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  • Perfect
    Not much to say really, used Shopto to buy games for pc and xbox and they are delivered as promised. Would recommend and use again.,
    7 months ago
  • 2016-01-24 - One year ago. User reviews before this time are not included in the rating.

  • Very Poor
    Tried to buy game with credit card and transaction never completed.
    Wrote to contact centre who never replied
    Tried to login but password failed, then tried reset which sent email link but also failed
    Going to give up trying and buy elsewhere
    Update 29/12:
    Still no customer service reply, and cannot login either. Card payment check removed £1 from account but did refund. Still cannot understand why shopto have such an awful website that prevents buying, logging in, and asking customer service questions. Go bankrupt please!
    1 year ago
  • Excellent
    My free delivery was packaged and sent within moments of me placing the order. The only negative point is that it had to be delivered to the billing address as it was my first order with them. But I guess that greatly reduces the risk of card theft and perhaps would not have been an issue if I had used PayPal.
    3 years ago