Sounding out the lockdown: PriceSpy analyses a selection of top sound systems

Product: Bose Soundbar 500

Best price: £399

First up on our list is Bose. The American audio company founded over 50 years ago is regarded as a one of the leading premium brands in the speaker world. This model is no exception.

Released in 2018, this speaker offers value with substance. It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can easily interact with other voice-assisted products in your home. It also has Bluetooth, HDMI and WIFI connectivity. The sleek design makes it discreet, but it packs a punch, delivering 90 decibels.

The smart, practical features and design live up to the high standards of quality expected of any Bose product, and at a lower price than its top of the range models.

Product: Sonos Beam

Best Price: £357

Sonos has emerged as a challenger to Bose’s crown. The Californian company, which specialises in smart speakers, released the Sonos Beam in 2019, in direct competition to the Bose Soundbar 500.

Similar in sleek design, the Sonos Beam is compatible with both Alexa, Google Assistant but also Apple TV and Siri, making it more universal.

What sets it apart is Trueplay. This software feature calibrates its sounds to the sound of your room, giving a fuller sound coverage. Easy to set up and compatible with most smart devices, the Sonos beam offers slightly better value than its Bose counterpart, but goes that little bit further.

Product: Yamaha Yas 209

Best Price: £299

Established Japanese tech giant Yahama, throws its hat in the ring with its Yas 209. This device, released in 2017, delivers an excellent all round performance, with a host of features at a lower price than Bose and Sonos.

Through DTS: Virtual X technology, the speaker offers stimulated surround effects and has specific pre-settings, ideal for music, gaming, sports and more.

A sticking point for some may be the absence of Google Assistant, though it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Despite this, the Yas 209 does everything you can expect, with powerful output levels, straightforward set up and value for money.

Product: Samsung HW-N300

Best available price: £69.99

No stranger to the electronics world, Samsung also has a sound device which could cover all your bases. Hitting the shelves in 2018 the HW-N300 is a great entry-level soundbar which offers value for money.

Key features include Bluetooth connectivity and wireless connectivity to Samsung TVs. It offers both standard and surround sound but lacks voice control assistants and HDMI inputs. If you want to simply improve the audio of your tv shows, games and music it’s up to the task.

This device won’t be hitting the high standards expected with the likes of Bose, Sonos and Yamaha. But it will deliver a good-all round performance, without breaking the bank.

Unsplash © Jan Bottinger

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