time.