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    Emma (1 review)
    Alza.co.uk is a Europe country company who don’t show delivery charges and bill you with our telling you.
      Wayne(1 review)
      Created account and ordered an Intel CPU. 24 hours later the money bounced back into my account, checked order and it was listed as cancelled with no reasons? Re-ordered and again paid during the order, 3 hours later got an email from them saying I need to pay for the order? Checked account and they have listed as ordered awaiting payment, so I cancelled the order and waited for the money to return to my account. Transferred the money to a different account and tried to reorder, card was rejected? Tried again, then get a phone call from the bank, A high street bank, not saying who ;) saying they have stopped the transactions as suspicious and ongoing fraud investigations, cancelled everything, walked away and ordered else where.
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        chicheung(1 review)
        DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I just tried to make an order, but the price suddenly increased from £36 to £47 during the order and I just noticed it before I entered my card details!
        Reply by Alza.co.uk:2018-04-23
        Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that your shopping experience has been anything but a happy one. The price increase you saw was due to delivery being included during the check out process. All prices in our shop exclude delivery costs. This delivery fee is visible in step two "Shipping & Payment" and step three "Address" and in the final confirmation before the customer is asked for payment. Best Regards, The Alza Team.
          jm75(1 review)
          Nice shop, good prices, fast delivery
            ERT(1 review)
            DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I have had the most terrible experience with Alza, I ordered a product online. The only reason I bought this from Alza, was because they were the only retailer to claim to have this product in stock. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and hoped this product would arrive on time. Swiftly after making the payment and taking my money, Alza then e-mails me to say that the product could not be delivered for another month. Seeing I had already paid, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and expected my order to arrive a month later. They have since sent me over 20 emails to tell me to order has changed and changing the date of potential delivery. It is quite clear that they never had the product in stock in the first place and still don't, as they are still sending me e-mails daily to tell me my order has changed. This has been a complete waste of time, as I could have ordered from a more trusted retailer who would have been honest about not having the product in stock, but I would have the product by now. The bottom line is do not trust this website and do not waste your time using them.
            Reply by Alza.co.uk:2018-02-05
            Hello, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that you were not completely happy with your shopping experience. Unfortunately, the item you have purchased is out of stock and we are currently in contact with the supplier to secure more pieces as soon as possible. Your order will be processed as soon as the item is available. Please, contact us should you decide to cancel the order for a full refund. Thank you.
              PaulW57(1 review)
              Placed an order for £677 with the company, the amount flagged up a fraud protection system with the bank. this was sorted the same evening. Alza placed the order on hold. After 6 days of communication between the me, the bank and Alza, including offering to pay again and getting nowhere the company canceled the order stating I must reorder, having in the interim increased the price of one of the articles by £30, and the order would have to be at the new prices
                kolin(1 review)
                You should not try to buy from this company. They deduct your payment immediately and then do not deliver. After two weeks with no notification of progress I telephoned their office. I was then told that the order had been cancelled because the courier would not deliver it! The country is full of couriers. This is completely unbelievable. I asked to speak to the manager - he was too busy but would phone me back. Of course he did not. I have contacted my bank and they informed me that refunds should take a maximum of 10 days I have been waiting 14 days so I am out £177.
                  Newwales(1 review)
                  Ordered from Alza from the UK Lenovo tablet arrived within 5 working days with good emails when item was being delivered. I was unhappy with the screen quality but the returns department via phone was very good, got returned & within a couple of days money was returned to my PayPal account. I would definitely them again.
                    RupertK(1 review)
                    I've dealt with this company a few times before. I have to say all my orders always arrived as advertised and they have a rather good shipment tracking. It's not as fast as Amazon as their warehouse is indeed in Prague but it was easy to find that info on the website. I didn't need to return any of the goods so can't comment on how they handle that but so far I've had a good experience with Alza.
                      Reavus(1 review)
                      possibly the worst customer service i have every encountered while shopping online. i received a damaged product and so wanted to return it for a refund. after being forced to take pictures of the item, their returns department said that because i had not contacted them on the day of delivery, they would not be refunding me! (i had waited 12 days until i was able to build my pc before getting the components out of their boxes) fortunately, Paypal refunded me without a problem. avoid!
                        sebastiangug(1 review)
                        I ordered a pair of headphones that arrived from czech republic and was not told about that. Their system did not allow me to return the item automatically, was instructed to just post it via royal mail. I filed for return the day it arrived and send it back after the weekend (arrived on friday evening) 3 weeks later they will not send me the refund because they haven't had confirmation that the item has arrived. 80 pounds loss and no headphones.
                          Bren J(1 review)
                          I purchased a Samsung U32D970 monitor @£1037.64 in November in December it had adopted a permanent vertical red line, Alza had it collected quickly and returns to PRAGUE! That was the last I heard from them, I made many calls and sent emails, emails received no response and calls always answered and informed I'd be contacted by email which never arrived! PayPal returned my money as they also had no response from Alza! PLEASE NOTE:- THIS IS NOT A UK COMPANY EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE .CO.UK AND HAVE LONDON DIAL CODE. THEY ARE CZECH BASED ALL CALLS GO TO PRAGUE ALL DELIVERIES AND RETURNS GO TO PRAGUE.
                            savealert(2 reviews)
                            My new Canon printer was the cheapest on offer, paid for by credit card in GBP and it was dispatched and courier delivered in the original sealed packaging in the advised 1 hour time slot, within a week of order. Came with Euro plug but this is a standard fitting so I had three pin UK spare. Overall great service but cannot comment on returns as this was not needed...would use again.
                              keeno65(1 review)
                              I saved over £100 on a LG Soundbar, was delivered in less than a week and the item was perfect, though it did come with a euro plug, but adapters cost next to nothing. Can't comment on how they would deal with returns though.