Rega RP1

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  • Excellent
    Absolutely superb lathe balls. The player sounds crazy good for this money, and also go to upgrade. It really permeated by Regas philosophy to put every penny of the sonorous instead of novelty and features. Like the stylish look this entails!

    I chose a white model and a "carpet" of white acrylic from Cool Anders for 299kr. Was really delicious!

    I do not suffer from wobbling plate or instability. For 2490kr is a 9-pointers! Had 10 stars on the RCA cable has not been firmly connected, but instead had analog output.

    The player tipping backwards because three legs, as previous reviewers testify below, is to me incomprehensible. Has never happened to me. What do you actually do with the player for it to tip backwards ??
  • Excellent
    Simple but cruel
  • Decent
    My first record player, sounds great! Jacket not my Naim cd5i the sound quality of course but it is something completely different with vinyl sound!
    However, I do not get to pick really, it releases every now and then at the rear and gives nasty "thump" sound, has eased the weight and measure with digital nålvåg and is now 1.56 grams nevertheless do I get them unpleasant sounds occasionally. It gets no better then the plate wobbles, even though I got a new one from Rega free (did not have a receipt) which judgment shall have plus for, but the new wobbles also a part. A new pickup might solve it?, I do not know. But I will probably upgrade in the near future, it feels like.
  • Excellent
    Huge sound for a little crafting!
  • Excellent
    Stylish. Very good player for the money.
  • Acceptable
    Lousy quality feel with poor fit and irregular components.
    The player is very light and stands only on three legs, no brilliant solution.
    Despite the bad impression so successful it nevertheless convey usable sound which is surprising.
    Do not understand why people give full marks products that really can not earn it.
  • Very good
    My first vinyl laps. Overall, I am in favor of it because it looks good, plays well, and above all, it is very easy to upgrade (pickup, mat, plate, strap, tone arm, pin, clip, etc.). There are, however little of note who pulls down the score.

    - The disc does not seem to spin completely still (hard to tell by listening but clearly visible)
    - The terminal reproduces some sounds which requires additional cushioning to remedy
    - RCA cable leaves much to be desired and is not interchangeable

    On the whole, I am satisfied with the player. It is a good entry-level model at a reasonable price and easily upgradeable with complete kits and huge selection of individual products that are easily replaceable.
  • Very good
    Good entry-level model. The plate is a little uneven, nothing that affects the sound but it does not look all right.
    Should upgrade to the Performance Pack, will provide more feedback then.
  • Excellent
    Very good player with upgrade options
  • Excellent
    Extremely affordable entry-level model.
  • Very good
    Very simple player, a little unsteady plate due. 3x bone. Sometimes tipping it back, it may take for the price.
  • Perfect
    Affordable and simple player. Sounds great and has lots of upgrade options.
  • Excellent
    Good stripped down player that does what it should for a good price.

    Three minus, however. The first is that it only has three feet, so sometimes tip it back at an angle if you accidentally bump it. Second, it seems to be pretty easy to skip if you play a disc that is not in top condition, but are still good enough that it should stick to the simple crunch rather a skippande and jumping. But it does not happen so often that it needed remarked something worst of it. The third minus is that the lid does not directly fastened without just wedged down in some mediocre holder. This combined with the lid is a little småskevt (a millimeter here and there) and it does not have some sort of feet at the edges makes it produces a lot of murmur and is simply not useful for anything other than the dust cover when the player is not in use .

    On the whole a good player, though. Do exactly what it should.
  • Very good
    Solid construction and clear sound. Great value for money!
  • Excellent
    Simple and well built with simple and stylish design, really nice in white! The sound for the price is really good and it is reached especially with vinyl, it's just so cool!
  • Excellent
    Awfully good, had the exact varnished it would have been a 10!