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Must-have sports gear for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Get started with your own football training before the World Cup. We have listed some of the popular exercise gear you’ll need to keep fit throughout the championship.

Photo: baraida, Unsplash

Choosing the right size football

The only thing you need to play football is a football - and it doesn't have to cost more than £20 for the simpler versions. Most things work outdoors, but bear in mind that you should preferably choose an indoor ball if you don't intend to play outside. 

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Kick further and harder with football boots

It’s certainly possible to play football with normal trainers, but it’s best if you have a pair of proper football boots on your feet. You’ll get a better grip, more control of the ball and avoid pain in your toes. If you play outdoors, it’s best to have studs, but bear in mind that indoor football requires special shoes that provide better grip.

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More football joy with shin guards

It's not unusual for the shins to take a hit from time to time when playing football. A pair of protective shin guards is cheap insurance against shin injuries. Don't forget to get football socks that cover the shin guards and keep them in place.

Photo: Ralf Geithe, Adobe Stock

Practice the ability to control a ball with a rebounder

If you don't have a football pitch nearby or someone to exercise with, there are smart aids that make training easier. For example, a rebounder that returns the ball every time you hit it. Perfect when you want to practice shooting at goals without having to retrieve the ball all the time.

Photo: Joshua Hoehne, Unsplash

No fotball pitch? No problem 

Don't have a football pitch with big goals to practice on? No problem. A training goal that you set up in, for example, the garden or on another, open surface works great. They are available in many sizes so you’ll easily find one that is perfect for your specific football training.

Photo: Peter Burdon, Unsplash

Get a handle on the game with goalkeeper gloves

If you’re a goalkeeper, a pair of proper goalkeeper gloves is an absolute must. There’s a big difference between the cheapest and most expensive gloves, but bear in mind that the most important factor is size. If you’re an outdoor player get football gloves that will help you keep your hands warm if you play in cold weather.

Text: Daniel Haaf

Published: 17 Oktober 2022

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