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Plan your 2023 spending: the best and worst months to buy popular products

Everyone has different motivations when it comes to shopping. Some purchases might simply be a luxury, whilst others perhaps a necessity. Whatever the reason for buying, to help people to plan their spending, PriceSpy has researched the best and worst times to buy certain popular items*.

Avoid seasonality to secure the best bargains

Unsurprisingly, PriceSpy’s research demonstrates that buying products slightly out of season can deliver big savings. For example, putting off the purchase of that new garden furniture set until October can save you around 12%.

At the same time, PriceSpy’s data demonstrates the premium you’ll pay by buying products when they’re most in demand. For example, buying a BBQ in the middle of summer could cost you an extra 14% and buying skis at the beginning of the ski season in November may set you back an extra 26%.

Our view:

Whilst people’s reasons for shopping will differ, one thing will surely be the same - no-one wants to pay over the odds for a product if they can help it. Spreading the cost by staggering purchases over a number of months is always sensible, but knowing the best time to buy certain items will make your money go even further. Not to mention giving you the satisfaction of knowing that you snapped up a product at the best price at the best time.

Setting up price alerts on products that you’re after is a good way of ensuring that you buy at the right time and at the right price for you. With PriceSpy, you’ll receive notifications when products drop in price.

*Data based on average weighted price on PriceSpy between 1st January 2022 - 31st December 2022

**Compared to average weighted price on PriceSpy between 1st January 2022 - 31st December 2022

Published: 6 February 2023